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The load management facilities may include either electrical or mechanical management of the load applied to the rotor or generator. Another embodiment may be the use of uniformly or non-uniformly 3-dimensionally tessellated surfaces in flexible or non-flexible materials to enhance flow or structural properties of the nozzles. Rotor sets can either be of closely similar properties in terms of aerodynamics and mass or of divergent blade structural, mass, and aerodynamic properties.

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A combination of inexpensive and expensive materials may also be used wherein the mechanical properties of a fiber in combination with a closed or open cell foam may result in an overall cost reduction. For instance, screens may be utilized, such as for keeping aviary wildlife out of an operating nozzle, keeping wildlife from nesting, sleeping, and the like, in a non-operating nozzle; preventing people from throwing objects into the nozzle; for human safety (e.g. In embodiments, the storage system may present important aspects to the present invention, such as whether energy to compress a fluid or gas, where energy diverts from the grid into a compression system to say, run turbine compressors off of energy, a water vessel to use heat as you are compressing, blowing compressed air into vortex tube, radiators on bottom of circulating chamber, build a mini version of the wind in a circulation chamber, put turbines in the configuration to produce a very efficient storage system, making wind flow based on hot and dense using nozzles to convert that helps stabilize the output over an hour and then goes out to the grid, stabilize over an hour, use vortex tubes to create massive pressure differentials, and the like.

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In the case of storage the means of storage may be managed modularly to allow the charging load applied to the module to be adjusted to the optimal loading parameter at the mth velocity condition. Additionally the rotor generator relationship may be executed as in a HAWT wind turbine, with the generator or generators receiving their motive force from a central shaft either directly or through a geared design, as a fully integrated implementation, as an integrated component, and the like.

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The nozzle may conform to the basic Converging-Diverging or DeLavel structure with the constriction rate of the convergent end serving to accelerate the incoming flow and the diverging to “re-expand” said flow. As in a basic engine schematic, these outputs may be used in a closed loop system to create a hot and cold sink wherein the rate of flow may be determined by the temperature differential between the sinks. In embodiments, the rotor may be a variable inertia rotor, where if the mass of the rotor is centralized around the hub, there is less inertia to start the rotor. The power control may utilize digital electronics, analog electronics, an electronics chip, electronics logic gates, centralized processing, parallel processing, distributed processing, be hard-wired, wireless, and the like. In another aspect, the methods may be embodied in systems that perform the steps thereof, and may be distributed across devices in a number of ways, or all of the functionality may be integrated into a dedicated, standalone device or other hardware.

Valoración del movimiento y prescripción de ejercicio: El.. In this model both wake and density flow types may be integrated into the model based on statistical momentum flux within variably populated matrices and collision parameters that may be elastic or non-elastic in nature. Random-walk matrices may also be utilized wherein once the parameters have been accurately characterized the matrix may be populated by random variation to test whether the original base case parameters constrained the optimization to potentially non-optimal configuration due to basis assumptions that may not have captured all of the optimization relationships. In addition, any of the devices attached to the server through an interface may include at least one storage medium capable of storing methods, programs, code and/or instructions. 3, the n×m modular array 302 may be comprised of a scalable modular networked superstructure providing both support for at least one module and the facility for power control, management, and collection of power from individual modules, and conversion and transfer of said power to either a plurality of storage units, a grid, or a combination thereof.

In the case of hydro the energy storage requires a large facility and availability of water to affect storage. Alternately, a mechanical load management facility may be provided for managing variable electrical load associated with different power generation components of the array. In embodiments, a rotor may be configured to operate within a wind power generating turbine, where the rotor is configured to present a variable number of blades. One option may be a diamond pattern with spacing ranging from the 1×1 checkerboard implementation to an n×m implementation where the 1−n may refer to the number of cells by which the diamond is formed. Buoyant nozzles may include all classes of nozzles described in this and previous iterations in the invention wherein the interior surface of the nozzles is one of the buoyant surfaces and the bounding polygon or circle or the like from which the nozzle geometry derives forms the other surface and the volume contained therein provides the buoyancy.

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A given rotor design’s aerodynamic characteristics may be empirically determined as a rotor conversion coefficient under varying loads and velocities in a duplicative operational environment, in the nozzle case this may preferably be a closely contained density driven flow. Remedios para el dolor en las articulaciones . In the sealed case contained within the bearing a conductive fluid or media may be used to transfer power from one cable to the next. To create a high mass throughput, as you increase rate of constriction, the intake and diffuser geometries may become far more important. Dependent on the value of y and the rate of constriction, this can be a catenary, radial, elliptical, or truncated radial, truncated elliptical, or combination thereof constrictive/convergent section.

Depending on the pressure of compressed air, temperature outputs between the hot and cold outputs of the vortex tube can be substantial, on the order of 100 C or more. Additionally, nozzle efficiency may reduce dynamic pressure on the structure. A generator/s or motor/s may be housed in a uniform or variform single wall or dual-wall or n-wall pressure vessel wherein the exit of the pressure vessel may be constituted of a release channel, a fluid turbine section for additional power generation, a recycling loop to return the medium to the pressure vessel, and the like. Additionally this may include other types of nozzles or accelerators such as wide-angle uniform and non-uniform nozzles. These analysis also may include the efficiency to cost parameters of the underlying technologies such as the accelerating nozzle geometry. The variable transmission may be a continuously variable transmission. The speed facilities may include electrical or mechanical mechanisms to operate the machine at variable or fixed speed.

In embodiments, the polygonal truncation of the hyperboloid of revolution may allow the nozzle to cover a polygonal intake area with variable intake curvature while having an effective momentum focusing circular structure and expanding to a closely similar polygonal outlet area. Expanding or collapsing the nozzle structure may mitigate the wind cost loading provided the orientation of the structure to the direction of the inflow can be maintained. The methods and systems described herein may be deployed in part or in whole through network infrastructures.

Alternative methods of constructing an array of nozzles modularly or non-modularly are described. For instance, some nozzles may be larger at greater heights than nozzles at lower heights, have lower constriction at greater heights than nozzles at lower heights, and the like. In embodiments, the present invention may provide a nozzle adapted for use in a wind power generating turbine, where the nozzle may include power conversion management elements. Dolor arriba de la rodilla . Modules may be manufactured on-site, such as manufacturing in a tractor-trailer, where for instance, nozzles may be made on site. The optimal solutions may be found by convergence of sub-matrices in the case where matrices are constructed for all affecting variables or by maxima-minima analysis of the global n-dimensional matrix. In embodiments the system may have an internal support structure; an external support structure; be inflatable, pressurized, and/or lighter than air; be made of hardened or environmentally resistant materials; be made of recyclable or re-conditionable materials with low environmental impact; designed for easy replacement, reconditioning, recycling; and the like.

The mobile devices may communicate with base stations interfaced with servers and configured to execute program codes. This may present a limiting factor to the function of an accelerating array. Referring to FIG. 73, in embodiments the present invention may provide wind turbine modules with neutral buoyancy structures. In this case the higher rpm may provide the optimal solution. The resultant negative boundary of the delta matrix derived from recursive testing and design may indicate the optimum balance of load and inflow velocity and thereby the optimized output torque to rpm for a nozzle-rotor pair. The power control may dynamically manage load requirements for a plurality of nozzles, such as when the management is local, global, and the like. “Fractal” space frames may be fabricated by a number of methods including molding, lay-up, filament winding, welding, assembly, and the like.

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  • Los recipientes de cera son desechables, y el palillo utilizado se tira a la basura
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In embodiments, the superstructure may be rigid, may have global flexing mechanisms to accommodate live loading, may have local flexing mechanisms to accommodate live loading, and the like. The energy conversion efficiency for such a configuration may be limited. The exterior columnar arrays may not need to be limited to the number depicted. The collapsible support structure may be inflatable. 2((1/r)r), wherein r is the rate of constriction. Remedio caseros para el dolor de espalda . In embodiments one may build columns (power transfer columns) and fill in the space with modules. For example, the choice to use a particular copolymer for fabrication of the nozzle may have both basis costs and derivative costs. Metallic or composite tethers may similarly be used to attach an array of buoyant modules to a superstructure such as those described above or in other iterations of the invention. Since it is desirable to optimize the power output of a flow driven power device, a rotor that adapts the disc solidity presented to the flow may be more efficient at gathering power in the lower speed regimens, and/or under high load conditions, than a fixed solidity rotor.