US6734576B2 – Eolic Marine Electrical Generator GEEM – Google Patents

De espalda, no entiendo nada At the start of the following quarter turn, the vanes continue to be aligned with the shaft of the panel framework, with the water and wind direction, offering as total resistance, the thickness of the double structure of a single vane or the minimum of the whole turn. Toward 270°, the vanes prevented from turning through more than 90° on the shaft, will present the most turning resistance, but will continue follow open or parallel to each other, allowing the water or wind to pass without difficulty. In the following 90° of rotation, with the frameworks at 180°, the vanes that they were aligned with the water or wind direction and the panel framework, will open, turning 90° on its eccentric shaft, allowing the water or wind to pass freely, each vane offering in resistance, only its structural thickness and together the sum of the vane thicknesses.