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Técnicas de relajación para los niños - Síndrome de Down The gear 23 connecting the driveshaft 11 to the generator 21 can give a stepped up rotational speed of the driveshaft so that the generator obtains a higher rotational speed, this allowing the use of a high speed generator. The diameter of the anchor drums 9 v and 9 h in combination with the weight of the buoy 3 and the ballast 5″ determines the torque applied over the gear ring 165 of the planetary gear and the rotation speed that the gear ring obtains.

Fisioterapia a domicilio Javea - Fisioterapeuta colegiado A wave power plant of the type described above is disclosed in the published French patent application 2869368, which comprises a floating platform or buoy. Two threaded rods 171 are used for each winding drum 9, 15 and these two rods are rotated by a common toothed belt or chain 175 running over belt pulleys or chain wheels 177. The ends of the guide rollers 171 are connected to end pieces 179, through which the threaded rods pass and which guide the guide rollers along the threaded rods. Lines run over pulleys at the buoy, one end of the lines being attached to the bottom and the other end carrying a counterweight.

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The anchor line 7 is by a Y-coupling 191 divided into two part lines 7′ and they are guided to be wound around one anchor drum 9 v, 9 h each, the anchor drums being located on each side of the single counterweight drum 15′. Guide rollers 193, corresponding to those described with reference to FIGS. Since the link shaft 58 is made in one piece and in order to be capable of rigidly interconnecting the rotational movements of the counterweight drums 15, another type of sliding clutch for reverse feeding must be used. 4, but closer to the anchor drum 9. The electric cable extends from the counterweight drum 15 down to a movable connector 43 that can move along the anchor line 7. At the connector the electric cable 41 is connected to yet another electric cable 45, which e.g. The compressor/gas pump 73 can be a so called scroll pump and then it has a movable part 89 rigidly connected to the stator 2″ of the generator 21 and a part 91 attached to the housing 71. Remedios caseros para el dolor de rodilla . Here, the anti-reverse mechanism 53 for the driveshaft acts against the housing.

An electric generator connected to the driveshaft and comprising two parts that are rotatable in relation to each other, a first part and a second part, often called rotor and stator, respectively. The energy accumulating device is arranged to drive, for substantially second movements, that are substantially different from the first movements, of the buoy or the similar device, said two parts of the electric generator to rotate in the same first rotation direction in relation to each other, thereby generating electric current having the same polarity as when the driveshaft is driving said two parts of the electric generator to rotate in relation to each other. The second movements can for a buoy be those movements, into which the buoy is set by the other ones of the up- and down-going movements and which thus are substantially different from said either one of the up and down going movements of the water surface.

Caso Clínico #46: secuencia electrocardiográfica en.. The coupling between the buoy or the other device, the first elongated means, the driveshaft and the counterweight is then suitably arranged so that the counterweight moves downwards, for said second one of the movements of the buoy or the other device, thereby driving the parts of the electric generator to rotate in relation to each other in the first rotation direction. Thus, the first movements can take place in a forward direction whereas the second movements take place in a backward direction, either as a translation movement, for example upwards or downwards, or as a rotational movement, i.e.

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This occurs in the rising movement of the buoy 3. Thereupon, when the buoy 3 slows down again to change its movement direction in the next wave crest, the weight continues to move upwards due to the inertia. The counterweight drum can be journalled for rotation at a buoy or at a stationary rack or frame placed on or attached to the bottom of a pool of water. Also, the arrangement of the generator can give advantages from a storm safety point of view, since the motive force over the generator and transmission is limited.