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Muletas adulto de aluminio ( par ) - Induslab AUTOMATIC GAIN ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR REFLECTION SEISMOGRAPHS Filed June 26, 1936 5 Sheets-Sheet l 5. TSEIBMOQRAPH recur-v AMPL/Tu i I I l l I I I I I I I I I I IIlllIIIliIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WZMW Dec. D. MouNcE AUTOMATIC GAIN ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR REFLECTION SEISMOGRAPHS 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 Filed June 26. 1936 HMQROPQ 20 Mk twxyr k. D. MOUNCE Filed June 26, 1936 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 HIIIHIHITHIIHIIIHIIIIHIIIIIIlliillll 22:22:: mfl bsnmzw a v V w n A a v I A H P A R c o M u x I w w n a u v w A H A v 07% f 1 v R o C E n Dec. Patented Dec. 26, 1944 AUTOMATIC GAIN ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR REFLECTION SEISMOGRAPHS Whitman D. Mounce, Houston, Tex., assignor to Standard Oil Development Company, a corporation of Delaware Application June 26, 1936, Serial No.

It is an object of this invention to introduce into the receiver system an automatic amplitude adjusting device which operates simultaneously on each of the several detector-amplifiergalvanometer combinations of a seismic receiving station in such a way that the amplificatlon of each combination is changed with time as shown in Fig. As shown on the record, the amplitude of the energy received at the first part of the record designated 11-13 is so great that the traces representing the amplitudes of each detector cover the traces of the adjacent detectors. From the point designated C to the end of the record, the amplitude of the received energy has fallen oil to such a degree that the information contained on the record is of little practical value. Dolor fuerte de espalda alta . From the points designated B-C on the record, the received energy from the charge is of the desired amplitude, thereby enabling the observer of impulses with a high degree of accuracy.

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Consequently, it has been the practice to shoot at least two more charges of dynamite, one of a smaller quantityof explosive than the first to reduce the recorded amplitude, which will enable the observer to decipher the information contained in the interval of time A-B, and another larger charge, which will increase the recorded amplitude from C to the end of the record, whereby the arrival time of any of the series of impulses in the interval of time may be observed with the necessary degree of accuracy. As a result, it is extremely difiicult to pick the time of arrival of any one of the series of impulses from the shot within this interval of time A–B. A cylinder 51 contains a suitable liquid 53, and a piston 59 is mounted for reciprocation within this cylinder. The pressure upon the piston exerted by the spring 53 forces the liquid 58 through the orifice 56, and by proper choice of the spring 53, liquid 58 and diameter of the orifice 55, th piston 59 moves through the cylinderwith a uniform predetermined velocity.

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THE REST IS A HOLOGRAM [ LK ] LO DEMÁS ES UN HOLOGRAMA 62 one end of which bears slidably against the variable resistance 50 and is connected in the circuit through the coil 48. The latch 55 normally holds the contact arm 52 at the position of greatest resistance of the resistor 50, designated D. A tension spring 53 is connected to the contact arm 52 and to the guide 5| to normally exert pull upon the contact arm to.draw it to position E in which the resistor 53 The spring 53 accomhas a decreased value. 4, in which the numeral 20 represents a multistring galvanometer with a light source 2| and recorder 23. The light from light source 2| passes through slots 24 and 25 and falls upon the film of recorder 23. The galvanometer is provided with strings 21 to 32 inclusive, which are disposed in the path of the light from the source 2|. The strings 21 to 32 are connected respectively to amplifiers 35 to 40 inclusive, as illustrated in Fig.

The various strings of the galvanometer are connected to conductor 12 which is connected to conductor 10 and thus to conductor 58 and the ground. The piston. rod 50 is provided with a The various detectors shown in Figure 4 are numbered in order to facilitate the tracing of the several circuits involved. 2, the sensitivity of the galvanometer 20 varies with time ‘as shown in Fig. The traces from B to C have been substantially unaffected The amplitude of the traces from C to th end cated in Fig. 2. Here the. curve l4 represents the manner in which the average amplitude of the recorded energy decreases with time after the arrival of the first impulse from the explosion at point A to the end of the record.

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59 to move the length of resistance 50 is chosen to be the interval of time A to the end of the record shown on Fig. 3, in which the curve I6 is the reciprocal of the curve It shown in Fig. A preferred form of apparatus for accomplishing this adjustment is illustrated in Fig. The piston 59 carries a piston rod 50 which is mounted for reciprocating motion in a guide iii. The piston 59 is caused to move through the cylinder 51 with a uniform predetermined velocity as follows: The piston 59 is provided with an orifice 65 to permit flow of the liquid 58 therethrough to opposite sides of the piston.