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Thus, while the present invention has been shown in the drawings and fully described above with particularity and detail in connection with what is presently deemed to be the most practical and preferred embodiment(s) of the invention, it will be apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art that numerous modifications, including, but not limited to, variations in size, materials, shape, form, function and manner of operation, assembly and use may be made, without departing from the principles and concepts of the invention as set forth in the claims. 6, an array 77 of combustion tubes 50 can be used, which may have the same or a variety of diameters, to allow for the generation of what can be referred to as a firing profile.

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DETAILED DESCRIPTION For the purposes of promoting an understanding of the principles of the invention, reference will now be made to the exemplary embodiments illustrated in the drawings, and specific language will be used to describe the same. The resonator 14 or resonating structure can resonate or oscillate for extended periods of time, or continually with minimal losses. Such resonating structures typically experience losses, such as friction, which eventually cause the resonating structure to stop resonating. Therefore, such compact integrated actuation systems can be comprised of modular energy systems 10, and output devices, that: 1) can be combined to produce controlled proportional output action (e.g. In fact, once actuators are considered as subsystems, it becomes clear that improvements or radically new approaches are required to three basic elements that form an integrated actuation subsystem, namely: 1) energy supplies; 2) energy modulation systems; and 3) output devices. As stated above, the electrical generation system 10 described above can be utilized with compact integrated actuation systems.

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These systems use many small elements configured to maximize efficiency and achieve redundancy. Biological systems also capitalize on large surface area to volume ratios to achieve large transport processes flux and bandwidth, while maintaining small gradients. Power is thereby modulated at the source rather than through dissipative processes, as in conventional systems.

FIG. 3, is a schematic view of the operation of the energy source of FIG. FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional side view of an array of combustion tubes with different lengths in accordance with the present invention. In accordance with another aspect of the present invention, the electrical generator can include a magnet and a coil. In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, the resonator can include a resonating structure, such as a mass and spring. Many combinations can be imagined, such as only firing the top half all at once, or only firing the largest diameter tubes. A revolutionary change in machine architecture is occurring wherein classical machines that produce energetic work, but do not compute, and classical systems that only compute, are merging to form systems that perform computed work in a progressively more automated fashion.

Vehicles, military systems, robots, interfaces to synthetic environments, consumer products, and other information driven machines that move, are examples of systems where increasing numbers of actuators and sensors are being operated in closed-loop, using digital controllers so as to increase performance and flexibility. A cylinder can be coupled to the exhaust port of the combustion tube, while a piston can be reciprocally disposed in the cylinder and driven by the exhaust gases. Referring to FIG. 3, the tube 50 will gradually fill with the mixed fuel, filling from an inlet end near the mixing chamber 54 to the exhaust port 58. The mixed fuel will not be ignited until the tube 50 is substantially full and the mixed fuel reaches the igniter 72. Upon ignition by the igniter 72 the mixed fuel may not instantaneously and completely combust. Dolor lumbar cama . The energy source 18 or pulsatile linear combustor 46 can be used to produce pulsatile combustion gases out of the exhaust port 54 of the combustion tube 50. The combustor 46 can be configured to produce gasses at a rate corresponding to the resonant frequency of the resonator 14. Preferably, the energy source 14 or combustor 46 produces gasses, and the resonator 14 resonates, at a frequency between approximately 50 Hz to 2 Khz.

A controller 110 can be coupled to the energy source 18, and can be responsive to the sensor signal, to control the energy source 18, and thus maintaining or controlling the amplitude and frequency of the resonation. The controller 110 can include a computer with an appropriate program operable thereon, or another type of electrical or mechanical hardware. The controller 110 can provide a feedback loop between the various components. The resonator 14, or resonating structure, can include a mass and spring element which alternate between kinetic and potential energy states, or between maximum and minimum kinetic and potential energies. Dolor muscular brazo izquierdo hombro . The resonator provides resonating movement in a resonating element. One of the magnet or coil is attached to the resonator, and configured for resonating movement along a movement path, while the other one of magnet or coil is disposed adjacent the movement path. For example, in the case of smart material actuators, such as piezo-electric or magnetostrictive actuators, the requirements for efficient, compact energy supplies, power modulation electronics and motion amplification mechanisms makes the achievable system level power density (force-displacement-bandwidth density) significantly smaller than one would believe by simply looking at the intrinsic power density of the smart material alone.

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Upon reaching the extinguish end, and since the unmixed fuels are selected for not combusting until after they are mixed, once the combustion process has combusted all of the mixed fuel located in tube 50, the combustion process will be self extinguished at the extinguishing end. The parameters of the combustor 46 can be selected so that the mixed fuel will first combust near an ignition point, at igniter 72, and sequentially combust the mixed fuel back through tube 50 until combustion has reached an extinguish end. Some aspects of a pulsatile linear combustor are disclosed in U.S. 28, 2000, now U.S. ↑ Walther, Ingo 2000, pp.

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