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4 and shown in Figure 5, oil hydraulic cylinder 50,52, revolving actuator 54,56 and coupled system 58 be contained in fondational structure, be post 38 in this case. 9 B, oil hydraulic cylinder 96a, 96b are connected to hydraulic axis reciprocating engine 100.Certainly, also can consider the transmission chain 94 of other type. Rotation-linear transfer system may be operably coupled to running shaft and is connected to the first hydrofoil and the second hydrofoil, thereby rotatablely moving of live axle drives sink-float and the pitching movement of hydrofoil. Linearity-rotary transfer system may be operably coupled to the first hydrofoil and the second hydrofoil and is connected to running shaft.Therefore, the plunging motion live axle of the first hydrofoil and the second hydrofoil rotatablely moves.

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C3A 20 2 is exemplified with control according to the first illustrative embodiments The block diagram of the functional configuration of device 10.Controller 10 has communication state detector 101 and motion controller 102.Communications status is examined The example that device 101 is detection unit is surveyed, and motion controller 102 is the example of control unit.

First, motion controller 102 determines whether there is multiple communication candidate’s (steps 201).Motion controller 102 uses Identifier of partner destination for the communication being successfully established etc. According to the sixteenth aspect of the invention, with the position relationship between underwater relay and underwater moving body Do not compared according to the state of wireless communication come situation about controlling, work can be expanded in the case where maintaining good communications status Make scope. According to a first aspect of the invention, provide a kind of turbo machine.Turbo machine is used for converting kinetic energy to mechanical energy from flow by driving running shaft. 3, show the first embodiment of turbo machine 30, this first embodiment is used for converting kinetic energy to mechanical energy from flow (by arrow 32 expressions).Mechanical energy can be used for from (for example) generator drive running shaft.Fluid can be any type, and such as air or water, but flow is preferably shoving of ocean or river.

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The first hydrofoil and the second hydrofoil extend self supporting structure, and each hydrofoil slidably and be rotationally attached to this structure to allow each hydrofoil to move linearly in the mode of plunging motion and to swing with the mode spanwise axes of pitching movement.The sink-float and pitching movement due to pitching-plunging motion phase place out-phase, and the plunging motion separately of the first hydrofoil and the second hydrofoil due to phase place between hydrofoil out-phase. 6 B is the pitching of hydrofoil of presentation graphs 6A and the plotted curve of plunging motion. The prospect of collecting flow energy with the fluid dynamic turbo machine in the renewable form energy just because of highdensity circulating water (predictable morning and evening tides and river are used) and minimized environment and anthropogenic influence and more attractive than in the past. According to the second aspect of the invention, even if with failing to meet predetermined standard time, relay and water when testing result The situation that lower movable body does not also move close to each other is compared, can be to avoid the deterioration of communications status.