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Water has much more mass than air and would be moving more slowly. The first and second pumps are controlled by the pressure switch, the pressure switch being actuable by hydrostatic water pressure. In this third embodiment the thermal energy conversion plant had been arranged in a floating platform as in the first and second embodiments, being also the evaporator 20 and the widening ascending conduit 40 arranged in high-pressure resistant submergible vessels (102, 104). The floating platform of this third embodiment is anchored to the sea bed by a group of high-strength synthetic fiber mooring ropes 108. The selected turbine of this third embodiment is also a reaction turbine 51. The heat sink is cold deep sea water 84, and the heat source is the waste heat from an aluminum industrial processing plant 310 (artificial heat source). In this second embodiment the vessel 102 of the evaporator 20 has been also suspended from the floating vessel 103 by high-strength synthetic fiber ropes 106, while two descending pipes 90 connect the condensers 30 of the floating platform 103 with the evaporator 20. Four high-pressure resistant submergible vessels 105 are connected to said descending pipes 90 at two different levels, containing each submergible vessel 105 a reaction turbine 51 connected to an electrical generator 60, being the electricity generated transmitted to an electrical grid by electric transmission cables 61. As in the first improvement the floating and submergible vessels are provided with a thermal-isolating layer 101 in order to reduce the exchange of heat with the environment.

The special valve 253 is located in pipe 306 on the side of the pump 250 that receives water under pressure from the pump 250. The special check valve 253 consists of a valve housing 261 that has a valve seat 43 at the bottom of the valve housing 261 that contains an intake port 276 located at the center of the hemispherically-shaped valve seat 43. The special valve also consists of an outlet port 277, and a heavy ball 275 within the valve housing 261. The heavy ball 275 is capable of fitting snuggly within the valve seat 43. FIG.

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In this fifth exemplary scheme of operation, the heat pump 80 works at the same time as the heating 73 and cooling unit 74 for the thermal circuit 70. Depending of the temperature at what the cold thermal fluid (that comes from the evaporator 20) reaches the heat pump 80, the internal working fluid 88 of said heat pump 80 will extract more or less heat 31 from said cold thermal fluid through the evaporator 81 of the heat pump 80, working in this case said cold thermal fluid also as heat source for the system, and diverting said extracted heat 31 into the warm thermal fluid that comes from the condenser 30 through the heat pump’s condenser 82, working said warm thermal fluid in this case as heat sink. Inside of the widening ascending conduit 40 are disposed a group of thermal pipes 96 which function is to keep a constant temperature in the widening ascending conduit 40, and replace the heat that, despite the thermal-isolating protection layer 101, could pass from the warm widening ascending conduit 40 into the cold deep sea environment that surrounds the vertical descending submergible vessel 104. Each of those thermal pipes 96 is double-walled, and through them flow warm thermal fluid 711 in two opposite directions.

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The submersible electric power generator plant may comprise a system that, during the submersion process, moves the structure’s center of gravity forward to reduce the hydrodynamic lift to that amount required to achieve and maintain a preset depth. The supplementary depth-control system utilizes a pressure switch that is activated by the hydrostatic pressures to controls pumps that are capable of transferring ballast water between the front and the rear compartments of the streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank for the purpose of shifting the center of gravity longitudinally to adjust the hydrodynamic lifting forces produced by the attached airfoil-shaped hydrofoils to accurately and reliably control the operating depths of the submersible electrical power generating structure.

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Referring to FIGS. 2 and 3, the anchor line 3 attaches at 21 to an attaching device 19 is located on a strong bar 18 fixed at the center point 209 of the center connecting means 29 and 30. The attaching device 19 is adjustable up and down vertically along the strong bar 18 by a device that may be powered by electricity or compressed air to change angle of attack of the pair of airfoil-shaped hydrofoils 10 to increase the lifting force on the submersible electrical power generating structure 1 to balance an increase in the downward vector force resulting from an increased drag acting through a downward angled anchor line 3. Dolor de espalda y ardor de estomago . Once the height of the anchor line’s attachment device 19 has been adjusted to provide the proper leverage to the strong bar 18, the changing angle of attack of the hydrofoils 10 will, without any parts moving, increase the lifting force to balance the increasing downward vector force resulting from increases in drag on the anchor line 3, thereby keeping the submersible generating plant 1 at a somewhat uniform depth.

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With the vertical height of the anchor line attachment point properly adjusted on a strong bar (which acts as a lever), increased drag – which will increase the downward vector force – will provide the proper leverage to that bar to cause the increased pull on the anchor line to cause the entire submersible power plant to rotate vertically (raising the nose and dropping the trail) so that the hydrofoils increasing angle of attack will provide only that additional lifting force required to balance the increased downward vector force – thereby allowing the submersible generating plant to remain at a uniform depth.

The reduced horizontal drag will reduce both the downward vector force and the tension on the anchor line. The decline in the production of both world oil and North American natural gas – combined with catastrophic global warming – have created an urgent need to switch from fossil fuels to those energy sources that are sustainable and non-polluting. The vaporized working fluid then passes to the turbine and gives up energy to the turbine, which drives an electrical generator. The invention discloses a new and improved apparatus to capture the kinetic energy from the faster moving water that is near the surface of those steady currents that are the result of the Coriolis force produced by the Earth’s eastward rotation acting on those currents produced by the trade winds. Due to the primary use of turbines for hydro-power, short kind of research and development will be needed in order to obtain an optimal design of turbine for other working fluids than water.

It is a further object of the current invention to provide a submersible electrical power generating plant with a simple and efficient method for bringing an individual submersible power generating plant to the surface and of removing the ballast water. Oceanographic current data will suggest other potential sites. Because the mass passing through the blades in one second is a factor of the current’s velocity, the power produced by the current does not increase by the square of its velocity, but by its cube. The Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio are the only two currents that the book lists having velocities above 3 knots that flow throughout the year. To limit the impact from these extreme conditions, the manufacturers of the wind machines prefer that their turbines have only two or three long narrow rotor blades that can be feathered and locked. These lines are equipped with check valves 69 and 70 to prevent the oil from flowing in the wrong direction.

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The special valve 264 is empty of water and the buoyant ball 265 is covering the special valve’s outlet 279 to prevent pressurized air from passing through the special valve outlet 279. Because no water is passing through the pipe 295, the heavy ball 475 covers the valve inlet 476 of the special check valve 453. Remedios para el dolor de espalda alta . The simultaneous opening of the electrically controlled valves 412 of all of the submersible electric power generators within a group can cause the group of submersible electrical power generating plants to simultaneously ascend to the surface, with the underwater electricity extension cable 4 still connected to the underwater linking cable 43, and while the submersible power plants are still generating power. When using the water of a river as heat sink it would be desirable to do so in very large rivers, with a vast flow, and near its mouth, in order to avoid thermal pollution in its waters.

Un ente resiliente: #martesactivos..consejos para.. The widening ascending conduit 40 ascends on the mountain side, connecting the evaporator 20 and the condenser 30. In this sixth embodiment a thermal circuit 70 drives heat back from the condenser 30 into the evaporator 20, as depicted in the first, second and fifth embodiments. The submersible electrical power generating plant may be constructed from carbon fiber composites and other plastics. If the increasing downward vector force is not equalized, the downward vector forces will pull the submersible power plant down to that depth where the angle of the anchor chains’ pull would be reduced sufficiently that the tangent of the attachment angle will be reduced enough that the resulting downward- vectored forces will again balance the reduced lifting forces. 16a and 16b show two submersible electrical power generating plants 1 within a group of said electrical power generating plants that is being simultaneously raised to the surface 2 while attached to said electricity collecting cable 5. FIG.

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The present disclosure is directed to the problems set forth above. The mode of operation is as follows (please, refer to FIGS. The power generating structure has a streamlined torpedo-shaped buoyancy tank with a nose end, a rear end, a top side, a bottom side, a left side, a right side, a plurality of valves and a plurality of compartments. The working fluid enters the evaporator in liquid phase, and is vaporized in the evaporator, which is immersed in relatively warm water drawn from the surface region of the sea. The angle of attack is increased by raising the front edge of the hydrofoil higher than the back edge of the hydrofoil in relation to the flow of the water.