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Awakening grief Each of the directional converters may include a drum around which the anchor cables are wound, a gear box operatively coupled to the drum, and a generator operatively coupled to the gear box. 15. The cables 6 on the right and left hand of FIG. FIG. 13 is a schematic side elevational view of the embodiment of FIG.

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FIG. 10 is a side elevational view of FIG. FIG. 12 is a schematic side elevational view of another embodiment of the present invention, showing the drag member being pulled out due to water currents. The method includes releasing the displacement vessel in a body of water and rotating the drag panel by an angle about a horizontal axis of the displacement vessel to thereby adjust the amount of drag force experienced by the drag panel. By providing a displacement vessel 302 that is capable of rotating in the water to controllably adjust the drag force exerted on the drag panel 302, the amount of electricity generated by the generator may also be controllably adjusted. 2. The larger the horizontal projection of the internal surface 16 to the direction of motion of the cable, the greater the drag force. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A floating platform uses a device which provides drag when pulled through water, which is connected via cables, pulleys, and/or hydraulic or pressurized means to convert wave energy into electric energy.

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The outside surface 18 provides a counter-resistance to the water as the drag member 4 sinks, as indicated for the drag member 4 on the right side of FIG. To minimize weight, the drag panel 521 may be constructed of a lightweight frame that is covered with a skin, such as sheet metal, polymer, or composite, for example.

In an example described in more detail below, the displacement vessel includes four connection points corresponding to four separate control cables and the connection points may be generally located at corners of the displacement vessel. The first side 302 a and second side 302 b are shown as substantially flat, but may be adapted to have any suitable shape to enhance (or reduce) the capture of drag forces as will be described in more detail below. Dolor de espalda en embarazadas . The connection mechanism on the end of the anchor cable may disconnect from the first anchor, translate relative to the seabed via a linking mechanism, such as a guide cable or chain, and then reconnect to the second anchor.

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Another embodiment of the present invention includes drag members that incorporate a mechanism as part of the drag cable, that alters the degree to which the walls of the drag members are set, and thus the amount of drag they produce. Boats currently incorporate drag structures to stabilize boats, and parachutes to keep boats from drifting too much.

In particular, directional converter 209 includes a rotatable drum 213 fixed on an axle 215. An anchor cable may be coupled to the rotatable drum such that it may be wound about or unwound from the drum 213. A drive gear 212 is also fixed on the same axle 215 as the rotatable drum 213. Drive gear 212 is connected to a gearing mechanism 214 by a chain, for example, and gearing mechanism 214 includes a plurality of gears 214 a-214 c. For example, each directional converter 809 a-809 f may include a drum 813 a-813 f around which the respective anchor cable 803 a-803 f is wrapped. The directional converters described herein can thus be positioned at any suitable stationary location such that one or more anchor cables can couple the directional converter(s) to one or more displacement vessels in the water.

The drag members 4 contain a certain level of counter-resistance to water pressure when sinking. This may be necessary in order to keep the cable centered or positioned at a preferred depth, and to provide a preferred amount of drag/back pressure etc, as well as maintain a limited amount of line to be drawn out.

Nonexcludability application of embodiment described herein is the water power power field of so-called ” free-flow ” or ” river operation ” (run-of-the-river), and wherein the kinetic energy of river, streams or tidal flow is when being utilized without the need to when dam.The dam built in flowing water path produces high potential energy difference, thus enables water at full speed pass through turbine with high pressure before dam He behind dam.But dam structure gets up and is costliness and has high environmetal impact.

Another embodiment of the present invention is disclosed in FIGS.

Rehabilitación a domicilio y FISIOTERAPIA NEUROLÓGICA.. In this instance, the control cables may be coupled to the drag panel to rotate the drag panel without rotating the entire displacement vessel. Referring to FIGS. 5-7, another embodiment of the drag member is disclosed. Another embodiment of the present invention is disclosed in FIGS. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION A wave action electric generating system R is disclosed. The horizontally rotatable drag panel and horizontally rotatable drag panel with vertically rotatable sub-panels embodiments of the present invention may be applied to any of the below devices, systems, and assemblies of displacement vessels having drag panels, such as the displacement vessels detailed in FIGS.

This is one way to provide the most torque power with the smallest size drag member, since pulling water above the water line exerts more power than merely dragging through the water. In an embodiment, material may be added to the drag panel 521 to provide a counterweight that assists the control mechanisms 520 a, 520 b in rotating the drag panel 521. The counterweight may be added to the front side or the back side of the drag panel, depending on which way the drag panel is intended to rotate. In an embodiment, the displacement vessel may include a drag panel that is rotatable about the horizontal axis by a control mechanism. The level winder assembly 248 may include a guide mechanism that guides the anchor cable as it is wound around the drum 213 so that it is wound evenly across the drum 213. In an embodiment, the guide mechanism may include a plate with a slot in which the anchor cable passes through.

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In an embodiment, the floatation devices are pontoons. If for example, one has a square floatation barge, and a wave hits a certain corner of a the barge, that corner in itself is generating electricity by way of the aforementioned method, before the wave passes to the remainder of the barge and as each station lifts each station cranks a generator, or a central generator.

The floating platform 2 is designed to maximize the natural rocking motion imparted by the waves, allowing for the maximum amount of flux in any given wave conditions. When incorporating a multitude of these devices on one floatation device, one can effectively harvest the energy exerted on each side/area of the platform, in effect also making angled movements (of the platform as a whole) useful for energy extraction as well. One relatively untapped renewable energy source receiving increased attention is the potential energy that might be harnessed from ocean movement, such as the potentially endless energy source inherent in the constant tidal, wave, and/or current flows of the ocean. Sintomas de cancer dolor de espalda . In particular, the present disclosure illustrates a system and method for converting kinetic energy from ocean tidal movements-specifically, the lateral ebb and flow of water caused by the constant and repeating pattern of tidal changes-into electrical energy or power that can be stored and/or consumed.