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Los 15 tipos de dolor de cabeza (causas y síntomas) DC current could also be produced if both directions of blade vibration are not used to produce electric current. Another embodiment of the invention can include a means to regulate the current flow within the coil so that the damping of the vibrating blade can be controlled. The Q for a blade can be from around 30 up to around 500 so that a lot of energy can be stored in the resonating blade which can then be converted into electrical power. 1 and 2 in which the resonating blade is used in a steam turbine tail cone to produce the electrical energy. The present invention relates generally to electric power production, and more specifically to a steam turbine with a resonating blade for electric power production. A sensor to detect the amount of vibration occurring in the blade could be used to regulate the current flow and therefore provide a certain amount of damping to the blade in order to prevent the maximum stress from exceeding the fatigue limit by a certain amount that would cause the blade to break.

Accordingly, the buoyancy cylinder would be 17 ft. The blade is designed to have a natural frequency equal to the velocity of the fluid exhausted from the apparatus in which the additional electrical power is to be generated. The size and shape of the blades would depend on the potential energy contained within the exhaust fluid used to drive the blades at the resonant frequency. The pressurized gas would displace the water in the buoyancy block, thereby allowing the buoyancy pump to return to normal operations. As described above, the blade can be made stiffer in order to move about the maximum stress limit that is developed, but the velocity of the driving fluid would need to be higher to produce resonant vibration of that particular blade design.

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Protecting the Garden A very stiff blade will require a higher driving force to produce resonating motion of the blade. An internal combustion engine produces relatively very low volume of exhaust gas from the engine to make use of the resonating blade to produce electrical power compared to the steam or gas turbine exhaust flow.

One reason the ICE engine is so low in efficiency compared to the other two mentioned above is that the exhaust gas from the engine is still very high in temperature and thus high in potential energy. It is another object of the present invention to generate electrical energy from the exhaust gas typically discharged from a steam turbine. One or more struts extend within the tail cone such that the struts support the tail cone and are exposed to the steam exhaust. 2 shows a rear view of the blade within the alternator assembly formed in the tail cone 11. In the tail cone of a steam turbine, 8 blades are used and extend around a central support to form an annular flow path for the fluid to pass across the 8 blades. 1 shows a resonating blade of the present invention in the tail cone of a steam turbine.

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An alternator assembly 31 is mounted in the tail cone 11 and includes a coil wire 32 in the stationary portion of the tail cone with a wire 33 extending from the coil to carry the electrical energy produced. A pair of abutments 35 is secured to the blade near the tip and engages with the surfaces of the alternator assembly to limit the range of motion of the blade so that the maximum stress is not surpassed at the blade lower portion where blade could break. Dolor lumbar accidente trafico . The abutments 35 can be formed on the blade or on the inside surfaces of the alternator assembly 31. FIG. Titanium is one material in which the blade can be made from because titanium will produce a blade with a low frequency.

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Lahsun Aur Doodh Ke Fayde For Health - A blade will vibrate at the natural frequency with a certain amount of energy contained within the vibration. The pulsating combustor pushes on the piston that then pushes on the cantilever beam to resonate a wire coil connected on the end of the beam, where the moving coil passes back and forth between a permanent magnetic to produce electrical energy. 5, 2005 and entitled RESONANT ELECTRICAL GENERATION SYSTEM discloses a cantilever beam that resonates by application of energy pulses from a pulsatile linear combustor that provides fluid pressure against a piston that is directly connected to the cantilever beam. In operation, after the buoyancy pump device 1000 has been initially placed in a body of water, such as ocean, lake, river or other wave producing environment, the initial pressure in the outlet line 1030, valve 1024 and piston chamber 1026 begins at a zero-pressure state.