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Soledad en el Zoo Such an oscillating rotation of a long shaft or cable results in large losses of energy due to internal twisting and spring actions within the shaft or cable. 10, 11 and 12. This type of water wheel rotates in the same direction regardless of the direction of water flow, i.e., within a plane normal to the axis of the water wheel’s rotation, which accounts for any up and down water flow.

  1. The energy harvester of claim 1 where a fluid in said fluid flow path is water
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  3. Al terminar, descansa y retoma el estiramiento hasta realizar 5 repeticiones
  4. Realiza entre 5 y 10 repeticiones de manera pausada y con respiraciones profundas
  5. FIG. 11 depicts still another embodiment of a resonating electrical generator
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Shooting - Clínica Cripeth If a bi-directional propeller/turbine is employed, it will rotate in the same direction even as the water flow changes direction within the lumen of the venturi tube. The rigid interconnection of buoy 26 and venturi tube 30 and its related assembly translates all buoy motion to said venturi tube and assembly. FIGS. 16A and 16B depict one of many possible embodiments of the novel venturi-pinwheel wave-energy device that are within the scope of this disclosure.

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The rising flotation module pulls the attached venturi tube with it. As the flotation module or buoy falls along the trailing edge of a wave that is passing, the attached venturi tube is no longer supported. Waves with longer wavelengths affect the motions of water molecules at greater depths than waves with shorter wavelengths. The velocity of water at arrow V is substantially less than the velocity of the water at arrow V2.

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FIG. 18 depicts another type of water turbine, denoted 72 as a whole, having utility with this invention, especially with respect to the embodiment illustrated in FIGs. FIG. 10 depicts a perpendicular-axis turbine 20 a. Como se quita el dolor lumbar . FIG. 4 illustrates the principle by which the preferred embodiment of this invention translates the circular up-and-down motion characteristic of deep-water waves traveling across the surface of a body of water into a corresponding up-and-down motion of a venturi-pinwheel’s underwater turbine, i.e., the venturi tube located far below the surface.

The resulting power is transmitted to buoy 26 through primary electrical cable 44 which may also support the venturi shroud assembly as it hangs beneath buoy 26. The preferred embodiment of a portable version of the venturi-pinwheel device includes central rigid support 57 securing cable assembly 44 to the turbine assembly. 10, the electrical energy generated in response to the rotation of said perpendicular-axis turbine 20 a is transmitted to the surface via one or more electrical conductors. Differential heating of the atmosphere across the surface of the earth, in conjunction with the rotation of the earth, causes the atmosphere to move across the surface of the Earth, sometimes at relatively high speeds.

While the water at the surface is moving in relatively large circular orbits in response to the passage of surface waves, the water below the wave base is not moving at all. The magnitude by which the speed of water moving through a venturi tube is increased is equal to the magnitude by which the cross-sectional area of the channel through which the water must flow is decreased. FIG. 11 is a perspective view of a venturi tube 30 similar to the one depicted in FIG. FIG. 6B is a cross-sectional view of the venturi pinwheel turbine assembly. Novel flotation module 26, like any buoy, ship or other floating object, rises and falls on the passing waves. When a wave raises buoy 26, attached solid strut 44 lifts the attached venturi tube 30, thereby generating electricity.

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When driven by waves with a height of 5 meters and a period of 8 seconds, the maximum speed of a suspended turbine relative to the water would be two meters per second (2 m/s). The buoy constrains counterweight 92 and cable 44 suspended beneath it to duplicate its vertical movements.