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El 62 por ciento de los más de ocho millones de personas.. Diagnostic circuitry is configured to diagnose operation of the industrial process as a function of the sensed process variable and the received process signal. Circuitry is coupled to the process variable sensor or control element and configured to measure or control a process variable of the industrial process. A process variable transmitter is located at a field location and used to measure and transmit a process variable, such as pressure, flow, temperature, etc., to another location such as a central control room.

1, control room 14 also includes wireless communication circuitry 52. In this configuration, field devices 12 and 40 can communicate with each other over the wireless communication link 50 and may also communicate with the control room 14 over wireless communication link 50 using communication circuitry 52. The communication link 50 can be in accordance with any desired standard including, for example, a mesh network configuration in which data can be transferred between devices until the data reaches its ultimate location in a manner which ensures robust communication of information. This allows a single device to have access for diagnostic purposes to process signals from multiple other devices.

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For example, diagnostic signals include valve stem position, applied torque or force, actuator pressure, pressure of a pressurized gas used to actuate a valve, electrical voltage, current, power, resistance, capacitance, inductance, device temperature, stiction, friction, full on and off positions, travel, frequency, amplitude, spectrum and spectral components, stiffness, electric or magnetic field strength, duration, intensity, motion, electric motor back emf, motor current, loop related parameters (such as control loop resistance, voltage, or current), or any other parameter which may be detected or measured in the system. 17, 2009, entitled RF ADAPTER FOR FIELD DEVICE WITH LOOP CURRENT BYPASS; U.S. Ser. No. 10/850,828, filed May 21, 2004, entitled WIRELESS POWER AND COMMUNICATION UNIT FOR PROCESS FIELD DEVICE; U.S. 17, 2009, entitled RF ADAPTER FOR FIELD DEVICE WITH LOW VOLTAGE INTRINSIC SAFETY CLAMPING; U.S. Dolor lumbar e inflamacion intestinal . The adapter can be configured to implement rules including alarm or event determination, calculating results, conveying actions to automation platforms or plant personnel, configuring information to business applications, indicating that the process has deviated from desired conditions, efficiency, costs, or remaining life, provide safety or environmental impact information, or provide other types of information.

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For example, control signal includes a desired process variable value (i.e. SUMMARY A process device with diagnostics for use in an industrial process includes a process variable sensor or controller element which is configured to sense or control a process variable of a process fluid of the industrial process. Field device 12 includes a wireless adapter 30 in accordance with the present invention. FIG. 3 is a simplified block diagram of the adapter 300 which shows various circuitry blocks. FIG. 3 is a simplified block diagram of the wireless adapter of a type which is coupled to the field device of FIGS. Flow chart 400 begins at start block 402 and controls past to an optional block 404. At block 404, the wireless adapter is configured to receive local process signals from the field device to which it is coupled.

FIG. 4 is a simplified flow chart 400 showing steps in accordance with one example embodiment of the present invention. One wiring technique is a two-wire process control loop in which the same two wires are used to communicate with the field device as well as provide power to the field device. The wireless communication circuitry is further configured to receive one or more process signals from one or more other process devices. Control field devices are placed in the field and can receive commands from the control room, for example, to control operation of the process.

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Further, the wireless adapter 30 can be used to retrofit existing field devices. Further, more complex diagnostic rules can be implemented including those based upon statistical parameters, fuzzy logic, weighting functions, etc. The wireless adapter (wireless communication module) of the invention is capable of receiving various types of data including process variables, control signals or diagnostic signals. 2, optional connectors are shown between wireless adapter 30 and microprocessor 60, I/O circuitry 66 or process control loop 16. Example configurations of the wireless adapter and its connection to a field device are shown in U.S. Process devices include any device which forms part of or couples to a process control loop and is used in the control or monitoring of a process. The wireless adapter 30 of the present invention can be coupled to any of these field devices and thereby provide for communication of process signals between the different types of field devices for use in implementing diagnostics or for other purposes.

0, then the valve is leaking or the flow sensor is in error.

The present invention can be used with other field devices and configurations than those specifically illustrated or discussed herein. When the valve is fully closed, no fluid flow should flow past the flow sensor. For example, the reset circuit 382 can be configured to reset, or turn on, the microcontroller 340 when the supply voltage from LDO regulator 360 reaches a sufficient voltage level. Additionally, a control signal can include calibration values, alarms, alarm conditions, the signal which is provided to a control element such as a valve position signal which is provided to a valve actuator, an energy level which is provided to a heating element, a solenoid on/off signal, etc., or any other signal which relates to control of the process. 0, then the valve is leaking or the flow sensor is in error. Tratamiento para dolor de rodilla izquierda . 5, valve position versus flow rate can be monitored.