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The electricity may be transmitted via electrical cables (not shown), which may be attached to, for example, the mooring cables 103 and routed to the neighboring devices 100, or to the one or more stations. As noted earlier, the hydrokinetic device 100, when tethered to the upstream mooring cables (or lines) 103, experiences both forward and downward force components. The methods disclosed in the present disclosure may achieve this result, for example, by employing a power control process that includes a depth change process to cause changes in operating depth, and hence free stream current speed, to facilitate continual operation of the device at the rated power (or a specified partial power setting) for extended periods of time when the rated speed is present somewhere in a vertical water column where the device is deployed.

Capsaicina al 8% para controlar el dolor neuropático.. During the execution of the idle process, the ADCP query protocol may periodically be invoked to probe the vertical water column for the existence of the rated speed, among other purposes. During execution of the general individual control process 700, one or more faults or commands may be received at any time causing the THOR controller to interrupt the process, and subsequently respond to the fault or command in a timely or immediate manner. FIG. 6 shows an example of an aggregate power control process 600 for controlling an aggregate power output for an ocean current farm array, according to principles of the disclosure.

The THOR HQ may specify the target aggregate power output level for the entire farm array of hydrokinetic devices, or a subset thereof, such as, for example one or more individual hydrokinetic devices. Neighboring hydrokinetic devices 100 deployed in a given farm array may share anchors 104. Electricity created by each onboard generator (not shown) may be routed to, for example, neighboring hydrokinetic devices 100 or one or more stations (not shown) located in the water, or on land, to collect the electrical energy from each hydrokinetic device 100 prior to transmitting the electricity to, for example, a utility grid, which may be located on water or land. The device comprises: an energy transducer that is configured to harness the kinetic energy; an electrical generator that is coupled to the energy transducer; a variable effector that is configured to effect at least one of a weight, a lift or a drag of the device; a power output sensor that is configured to detect an actual generator power output level of the electrical generator; and an onboard controller that is adapted to control the variable effector to change at least one of the weight, the lift, or the drag of the device to adjust an operating depth of the device based on a difference of the actual generator power output level and a target generator power output level.

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The method comprises: setting a target aggregate power level for the array of hydrokinetic devices; monitoring an actual aggregate power output level of the array of hydrokinetic devices; comparing the target aggregate power level and the actual aggregate power output level to determine an error signal; assigning a power modulation factor to one or more of the hydrokinetic devices in the array of hydrokinetic devices; and adjusting a depth of the one or more hydrokinetic devices based on the error signal to maintain the array of hydrokinetic devices at the target aggregate power level. The method may further comprise: sending an actual generator power output level measurement signal to a station; and receiving an individual power modulation factor from the station. In this regard, the method may further comprise: sending an actual generator power output level measurement signal to a station; and receiving an individual power modulation factor from the station.

CROSS REFERENCE TO PRIOR APPLICATIONS This application claims priority and the benefit thereof from U.S. This free stream current flow behavior provides an opportunity to control, modulate and maximize energy output by actively positioning the hydrokinetic device at the operating depth at which the rated speed occurs, thereby facilitating rated power to be output by the attached electrical generator. If the dive protocol is unsuccessful and the rated speed depth is not achievable (Step 706), the THOR controller may cause the hydrokinetic device to enter the idle protocol (Step 709) at a predetermined depth and may include further execution of the ADCP query protocol (not shown). Alternately, the free stream current speed may also be a primary or a secondary feedback variable in the execution of the power control process. Dolor en la tibia debajo de la rodilla . Rotor engagement or disengagement may occur via the rotor engage transition process or the rotor disengage transition process, respectively. The rotor disengage transition process may be complete when the rotor 109 is halted with the blades fully feathered in the non-operational condition 414, and the drag flaps 112 are deployed to the high drag condition 413. The hydrokinetic device 100 remains idle with no power production and is maintained at a position 410 by the control authority of the weight, lift and drag effectors implemented by, for example, the ballast tanks, the wing 106 and the drag flaps 112, respectively.

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Cien maneras de aliviar casi todos los tipos de dolor.. Operations during the power control process may be terminated unintentionally during very high speed current events that may tend to coerce the hydrokinetic device 100 to depths below, for example, a maximum structural crushing depth, or in very low speed current events that would tend to bring the hydrodynamic device 100 to shallow depths that may cause, for example, the rotor blade tips to excessively cavitate or even pierce and extend above the water surface. The drag flaps 112 may be retracted slightly to reduce drag, thereby lessening the apparent weight attributable to the drowning force, thereby causing the hydrokinetic device 100 to ascend whilst the rotor 109 remains in the disengaged and non-operational condition 414. The ascend process may reach successful completion when the hydrokinetic device 100 reaches the surface or a specified depth. Referring to FIG. 3B, as the free stream current speed increases to a faster condition, the hydrokinetic device 100 passively descends to a position 314 at a depth of about 125 meters, thereby causing a decrease in the intercept angle 302 to a new angle 312 and lessening the apparent weight presented by the drowning force.

In the system, the hydrokinetic device may be deployed in an array of hydrokinetic devices, each having an energy transducer. For example, the ballast from ballast tanks may be offloaded, thereby reducing the weight of the hydrokinetic device 100. Further, the wing 106 may be deflected to angles having positive values, thereby creating more lift.

By continually operating a hydrokinetic device at the point “1”-for example, corresponding to operation of the device at the rated power and the rated speed in FIG. According to a still further aspect of the disclosure, a method is provided for controlling a hydrokinetic device that includes an energy transducer.

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According to a further aspect of the disclosure, a method of operating a hydrokinetic device is provided that may operate the device at free stream current speeds that are less than, for example, the rated speed to intentionally produce a specified partial power output. In the idle process, the hydrokinetic device 100 may remain at a specified depth 410 or at a variable depth corresponding to a specified free stream current speed under the control authority of the weight, lift and drag effectors described above, with the rotor 109 in the disengaged condition 414 and no power production from the generator.