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FIG. 23 is a sectional view taken along line 23-23, of FIG. FIG. 9 is a sectional view taken along line 9-9 of FIG. As noted above, blade 20 has the general shape of a geometrically symmetrical aircraft wing as shown in solid lines in FIG. 4. Magnus Roller Embodiments As noted in the summary of the invention section of the application, a geometrically symmetrical blade or vane may be rendered non-symmetrical by means other than an articulating flap. The invention accordingly comprises the sequence of steps and the features of construction, combination of elements and arrangement of parts which will be exemplified by the following detailed description, and the scope of the invention will be indicated in the claims. A method for generating power in this fashion is also part of my invention. Thus, there is a need for a fluid responsive power generator and power generating method which can economically and safely extract useful power from relatively low head shallow waters and the more turbulent lower speed wind currents commonly found near major population centers and on flat terrain and to use that power to perform useful work such as the generation of electricity nearer the point of consumption, thereby saving the environmentally degradation as well as the capitol expense and losses of power transmission systems.

Thus, housing 122 has a pair of inlets 122 a which conduct water streams into housing channels 124 a and 124 b, and a pair of outlets 122 b through which these water streams leave the housing. Although a closed system with only one large channel through housing 122 is possible, dual channels are generally preferred to mechanically balance the oscillating blades 150 as well as to maximize the energy recovery through the draft pipes 134, if they are used, and to minimize reduction of the power recoverable from the apparatus due to turbulence. 9, power converter assembly 152 may include a module 187 similar to module 80 to control toggling mechanisms 186 so that they flip the flaps 184 at the extremes of the blade excursions as determined by the position of a cam 188 at the lower end of crank shaft 166. The illustrated apparatus includes a variable power option indicated generally at 189 similar to the one illustrated in FIG.

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The blade 350 includes a main body 354 having a leading edge segment 354 a and a trailing edge segment 354 b and which contains an embedded Magnus roller 356 between those segments that is rotatably mounted within the main body 354 by a shaft 358 whose opposite ends are journalled in relatively thick upper and lower end cap ribs of blade 350; see ribs 406 c and shaft 417 in FIG. 21 apparatus embodiment. In either event, each blade 406 includes a Magnus roller 416 imbedded between the blade leading and trailing edges. Preferably, the oscillatory motion of each blade is coupled by a constant angular velocity unidirectional device such as a crank or clutch to an electrical generator to generate electrical power.

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20C. Actually, I have found that SR/SW must be greater than about one half in order for it to generate a positive “Magnus Effect lift” force, and that the coefficient of lift, CL, due to this force is proportional to 2π (SR/SW−0.5), whereas the “CL for a conventional aerofoil is 2π times the sine of the angle that the apparent wind or water makes with the blade’s chord which is usually not more than about 12°, i.e. 17 and 18, the end of each link 250 inside crank case assembly 230 is pivotally connected to the opposite lobes of a crank shaft 252 mounted inside assembly housing 230 a for rotation about a vertical axis. Thus, by coordinating the switching of the flap to the TDC and BDC positions of the main body, the blade as a whole is caused to oscillate about its pivot axis in a reliable, uniform and efficient manner over a wide range of fluid flow rates.

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Deporte sin Quimica The momentum of the fluid up river and down river of this position causes the fluid’s velocity to momentarily proportionally increase as it flows through this narrowing gap creating lower pressures on the bottom surface of blade 20 and even low pressures on the bottom surface of flap 68 especially near its tip. Also, the crank centerline C/L, parallel to the base of this triangle, should pass through the link/blade connections 163 as shown in FIG. Dolor muscular repentino . Preferably, the bed of the river is prepared to receive the apparatus by profiling it is shown in FIG. Blade 20 has freedom of movement to swing between a lower position shown in FIG. When the roller is rotated, the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic characteristics of the otherwise geometrically symmetrically blade are changed so that the blade is no longer aerodynamically symmetrical and tends to swing in a direction depending on the direction of rotation of the Magnus roller.

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This is because on the side of each blade 350 where the Magnus roller is moving in the direction of the wind, more lift is created than at the opposite side of that blade where the surface of the roller is moving opposite to the wind. Should any of my machines stall or slow down below synchronous speed in midcycle for any reason other than low wind speeds, the IMAG automatically becomes a motor and powers it back up to synchronous speed where the wind, if present, takes over. Finally, it is not necessary to constantly twist or feather my blades during midcycle to accommodate higher fluid velocities nearer the top of the machine verses those nearer its bottom as is required on some larger conventional windmills. Due to its aforesaid counterbalanced construction, tower 210 may be swung between its two positions by a simple linear actuator 214 which, in this case, comprises a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder 214 a whose lower end is anchored to foundation F at a location thereon spaced approximately perpendicular to axle 208 and a piston rod 214 b which slides along cylinder 214 a.

The first involves raising or lowering the height of the inflatable dam 12 via control valve 16 to vary the velocity of the output flow, but this arrangement can be relatively slow to respond. In any case, because of the unfavorable geometries at that moment in the cycle between the connecting link 250 and the crank 252 (FIG. FIG. 20, which is similar to FIG.

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Preferably a trash rack 28 in the form of a grating is positioned on the upstream side of blade 20 to protect any fish in the river and to screen out debris which might otherwise impinge on blade 20 and adversely effect its operation. On the other hand, when the control handle 108 is swung progressively toward its LOW position, the high point on cam 108 causes master cylinder pump 104 to deliver progressively more fluid to slave cylinder 98, offsetting the bias of spring 100 so as to adjust the position of shaft head 76 a and thus the stop position of piston 74 a so that piston 74 a may be maintained in a partially or completely retracted position. Blade 20 has a leading edge 20 a along which extends a shaft 24 whose opposite ends are journalled in bearing blocks 26 a and 26 b supported on the land L on opposite sides of the river such that blade 20 spans the river with its leading edge 20 a facing upstream.

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20 is near its TDC or BDC position. Thus, when the two blades are moving toward their TDC positions looking down in the figure, the left hand roller 356 is rotated counterclockwise while the right hand roller is rotated clockwise. Just as in the FIGS. 15 and 16, the housing 220 is a field-assembled, bolted-together, multisectional unit with lightweight, cage-like, welded or brazed flat panel subsectional skeleton structures formed by a multiplicity of flat, laser-cut straps welded to tubes; see also FIGS. Dolor desgarro muscular . 19, the three wires 236 a-236 c following switch 280 are also connected by way of a centrifugal switch indicated at 300 to a reactive power conditioner 302 consisting of three capacitors 302 a connected in a delta configuration with a pair of resistors 302 b connected in series between the capacitors.

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126 b, and a three way valve 138 is installed in each tube. For example, FIGS. 22 and 23 illustrate a dual channel apparatus similar to the one depicted in FIGS. 3. The constant rotational velocity crank mechanism, causes the blade to rotate fastest at mid-cycle and to slow down for the turns at TDC & BDC. Once flap 68 suddenly flips to its down position shown in FIG. In this case, the effect is not as severe, but it is still substantial and its shock force is inversely proportional to the speed of flap switching.

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14A wherein apparatus 200 is close to the ground where it can be serviced relatively easily. 14A and 14B which show an apparatus embodiment 200 preferably mounted atop a support structure 202 and adapted to be driven by wind power. The upswitching flap 68, combined with the upriver fluid momentum, causes a linear fountain to momentarily appear from river bank to river bank, which is good for aeration of the water and for stunning visual effects. Dolor de espalda o de riñones . To complete housing 220, a skin 242 of strong flexible weather-resistant material such as Dacron polyester is stretched over the individual skeleton subsectional structures comprising the top, bottom and sides of the housing 220 and then these subsections are bolted together at the corners forming an enclosure comprising top and bottom walls 243 a and 243 b as well as opposite side walls 243 c and 243 d and which directs the air entering the housing mouth 220 a past the surfaces of blades 224 and out the rear of the housing past vane 226 subsection.