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Additionally they may include bundled power management and transfer components that connect into the main power conduit array. The load on the rotor may be altered through an optimization of a power transfer network by use of an algorithm that changes a network condition. A wind power system cost-yield optimization algorithm 7602 may optimize the cost of the wind power system 7604 with respect to the energy producing yield 7608 for the wind power system by employing permutations of possible design solutions identified in an n dimensional optimization matrix, where the dimensional number of the matrix may be determined by the number of optimization parameters under consideration. Momentum flux within the system may be approximated with a constant or variable steady state variable density system wherein the local and global density effects the flow parameters through system and is a constant acting on the vectors of momentum flux deriving from wall topography and rotor interaction.

Fisio do coração: Manobras de Fisioterapia Respiratória In embodiments, the present invention may relate to a portable or mobile wind power platform with a plurality of accelerating nozzles in arrays wherein the nozzle array system is portable, requires minimal site preparation, deployable in temporary and/or permanent sites, and may include energy storage capability to reduce the effect of resource variability. In embodiments, a rotor may be configured to operate within a wind power generating turbine, where the rotor is configured to present a variable number of blades. In embodiments, the present invention may provide an array of nozzles adapted to generate electrical power from the flow of air, where the array may include power control. The nozzle may have a facility to generate a voracity or swirl effect proximal to the exit of the diffuser, such as where the diffuser includes a vane to facilitate the effect. The diffuser shape may be a curve, taken straight to the outlet, convert the radial function to a polygonal function, use long or wide angle diffusers, use optimized nozzles for wind conditions with long diffusers, and the like.

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In embodiments, a wind power nozzle with an attached buoyancy facility may be provided, where the tethered buoyancy facility contains a buoyant gas used to achieve a buoyant condition for the wind power structure, such as with hydrogen, helium, and the like. In the case of storage the means of storage may be managed modularly to allow the charging load applied to the module to be adjusted to the optimal loading parameter at the mth velocity condition. It may also be desirable to mitigate the effect of wind pressure on cost as it pertains to the stress and strain experience by the array structure in an extreme wind event thereby reducing the weight of the structure and enhancing orientation. In addition, mechanical actuators may be used to granularly control the mass distribution of the substance or structure under consideration. An example may be the input result of a module power optimization matrix which may in cases be internally supplied with power producing component variables but externally supplied with global height, width, and depth characteristics that may substantially contribute to the decision structure of optimization.

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There may be a slot in the superstructure, such as forward and rearward on the superstructure with slotting poles such that modules are installed onto the slotting poles. Temperature may be a factor, where heating the air or other methods of creating additional sparsity rearward of the nozzle may create an improved flow, and may also be effective in a storage system.

Variable throat constriction may be a factor, with the ability to vary the throat. Generally speaking the distribution of velocities in this range may be low, such as below 5%. In this case if only 5% of annual power output derived in the range between the maximum rating and 90% of the maximal rating, and the additional 10% of power rating contributes a cost of weight and rating that exceeds the 5% of annual power derived in the range then using a generator with a lower rating and sacrificing the extra power may be considered optimal. The array may be of variable width at different heights. A plurality of blade shapes may be employed, such as using vortex generation on the lower edge (which may add to the lift of the blade), lower angle for more power (but if the angle goes to zero, there may be no lift, so some low number may be good, such as a mean angle of four degrees), minimize the drag effect on the top of the blade due to the boundary layer effect (which may be hard to control if the direction the gas is coming from is unknown, so creating different kinds of blade shapes that minimize boundary layer separation above the blade may be valuable), drill throughs to address the boundary layer, making blades a inexpensively as possible, and the like.

53 illustrate embodiments showing basis polygon members 5202 configured with polyhedral members 5206 mounted with the bearing 5204. Cómo saber si es dolor muscular o de riñón . The basis members of the frame connecting the vertices of the polyhedra may be placed to maximize the load bearing capabilities and minimize weight and density of the superstructure. For 75 m version with the same conditions (accelerated to 129 m/s) this would produce 110 MW of power. A rotor may be configured to operate within a wind power generating turbine where the rotor includes a complex topography vortex generation facility on the blade, such as a vortex generation facility on the lower surface of a blade, such as a vortex generation facility on the upper surface of a blade, vortex generation facility includes providing a dimple on the surface of the blade, a shark scale topography, and the like. The networked power control may use a dedicated communications system, a routing system, distributed communications system, and the like, to control individual network elements within at least one of a plurality of arrays.

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In cases where the desired rate of constriction exceeds 4, single layer quadric geometries are insoluble as i tends to infinity within the constraint of the LE vector solution. A wind power system 7502 may comprise a variable transmission 7504 in the wind power system that may be in part used to increase the load on a rotor 7508 of the wind power system in order to slow the rotor’s angular velocity 7510 in high wind conditions in order to optimize performance of the wind power system, where the transmission provides for continuously variable speed of the rotor.

In addition, a nozzle may be adapted for use in a wind power generating turbine, where the optimal curvature of the nozzle intake may be greater than two times the throat diameter. The fractal space frame may be a 3-dimensional fractal. In addition to the space frame members including members in both tension and compression the perimeter frame may include elements of tension and compression. For example, the lowest cost material for the supporting space frame of an accelerating array may be fiber reinforce plastic (FRP) but given the size of the structural members necessary for local load bearing properties the amount of material used might contribute significantly to the loading parameters at each subsequent vertical level of the array necessitating the use of larger structural members capable of bearing a higher load. Transport may be dependent on volume of transport means relative to volume used by a member and connection type and expected location.

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It may be advantageous to reduce the cost and weight of the structural support of an accelerating array. The ability to cover a non-circular, for example a square inlet area, may immediately yield more efficient use of the fluid plane. FIG. 12 depicts an integrated generator-module example. In another aspect, the methods may be embodied in systems that perform the steps thereof, and may be distributed across devices in a number of ways, or all of the functionality may be integrated into a dedicated, standalone device or other hardware. Due to level of interdependency a recursive or partially-recursive optimization may produce the best results. Due to the variability of the resource it may be desirable to have a cost-effective method of energy storage for a wind energy machine.