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JointFuel360 - Joint Pain Relief The counterweight 19 can move freely despite the fact that the anchor lines joins in the Y-coupling, due to the fact that the points at the counterweight drum and the anchor drum 5 where the respective line is wound are located on opposite sides of the driveshaft 11. The drift from the foundation 5 also gives an angle for the anchor line 7, 7′, this giving extra margins. Alternatively it can be journalled for rotation at a device that is rigidly attached to the bottom of the pool of water, or generally to some device arranged to counteract the movements of the water in the pool of water, such as a body having a relatively large mass or weight. Even though the rotation direction can be made unidirectional by the transmission, the rotation speed follows the speed of the vertical movement, this causing the power output from the generator to vary according to the speed of the wave movements.

In such a wave power plant it is possible achieve, using an energy accumulation device, also called energy storing device, and suitable couplings, an equalization of the kinetic energy of the water waves in an efficient way, so that the generator can be driven to continuously generate electricity at a relatively even level.

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Generally then, the transmission comprises a driveshaft that is arranged to be driven and that by some suitable device, if required, can be made to always rotate in one rotation direction. When the torque from the anchor drum 9 exceeds the counteracting torque, that is derived from the electromagnetic coupling over the air gap between the rotor and the stator of the generator, when these parts are rotating in relation to each other, more of the counterweight line 17 is wound around the counterweight drum 15 and the excess energy, to which this higher torque corresponds, is accordingly accumulated in the hoisting-up of the counterweight 19. Thereafter, when the buoy 3 starts to rise with a decreasing speed, to thereupon sink when the water surface 6 sinks, also the rotational speed of the driveshaft 11 and the rotor 21′ in the first rotation direction is also reduced.

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The counterweight line 7 extends through a through-hole in the weight 211 down to the counterweight 19 that moves with a phase shift in relation to the wave movements, which can reduce the vertical movements thereof and reduce the magnitude of the accelerations and retardations during the wave movements, so that the torque applied to the generator 21 becomes somewhat more even, this thereby requiring less adjustment of the rotation speed thereof. 10 a. An anchor drum 9 included in a power train 2 is in some way mechanically coupled with both a buoy 3 and with an object 8′, which can be considered to have a more stationary position than the buoy and which can be the bottom, e.g. This way of connecting and driving the generator 21 can give great advantages, since the generator can be used much more efficiently compared to what have been earlier possible. In a special embodiment the energy accumulation device may be mechanically connected to the second part of the electric generator.

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To minimize the risk that the counterweights 19, in the case where two counterweights are used, and their lines 17 become entangled with each other, the counterweights can be mechanically interconnected by some suitable stiff mechanical structure which holds them physically separated from each other. The chain pulley is connected to a generator through a directly acting transmission, which is arranged to make the generator always rotate in the same direction. In this case the same type of transmission design as described in FIG.

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The transmission of the wave power plant can also be used in a wind power plant without any driving by waves in order to utilize its capabilities to limit the torque and energy absorption. Moreover, the structure of the wave power plant must be storm proof and have a long life-time and low operational and maintenance costs that can be achieved by a construction allowing long service intervals and including wearing parts that can be easily accessed. The anchor drums 9 v, 9 h must be placed at an equal distance from the counterweight drum in order that the traction force by the counterweight 19 and the foundation 5 via the counterweight lines 7′ shall remain centred in the wave power plant 1. This results in the fact that that more support parts or shaft support bars 13, 145 are required for carrying the components of the power train.

7. The construction can for example mainly be made from concrete, a cheap material which is well tested for the ocean environment. Dolor de espalda cancer pancreas . 2 a-2 b two support bar parts protruding from the underside of the buoy 3, each of which includes a bearing 54 having an anti-reverse mechanism 53 for the driveshaft 11, compare also FIGS. A cross bar 221 holds the lines at a distance from each other and is placed immediately above the Y-coupling 191. To decrease the risk of collision between the part anchor lines 7′ and the counterweight 19, the cross bar 221 can be placed below the lowest possible position of the counterweight. It can give the wave power plant the property that it can be assembled on shore before it is towed to its installation site. A suitable range for the nominal rotational speed of the generator is about 1500 to 3000 rpm depending on the maximum capacity for which the wave power plant 1 is dimensioned.

The air pump 123 can be mounted at one of the shaft support bars 145 in which the driveshaft 11 is journalled. In an alternative way of energy accumulation the energy can be stored as a gas pressure in one or more tanks. The driveshaft 11 is here rigidly attached to only one of the anchor drums, e.g. However, this only works optimally in the case where the buoys are evenly distributed over a wave period, which very seldom occurs since the length and the speed of the waves always vary. Mainly only an electric cable has to be manually connected, which can be done at the surface of the water from a boat. 15 f is shown, in which the mechanic parts are to a larger extent encapsulated. The buoy 3 will, when the waves are moving, in addition to be moving vertically, also always change its angular orientation around a completely horizontal position, which is taken at a completely calm water surface.

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5 a, for coupling the driveshaft 11 to the anchor drum can be provided, which is herein called the anti-reverse mechanism of the anchor drum. Different methods can be used to stabilize the position of the buoy in relation to the direction of the waves. A que se debe el dolor de rodilla . The variable gear stage in the gear 37 can be used to adapt the revolution speed of the generator according to the current average height of the waves.

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As illustrated, the link shaft 58 can be placed in front of the driveshaft 11 seen in the wave direction. When the wave sinks, it shall be possible to disengage the anchor drum, so that the anchor drum can be rotated in the reverse direction. Thereupon, when the wave falls, an anti-reverse mechanism is disengaged and the anchor wheel is rotated backwards by a counterweight. When the anchor drum 9 is not rotated by its coupling to the anchor line 7, such as when the buoy 3 is sinking, it is instead rotated backwards to stretch the anchor line by the fact that the pneumatic motor 81 is rotating, driving the gearwheel 87 acting on the flange 31 of the anchor drum.

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The counterweight frame can be designed so that it does not rub against the anchor line 7 and also prevents entanglement therewith, e.g. Furthermore, the gear 23 can generally be or include a variable gear and in that case it can for example comprise a gear having a fixed gear ratio such as a planetary gear 35, arranged as an input stage, see FIG. A minimum of manual efforts for installation, short course of installation which generates electric energy already when the foundation is being lowered. The compressor/gas pump 73 can be a so called scroll pump and then it has a movable part 89 rigidly connected to the stator 2″ of the generator 21 and a part 91 attached to the housing 71. Here, the anti-reverse mechanism 53 for the driveshaft acts against the housing. The driveshaft 11 can instead of being placed centrally under the buoy as shown in FIGS.

One gear unit 23 and one generator 21 are associated with each counterweight drum.

It is also possible to divide the anchor line by a Y-coupling located a distance under the wave power plant, see FIG. 5 c. The driveshaft 11 is in this case divided and the anchor drum 9 is rigidly attached to the first part 11′ of the driveshaft. One gear unit 23 and one generator 21 are associated with each counterweight drum. Mucho dolor lumbar . The ocean is a rough environment with high material stress. The first mentioned diameter can e.g.