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Each surface float 5, 6 tends to act like a rocking buoy when surface waves pass through below and their upward vertical movements are hindered and lowered because it is rigidly connected to one or more submerged virtual mass containers 9, 10 deeply. Buoy self-reactive point absorption devices rocking Several attempts have been made to develop wave energy converters based on the principle of self-reactive oscillating buoys. The design imperative is obtain a useful energy at a low cost, that is, optimize the cost of the power unit supplied, instead of trying get the conversion of the maximum amount of wave energy available. In order to get these high efficiencies, it is necessary to select carefully the correct proportions of surface floats and their respective hydrodynamics.

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Lots of Nectar Combining approximately two of these devices tuned separately, you can get a relatively large phase jump. Point Absorption Devices Punctual absorption devices normally they are axially symmetrical on a vertical axis and, by definition, they have small dimensions with respect to wavelength of the prevailing wave. The term “normal conditions” indicates typical conditions of climatic conditions and size of predominant wave / swell in the distribution area of the apparatus.

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In order to implement a system of adequate control, it is necessary to be able to predict and act on the appropriate form with respect to the immediately preceding wave as well how to regulate the device to take into account trends to more long term. The devices are designed to be independent of tidal changes in sea levels at which It is intended, they have a minimal dependence on the wave direction, and maximize your return from ocean waves With long wavelength. As such, they are able to absorb energy that arises from changes in the surface level instead of absorb it from the forward movement of the breaking waves. So far, the invention has been described by means of an apparatus comprising two point absorption devices, each of them being able to perform an oscillation Independent. The surface float combination and virtual mass suspended deeply can be tuned to the predominant wave type, facilitating resonance through a range of wave periods, an important property if desired achieve maximum energy absorption.

The invention relates to a converter of point absorption wave energy, which comprises preferably two or more oscillating buoys floating in the surface, each of them being joined to one or more deeply suspended containers or bodies, being used the relative movement between both bodies to generate energy. The amount of difference it can be typically a quarter of the frequency of the wave predominant. Swing frequency Actual bonding devices can be increased above of its natural frequency through phase control systems, for example, by hydraulic means, so that the apparatus Store to move in phase with the type of immediate wave. The size of the wave energy resource The theoretical potential of wave energy has Been recognized for many years.

A similar device but slightly different, the LIMPET, has been installed on the face of Islay cliffs in Scotland. In rough seas, but not necessarily seas ends destructively, said phase control and or mooring it will allow the useful energy to be recovered and the efficient performance even though the amplitude of the oscillation exceed the design limits of the hydraulics (“outside the career”). With phase control systems, prediction of waves and being axially symmetrical, we have to convert the energy 1 will continue to function effectively in seas irregular, a condition that is more usual than waveforms normal monochromatic Very often, the waves are the result of two or more overlapping patterns, perhaps with a wave movement of a long wavelength superimposed on the that the selected place is open to the ocean and to the prevailing wind directions.

Those skilled in the art will observe that you can use any combination or number of bodies submerged. Said body preferably it could be a closed container, but also of suitable form, a partially closed container or a plate horizontal flat submerged or some combination thereof. In the present invention, this combination of submerged flotation and mass Large inertia is replaced by a closed container that presents a reduced intrinsic mass, but that catches a large and, therefore, massive volume of water, acting in this way as A great mass of inertia. The combination of a variable flotation and a gravitational mass suspended in depth, as is the case in our international application WO 99/28623, you could consider as a single large virtual mass with a mass high gravitational, but with reduced or almost neutral flotation carried out by an associated submerged flotation.

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Neuroklinik - neurocirugia The term “virtual mass” indicates weight minimum gravitational and refers to a body that provides a high hydrodynamic ballast or mass of inertia having “mass added “associated with its movement in the fluid. Comprehension theory of the waves of the sea as well as the technical experience in the related marine engineering have made progress immeasurable from oil and gas platforms located on the high seas during the same period. The output device preferably generates energy in a cyclic manner and the apparatus can also comprise optionally means by which it can be extracted from system the energy during a part of a cycle, and return it to the system during another part of the cycle. The term “surface float” indicates a pointed surface body that is usually at less partially submerged, in which at least part of the Float normally protrudes or projects above the level of the fluid in which said float is located.

It can consider that said submerged bodies 9, 10 have a mass virtual: the term “virtual mass” indicates a weight minimum gravitational and refers to a body that provides mass of inertia and hydrodynamic ballast or added mass. Gases y dolor de espalda . Surface floats preferably They are of sufficient size and weight to ensure that remain partially submerged in water under conditions of normal wave or swell. Can result suitable loose or buoy moorings of reduced weight. The inner surface floats 5 and outer 6 result evident, since they are the energy extraction joints 12 that maintain communication between indoor and outdoor devices 3, 4. In this illustrated embodiment, the joints 12 they incorporate 30 hydraulic cylinders and can be connected with a shaft central 31 rigidly connected to the oscillation unit inside. The freedom of rotation ensures that such torque does not incapacitate or break the joints between the indoor and outdoor devices.

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In the view shown in Figure 1, the surface level 11 is not flat, that is to say compared to a passing wave, and the two devices are adapted to move with respect to each other in response to the waves that pass or swell in the body of liquid. The joints are adapted to drive a energy extraction system that typically can be hydraulic and drive an electric alternator.