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FIG. 29 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 95). The multiple instances of flexible connector 119-4 can also each pass over and wrap several times around drum 119-3 (e.g. FIG. 141 is a side view of the embodiment of FIG. 170, wherein the inertial mass is a water-filled vessel open on one side to the surrounding water, and possessing a valve 415 in its upper side, the inertial mass of the embodiment illustrated in FIG.

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FIG. 166 shows a side cross section of the inertial mass 12-140 and part of the depending connector. In other embodiments, the depending connector can connect to the inertial mass near a center of mass or a center of volume of the inertial mass, or at other sites on the inertial mass that analysis may show to be advantageous. As waves lift and let fall flotation module 2300, float 2310 and inertial mass 2315 are pulled upward, i.e., an upward force is imparted to them by a tension in flexible connector 2308. Owing to a countertorque applied by a generator to at least one of the constituent rotating capstans of the two-shaft capstan 2303 when the floatation module is being accelerated away from the inertial mass, this tension can be quite great in the portion of the flexible connector (2301/3214) connected to the inertial mass. Taking into account the water inside the inertial mass and also taking into account any “inertial mass weighted portion” that may be included in or be affixed to or that may depend from the inertial mass, the inertial mass in this embodiment has a greater average density than water.

The inertial mass 1-140’s resistance to rising can be all the greater, in fact, because not only does the inertial mass have great effective inertia (and hence an inherent resistance to being drawn upward), but, when the converter is in a wave trough, the inertial mass can furthermore have a downward momentum developed during the converter’s earlier descent into the wave trough under gravity. In one embodiment, rocks are placed inside the inertial mass to increase its net weight. In some embodiments, the equipment and hull of the flotation module are arranged so that the center of mass of the flotation module is near the geometric center of the sphere approximately defined by the aforementioned sphere-like bottom surface of the flotation module. Dolor zona interna de la rodilla . 29 incorporates a mechanism for adjusting the effective wet weight of the inertial mass 214. Two segments of chain 224 and 225 are connected to a connector 226 on the bottom of the inertial mass 214. However, the amount of the weight of those chain segments is partially supported by cables 227 and 228, respectively.

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The amount of thrust being adjustable and/or able to be optimized through the rotation of the sail to an optimal angle with respect to the wind direction. Because the pulley’s axis of rotation 1021 is about an axis normal to the page and passing through the planes normal to the page and intersecting the page at lines 1017 and 1019, the point 1015 at which the cable leaves the pulley and travels on to the traction winch remains unchanged. 211) the pulley’s plane of rotation 203. The cable is pulled out of 212, and/or away from, the center of the pulley. A rotation of the shaft a second, e.g. 31. And, the other end of each connecting rod, is hingably or rotatably connected to the “piston rod” of a hydraulic cylinder or piston, e.g. The dynamics will not necessarily be repeated for each figure and it is to be understood that the interested reader should refer back to the foregoing description.

138 will be locked at its illustrated position relative to the flotation module 131 above, and the weights 142-143 below, through every part and/or portion of a wave cycle, and/or continuously. When flotation module 271 and the weights 282-283 accelerate upward, e.g. At least one roller, e.g. A generator 795 is rotatably connected to the interlinked network of cable pulleys, thereby allowing at least a portion of the power associated with the turning under torque of those inner pulleys 780-783 to be converted into electrical power.

However, between those walls are “leaf-shaped” voids, e.g. One end of its cables or ribbon cables may be attached to one or more rollers and those cables or ribbon cables may be “rewound” in order to remove slack from the cable during the buoy’s descent by a motor, e.g. 55, because the embodiment does not have a restoring weight, the embodiment requires a motor, or a generator that can function as a motor, e.g. Downward forces imparted to the PTO 569, e.g. 454, the buoy’s angular orientation rotates, i.e. I.e. the water level (2F-100 and 2P-100 respectively) and the mean water level (2-802) coincide. PCT/US2017/051000 cables roll over their respective rollers so as to lengthen or pay out the portion of the cables connecting the rollers to the inertial mass. The tubular geometry continues down to the point at which the individual and/or constituent cables in the ribbon are connected to a circular ribbon junction bar 843. Como quitar el dolor en las articulaciones . The junction bar is connected, via structure 844, to a single cable 845, which might then be connected to an inertial mass.

Buoy 130 is connected to a submerged inertial mass 132 that is approximately spherical. Spherical voids, e.g. 338 and 339, of various sizes and/or volumes, are positioned throughout the flotation module; as are voids, e.g. 140-141. The cable, e.g. Flexible connectors 91-4 consist of many individual strands of wire, cable, chain, rope, etc. 2307, are connected to only a single posttensioning cable, e.g.

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  • Mantén esta posición por 5 segundos
  • Yeager wing – 23 s. Dolor muscular mano . Yeager wing starboard element – 23 sf. Starboard element frame
  • Una caída que implica un movimiento brusco e inesperado del tobillo
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A flexible connector 332, one end of which is connected to an object (e.g. Preferably, the depth at which the inertial mass is suspended is at least 50% of the depth of a wave base of the body of water, allowing the inertial mass to experience a relatively small degree of wave-induced water movement in its immediate vicinity. For approximate scale (merely illustrative), inertial mass 1-140 can have a radius of approximately 10 meters and a hollow interior volume of approximately 4000 cubic meters. Likewise, it is advantageous to decrease the wet weight of the inertial mass when the period or the amplitude of the waves buffeting the buoy decrease. For example, if a prevailing wavelength of waves in the body of water is 300 meters, then a prevailing wave base can be 150 meters, and the inertial mass is preferably suspended at a depth of at least 75 meters.