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Then, at least one airfoil is disturbed to initiate harmonic oscillations and the utility device harnesses the energy from the wind and converts it into useful work such as the production of alternating current or pumping action. From the foregoing, it will be apparent that the two subsystems are free to oscillate in pitch and plunge relative to each other and that when the energy converting device 10 is subjected to the wind at a critical velocity, the adjacent airfoils will oscillate approximately 180° out of phase as shown in FIG. As the airfoil oscillates in pitch (angular rotation α) and plunge (translational movement h), there results a complex generation of alternating vortices from the trailing edge which in turn form a trailing wake. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention avoids the disadvantages of the prior art by means of a novel method and apparatus for effectively harnessing large amounts of the available energy from a moving fluid stream with a cascade of airfoils positioned therein.

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Young sporty man in headband looking unwell holding his head with hands suffering from strong headache standing over pink background In addition to providing the initial disturbance, operation of these oscillators maintains and enhances the oscillatory movement. Stops 32a, 32b are also provided to limit the amount of movement of this subsystem. Those skilled in the art will appreciate that this invention may be utilized as a basis for designing other structures or methods for carrying out the several purposes of this invention.

As will be explained below, the airfoils are mounted so that when they are disturbed under conditions which induce flutter oscillations, adjacent airfoils oscillate substantially 180° out of phase and this oscillatory movement is then utilized to produce useful work. The oscillatory movement of the airfoils caused by the wind can also be utilized to do other types of useful work such as, for example, operating a pump. FIGS. 4 and 5 illustrate the harmonic oscillations which result when a cascade of airfoils is subjected to fluid flow at critical velocity, i.e. In this embodiment, each subsystem is oscillated in both pitch and plunge. In addition, since the airfoils are interconnected to move in phase in both pitch and plunge through the rods 98a, 98b, 99a, 99b, the energy absorbed by each airfoil may be applied to a single utility device.

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The abscissa is a non-dimensional relationship V/ωb where V is the velocity, ω is the frequency of oscillation in pure plunge and b is the semi-chord. Connecting bars 48a, 49a, pivotally interconnect horizontal bars 20a and 34a, and are also pivotally connected to the bottom wall 22 by pivot pins 50a, 51a while connecting bars 48b, 49b pivotally interconnect horizontal bars 20b, 34b and are pivotally connected to bottom wall 22 through pivot pins 50b, 51b. At the upper end of the energy converter, connecting bars 52a, 53a pivotally interconnect horizontal bars 24a and 36a and are pivotally connected to the upper wall 26 at 54a and 55a, respectively, while connecting bars 52b, 53b pivotally interconnect horizontal bars 24 b and 36b and are pivotally connected to the upper wall 26 at 54b and 55b, respectively.

For the first subsystem, a pair of horizontal bars 20a, 20b are mounted to the bottom wall 22 of the support structure by springs 23a, 23b, while a second pair of horizontal bars 24a, 24b are mounted by springs 25a, 25b to the upper wall 26 of support structure 16. A pair of rods 28a, 28b extend between bars 20a and 24a and 20b and 24b, respectively, and are pivotally connected at 29a, 29b to the leading edge of each odd numbered airfoil. The lower curve represents the critical velocity for a single airfoil while the upper curve represents the critical velocity where a utility device is incorporated into the system. FIG. 3 is a graph illustrating the advantages of incorporating a utility device such as an electrical network into an oscillating cascade. While the vast amount of energy available during flutter has long been recognized, research has been directed solely to avoiding its disastrous consequences since during aircraft flight such flutter oscillations cannot be controlled but instead continue to build until the aircraft wing is eventually destroyed.

While the energy converter 10 is shown as being positioned in the wind, the present invention is also directed to a method and apparatus wherein the moving fluid is a liquid such as water. Dolor en mitad de la espalda . 1 shows a series of energy converters 10 according to the present invention and positioned in the wind. FIG. 6 is a partial, schematic perspective view of an energy converter according to FIG. FIG. 10 illustrates a second embodiment of an energy converter 10 according to the present invention with similar reference numerals designating similar elements. FIG. 16 illustrates another embodiment of a device for increasing the propulsion of a moving fluid stream. Turning to FIG. 6, there is shown a first embodiment for mounting the airfoils of the present invention within the support structure 16 to permit the substantially 180° out of phase oscillations produced at flutter.