Dolor en el ligamento lateral interno de la rodilla

LMady: Apresentação de meu trabalho como Acupunturista com.. It will be appreciated that there are four such assemblies (two in each tier) along each side of the apparatus 10. It should be emphasized that the direction of rotation for any rotor assembly 11 remains constant irrespective of the direction of tidal flow so that any rotor assembly will be displacedangularly in the same direction irrespective of a flow reversal in the direction of movement of the tidal flow acting on such rotor assemblies. 18 of the rotor may diminish, but the blade structure because of its great weight contains substantial kinetic energy which is not dissipated until impact with theextension 18 at which time at least a part of that energy is transmitted to the section 18 by impact thereagainst, and any residual kinetic energy remains in the blade structure and thereby tends to accelerate the angular displacement of the associated spoke 14 because of the blade structure being in abutment with the extension 18. Thus, substantially all of the available kinetic energy in the blade structure 12c because of its being displaced from one extreme position into another is transferred to the associated spoke l4 and, therefore, to the shaft 15 as torque tending to rotate the same.

Nevertheless, certain of the rotor assemblies are intended to rotate in angular directions counter to those of the other rotor assemblies so as to have counterbalancing reactive torque applications to the apparatus 10. In FIG. 19 adapted to alternately engage the spoke 14 and its abutment section 18 to establish the extreme pivotal displacements of each blade 16 in opposite angular directions about its associated pivot axis 13. These extreme positions are shown in FIG. Each blade or sail 16 may be tapered in horizontal cross section as is shown clearly in FIG. 1, 2, and 5. It may also be taken that the apparatus 10 is substantially submerged, as shown in FIGS. Quitar dolor de rodilla . While the broad concept of using rotating paddles to derive energy from water currents is not of itself new, it is an object of the present invention to improve the efficiency of conventional paddle turbine structures. Assume that for some reason the assembly 11 rotates slightly in a clockwise direction about the vertical axis of the shaft so that the spoke 14 now lying along the Y-axis is offset therefrom and is angularly disposed relative to the direction of water flow.

14 (Le, turn the assemblies 11 and 11 upside down from the FIG.

5, as the blade structure 120 is displaced in a clockwise direction about its pivot axis 13 by water action thereon. In any case, the neutral flotation characteristics of the blades 16 and associated components of the apparatus results in maximizing the energy developed from the water currents by minimizing if not eliminating gravitational forces tending to oppose productive energy development. 14 (Le, turn the assemblies 11 and 11 upside down from the FIG. In FIG. 5, and elsewhere in the drawings, it is apparent that the tiered or vertically aligned rotor assemblies 11 and 11′ are’angularly offset from each other by 45 which is not essential but has the advantage of developinga more uniform torque at the rotor shaft 15 since both such rotor assemblies impart torque to the same or common shaft. Thus, these two sets of spokes respectively lie along the X- and Y-axes of the usual cartesian coordinate system.

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5 illustrates two tiers of rotor assemblies, and shows that the blade-and-spoke structures of two vertically juxtaposed rotor assemblies may be angularly offset from each other by 45, the components of the lower rotor assembly are depicted with’ the primed form of the same numerals for purposes of differentiation. 3) extends between the tanks 42 and both reinforces and stabilizes the same.