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However, as soon as the system is disturbed by moving at least one of the foils, the flow field has the effect of coupling adjacent foils to begin to oscillate approximately 180 degrees out of phase as shown schematically in FIG. However, when the effective mass of the system is increased, e.g. FIG. 7 illustrates one method of adding inertia to the system by means of flywheels. FIG. 9 illustrates an alternative method of adding inertia to the subsystems. This also holds for flutter in water if additional inertia is added to the system as discussed below.

The lower curve represents the critical velocity for a single aerofoil while the upper curve represents the critical velocity where a utility device is incorporated into the system. The same type of flow results if, instead of a cascade of foils, a flat plate is positioned at s/2 both above and beiow a single foil.

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The linkage, in this case a rigid rod 8e coming from the “even ” leading edge foils, is attached by means of a pin 33e to a second rod 35e which turns a crankshaft 29e which in turn rotates a generator 31e with a flywheel 37fi on the same crankshaft. The connection is by gears for rigid coupling rods and by a chain and sprocket for the flexible cable, which is pre-stressed to allow transfer of both tensile and compressive forces. Each foil is provided with pins, 40 j , 402, 403, at the near end and corresponding pins (not shown) on each foil, at the far end to mount the foils to the support structure 1. These pins allow pitching movement and also support the foils to prevent plunging movement.

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Yoga silhouette at ocean cost and sunset India Since it is necessary to disturb the foils in order to achieve the desired harmonic oscillations, at least one mechanical oscillator is provided for one of the subsystems. Stops, not shown for clarity of the remainder of the figure, are also provided to limit the amount of movement within the system. Only a representative set of foils is shown in this figure for clarity. If rods are used of sufficient stiffness to transfer compressional as well as tensile forces, no other support is required but if flexible cables, which will transfer tension but not compression, are used to transfer the motion of the foils to the linkages used in the generation system, they will be pre-stressed by using additional springs, 14g and 14Q, connecting the cables to the frame.