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Dolor de espalda baja - During times when the system is shut down, the base plate can be brought to a level position and thus presents the smallest working surface to the flowing fluid medium. With the wind turbine base positioned horizontally, the system can be completely switched off and offer the least contact surface to the flowing medium. The Magnus effect, achieved partially as a result of fluid passing a spinning drum, potentially provides significant enhancement of the efficiency of the system. In the case of the present invention, the Magnus Effect can enhance efficiency without an using an electric motor to rotate the drive elements. The base can be pivoted from the swing carrier in the forked crown, thereby varying the attitude of the base to match the flow speed of the fluid medium, so that during high speed conditions the apparatus can be throttled by tilting to maximize performance by varying the angle of incidence of the wind on the base.

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5 consejos para prevenir el dolor de hombro - Eres deportista The forked crown (12 a) is mounted at an angle to the mast axis so that the forked crown top extends out beyond the side of the support (11). As a consequence, as shown in FIG. As the drive element moves along the orbiting course, it maintains an essentially constant angle between the drive element central axis and a horizontal plane. The invention includes locating drive elements in a moving fluid medium, spinning the drive elements as they are urged by the wind along a continuous orbiting course and capturing energy by linking the motion of the drive elements to an external device.

The invention includes a method of capturing energy from a moving fluid medium. According to another embodiment of the invention, the turbine includes at least one cable that raises and lowers the turbine on the support. According to still another embodiment of the invention, an orbiting drum wind turbine for capturing energy from a flowing fluid medium spins the drive element as it follows the orbiting course using a movable flexible drive member, for example a toothed belt or a chain such as a double-roller chain, that engages at least one drive element drive wheel mounted on the drive element. The embodiment has means for guiding the drive element in the orbiting course so that the drive elements follow the orbiting course when a flowing fluid medium impinges on them, as well as means for spinning the drive elements about their central axes as they follow the orbiting course.

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The orbiting drum wind turbine (23) is shown with a base (1) which is positioned at an angle to the horizontal plane. Dolor de espalda baja causas . The drive elements move while rotating, and will always run parallel to each other and with essentially the same angle between the drive element central axis and an intersecting horizontal plane. This is so that during high flow speed conditions the apparatus can be throttled by tilting to maximize performance by varying the angle of incidence of the fluid medium on the base.

The movable toothed belt (6) is reinforced with at least one flat steel reinforcement band (7 b) that extends longitudinally in the belt. Another embodiment of the invention comprises at least one drum-shaped drive element having a reinforcing spiral-shaped corrugated outer layer. At least one of the flat steel reinforcing bands has a steel reinforcement that sticks out from the belt edge and engages at least one belt guide rail. 9, the wind turbine and accompanying positioning apparatus can be lifted up or down using cables (21) that run over return pulleys (20). The apparatus moves up and down on track rollers (18) that move on track rails (19). This way, the high costs that arise from the use of big cranes can be saved when it comes to maintenance performed at ground level. For example, instead of the toothed belts, roller chains and double roller chains can be used for transferring wind energy from moving drive elements to a dynamo, as well as for the role of stationary drive surface.

When the impinging fluid reaches the rotating fluid at the surface of the drive element, if the direction of the impinging fluid opposes the direction of the rotating fluid (as is the case at the top of the drive element in FIG. The drive elements in this alternate embodiment will then run upward, rather than in the downward direction of FIG. If the direction of the impinging fluid coincides with the direction of the moving fluid (as is the case at the bottom of the drive element in FIG. The drive element cog wheel engages the belt. There is also a stationary drive surface in contact with the drive element drive wheel and mounted on the base. The stationary drive surface in this embodiment is a stationary toothed belt (5) attached to the base (1). The stationary toothed belt (5) engages the drive element cog wheels (5 a).

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The angular relationship between the drive element central axes (25) and a horizontal plane (24) can be seen in FIG. In the worst case, this can lead to physical contact of the blades with the tower and rupture of the blade. It can be seen by one skilled in the art that other ways of practicing the present invention can involve means for guiding the drive elements in their courses other than bearings or raceways. Multiple drive elements (2) have drive element shafts (2 a) that lie along the central axes of the drive elements, with drive element wheels, in this embodiment the drive element wheels are drive element cog wheels (5 a) mounted on the drive element shafts (2 a). The drive elements engage in motion comprising simultaneously spinning and travelling along the orbiting course. Dolor de ciatica en la pierna . According to another embodiment of the invention, an orbiting drum wind turbine for capturing energy from a flowing fluid medium transfers energy from a base drive wheel to an output shaft rotatably connected to the base drive wheel.

In order to have the flowing medium impinge the drive elements directly in the most efficient manner, the turbine is rotated so as to have the exposed side of the device with the drive elements exposed face into the flowing fluid medium. 1 b, which show two partial perspective views of the wind turbine (23) without side covers.

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10. FIG. 10 shows the wind turbine (23), the drive element (2), and the drive element shaft (2 a). 1 c taken through the central axis of a drive element in the wind turbine (23). As shown in FIG. FIG. 1 c is a side view of the wind turbine with the side cover removed. FIG. 10 is a partial perspective view of the wind turbine as viewed from the windward side with the side cover removed as shown in FIG.

In another embodiment there are solar cells installed on the turbine along with tracking control apparatus so as to optimize performance of the solar cells based on the position of the sun. The drive element cog wheels (5 a) maintain engagement with the stationary toothed drive belt as the drive elements move along their continuous orbiting course.

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Since other drive elements are also engaged with the movable toothed belt, those drive elements on the lee side of the apparatus are also spun and brought along on the continuous orbiting course by the moving toothed belt. Wind turbines with a horizontal axis and a three-blade rotor have mostly outcompeted other known systems. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention is related to extracting power from moving fluids such as wind and water. 23) is again positioned so that the drive elements face into the wind.

This means that the drive elements are not arranged like spokes in a wheel. That base drive wheel engages a movable flexible drive member and receives energy from the movable flexible drive member. The belt engages the drive element cog wheel (5 a) with one of the two tracks and the base cog wheel (6 a) with the other track. The movable toothed belt (6) with the two tracks takes the kinetic energy from the drive elements (2) with one of the belt’s two tracks, and transfers it to the base cog wheels (6 a) with the belt’s other track. A lightning rod mounted on the weather protection side cover, the highest-positioned part of the system, provides protection for the drive elements and the electronics against lightning strikes. The figure also shows the windward side of the base, the leeward side of the base, the lower edge (1 a) of the base (1), and the upper edge (1 b) of the base (1). Also shown in FIG.