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In the even the silo is covered with steel plate, the pump housings and associated guide frames can be welded to the structure. This results in relatively high manufacturing and installation costs, with the consequent capital investment of systems of this type being a substantial detriment to the commercial employment of the systems, particularly where the energy output does not justify the capital expenditures.

El grito de dolor.. AL SORDO HAY QUE GRITARLE, CIRCO.. The turbine generators are mounted in suitable housings as known in the art, and the energy produced therefrom taken off in known fashion. 1. The closed silo provides protection from ambient conditions and can, if desired, be entirely submerged in the water. It will be seen that the energy produced is entirely due to wave action forces, and is translated into hydrostatic pressure which in turn produces electrical energy from the turbine generators. This prevents the float carriage and float members from being subjected to torque, which is a substantial problem in certain prior art arrangements due to the non-linear form of the wave action forces. The top assembly of channel members is spaced from the bottom assembly by corner channels 46 as shown. Referring to FIGS. 2 and 3, there is illustrated therein a silo 10 which is formed with a closed top 22 as contrasted with the open top silo of FIG.

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A fresh air intake pipe 24 extends through the top of the silo for admitting ambient air to the interior of the silo so that ambient pressure exists with the silo. In operation, wave forces contact the float members of each assembly thereby raising the float members and float carriages, with the vertical movement being guided by the carriage rollers 72. As the float members are raised, the piston 80 of each pump is forced upwardly by virtue of its coupling to the float carriage, thereby creating a negative pressure condition in the lower pump chamber 96. As a result, water is directed through the associated pipe 14 from the reservoir, through vertical pipe section 90 into the lower pump chamber 96 through opening 92. Valve 96 permits such flow, and valve 98 is closed at this time. Causas dolor muscular generalizado . It will be understood that the generators are suitably housed and that electrical energy produced by the turbine generators is taken off in any suitable, known manner forming no part of the present invention.

The valves 94 and 96 per se form no part of the present invention, and it will be understood that any suitable pressure responsive valves can be used for the purpose intended. Moreover, the production of electrical energy in accordance with the present invention is totally non-polluting, an obvious advantage during the present state of environmental concern. The use of wave forces provides a continuous and inexhaustible source of energy and serves as an efficient and useful alternative to the utilization of fossil fuels for energy production. 1-3 and 5, and previously described. 2, 3 and 5. Confined within the silo 10 is a shallow reservoir 20, with the water level in the reservoir being substantially below the water level of the open body of water surrounding the silo.

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In this regard, a minimum differential of 15 feet is preferred, that is, the difference in the water level in the reservoir confined within the silo and the water level of the open body of water surrounding the silo should be at least 15 feet, and is preferably in the range of 30-50 feet. 6, it will be understood that pump assemblies could be positioned continuously along the sides of the cofferdam, and can be alternately spaced at varying distances from the cofferdam walls as shown in the previous forms. 3, it will be understood that suitable sleeves enclose and are removably connected to the back guide members 36 as well. It will further be understood that the weight of the counterweight will be calibrated with the weight of the float carriage 42, which also, due to gravity forces, supplements the downward movement of the piston 80 following the passing of the wave, and the weight will further be calibrated with the environmental conditions of the installation.

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For example, with six foot waves, the energy equivalent would be increased 50%, and the energy equivalent is doubled for each additional two feet of piston travel. 2. The weight of water handled per pump, per single vertical movement, equals 157×62.4 (weight per cubic foot of water), or 97.97 lbs., or approximately 4.90 tons.

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As a result of the transfer of water from the reservoir to the body of water surrounding the silo, the hydrostatic pressure of the water surrounding the silo, water is forced through the turbine generators 18, with the water discharged from the turbines entering the reservoir to complete the cycle. During conditions of withdrawal of water from the reservoir through line 14, the lower pump chamber 96 will be at negative pressure due to the vertically upward movement of the piston 80 consequent to wave action, with the valve 96 opening by virtue of such pressure differential to permit water to be directed from line 14 upwardly through the pipe section 90 into the lower pump chamber 96. When the wave has passed, the counterweight 82 functions to force the piston 80 downwardly, as a result of which the pumping pressure in line 90 exceeds the pressure in line 94 at which time the valve 98 opens permitting water to be discharged through the pipe section 94. During discharge, the valve 96 is closed.