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Curso terapeútico para el dolor lumbar - CallateyhazYoga FIG. 123 shows a side view of the same embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIG. FIG. 139 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. By varying the number of weights, and/or the locations on each weight to which the connectors are attached, it is possible to vary the degree of acceleration and jerk experienced by the inertial mass as it is arrested in its rising by the suspended weight(s). 212A, which vary in size.

Isolated handsome emotional bearded man 41 to 44 depicts a control system in which at least two sensors 22-1000 and 22-1010 record information from the environment. PTO 294 is mounted atop a ring-shaped plate 295 which distributes at least a portion of the downward force imparted to it by the looping connector 296-297 to a portion of the upper surface of the embodiment. FIG. 27 shows a top-down view of an embodiment 130 similar to the embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. In other embodiments the connectors attached to each suspended weight can be attached to the same point on the suspended weight, or to different points on the suspended weight. 116 is representative of a large number of related embodiments that may be derived from this representative embodiment. FIG. Dolor de dedo del pie . 111 is a bottom up perspective view of the embodiment of FIG. At least one cable with one portion bound at the inertial mass applies a torque to a pulley and/or rotating capstan borne at the flotation module, which in turn directly or indirectly operates a generator (or performs some other useful work).

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Fashion Portfolio: ¿Qué remera me pongo si tengo la.. In some embodiments, at least one slackreducing element is at least one generator or motor, configured to “rewind” the at least one flexible connector. Inertial mass 2A-140 is operatively connected to flotation module 2A-105 and restoring weight 2A-160 via depending connector 2A-150. Depending connector 2A-150 is operatively connected to pulley/capstan 2A-125 at the flotation module, and can wind around it several times as in the embodiment of FIG. The converter includes a flotation module 1-105, an inertial mass 1-140, a restoring weight 1-160, and a depending connector 1-150. The inertial mass 1-140 and the restoring weight 1-160 depend from the flotation module 1-105 by the depending connector 1-150 and are suspended thereby in the body of water, i.e. First, in this embodiment, restoring weight 5-160 is connected by connector linkage 5-158 to depending connector segment 5-150a. Connector linkage 5-158 connects to depending connector segment 5-150a at connection point 5-159. The addition of connector linkage 5-158 thus creates a “closed loop” consisting in part of depending connector 5-150 and in part of connector linkage 5-158. This “closed loop” enables the device to passively enter an “inactive mode” as displayed in FIG.

The crankshaft is connected to an assembly of hydraulic cylinders. The inertial mass weighted portion can be made of concrete, iron, steel, lead, or any other material or combination of materials having an average density greater than water and a sufficiently low specific cost. 113 by connectors 114-115. Joint 113 is operatively connected, via flexible connector 107, to gear 106 which rotates, in response to changes in the depth of the vessel 117 relative to flotation module 101, so as to lengthen flexible connector portion 107 and correspondingly shorten flexible connector portion 108, to which restoring mass 110 (i.e. One end of its cables or ribbon cables may be attached to one or more restoring weights, the gravitational potential energy of which will cause slack to be removed from the cables or ribbon cables.

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  • FIG. 43 illustrates some aspects of a bilateral reciprocating embodiment
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1-150, or it can have a “large” net weight approaching or even exceeding that of the inertial mass weighted portion 1-145, so that it stores appreciable gravitational potential energy when lifted which can be “recaptured” as it descends by a bi-directional powertake-off system. 22-1300 disposed in the power-transmission pathway from the pulley/capstan to the generator (or a control system for said clutch). A cable passing over and through a direction rectifying pulley, and then onto a pulley of the power take-off system will always be presented to the pulley of the power take-off system at an approximately perfect fleet angle, thus maximizing the lifetime of both. The flotation module has approximately straight, vertical side walls. The mass of the seawater confined by the inertial mass can be substantial, e.g., many millions of kilograms. Dolor de rodilla al doblarla y estirarla . Pulley 573 can be a chainwheel or grip pulley or other pulley adapted to engage with the flexible connector and transmit a force.