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Qué comer si tienes dolor de estómago, úlcera, ardor.. The opposite side of the turbine produces a low frictional force as the disk moves forward into the wind with the shutters folded down into the disk. The flow deflectors funnel incoming water current through the working part of the turbine and protect the resting (opposite) part of the turbine from moving water. At the same time, because of their mutually perpendicular orientation, the blades on the opposite side of the paddles are turning toward their horizontal position, decreasing the frictional force. The embodiment B is the system assembly comprising an array of interconnected submersible units or modules capable of harvesting the kinetic energy of tides that alternate direction of their movement on 180 degrees. The embodiment C is the system assembly comprising an array of interconnected modules capable of harvesting the kinetic energy of wind. OBJECTS OF THE PRESENT INVENTION The main object of the present invention is to create a new and more practical system for harvesting kinetic energy of river, ocean or tidal currents and wind, by overcoming the drawbacks of the known systems utilizing a new type of a fluid driven turbine.

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Darrieus turbine for harvesting energy of water streams. 12, works in a similar way as a turbine for water applications described in the embodiments A and B. The turbine’s paddles and blades can be produced from any suitable lightweight and strong material, and are of the same design as shown in FIGS.

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The converters for water applications embodiments also include flow deflectors. The embodiments of the system comprise a set of interconnected units or modules. The system comprises an array of interconnected submersible units or modules to harness water power. FIG. 8 is a plane top view of the horizontal forward slash arrangement of an array of the system modules of FIG. Como quitar el dolor de espalda baja rapido . FIG. 5 is a top view of FIG.

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To ensure the most efficient utilization of the current flow, the blades 34, preferably, have a profile of the partial segment (see FIG. Each system unit or module (see FIG. Generally, each set may comprise any number of paddles (preferably three) made from any suitable material, which is strong and lightweight. A propeller turbine generally has a runner with three to six blades in which the water contacts all of the blades constantly. When submerged in a fast moving water source, the propeller is rotated by the force of the passing water.

When the wind is not blowing, the shutters are opened by gravity. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a system for producing electricity from the kinetic energy present in flowing water or wind. These systems are located beneath the water’s surface and generate electricity from the kinetic energy present in flowing water. DESCRIPTION OF PRIOR ART In an underwater hydropower system, the kinetic energy of flowing water is transformed into mechanical energy by use of a turbine. The art of interest will be discussed in the order of their perceived relevance to the present invention. 7 and 8, the common sharp angle filter protection 47 against submerged objects (debris) is created automatically, thereby providing a significant advantage to the prior art.

A vertical configuration of the modular system can exploit a common generator 23 for a number of modules providing an additional flexibility to build and maintain the power system (see FIG. The flow deflector 24 (see FIGS. Symmetrically located in inlet/outlet areas of the module, the flow deflectors 53 and 54 are secured to the housing in a pivotal manner. The system module’s protecting housing 21, shown in FIGS.

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1 and 2) contains a water current energy converter positioned in a protecting housing 21 with proper bearings. A protecting housing comprises a strong steel frame, which supports the turbine, flow deflectors, and the electrical generator. The mechanical energy is then utilized to turn a generator and produce electrical energy.

As long as the rivers flow and the tides rise and fall, the hydrokinetic systems produce electricity or mechanical energy. The presented vertical axis paddlewheel turbine is far more effective in its operation than is a prior art: (1) the amount of frictional force is negligible because the frictional area of the horizontally oriented blades is close to zero; (2) torque is gained by an increase in horizontal distance instead of an increase in vertical distance, which allows it to be used in shallow water currents with a very low head; (3) it is of simple construction and, therefore, inexpensive to produce; (4) it can be made to have only a small number of wearing parts and thus has a long service life; (5) it is capable of handling large volumes of water without becoming too bulky. The system may operate in rivers, manmade channels, tidal waters, or ocean currents.

Therefore, an additional gearing speed increaser may be required, further decreasing the turbine’s cost-effectiveness. In order to properly position and secure the system module to a river bed, the protective housing may be bolted to the ballast panel 42 having anchoring means 43, for example concrete blocks. The belt in the present example is a V-shaped belt. The present invention is not to be limited by what has been particularly shown and described, except as indicated by the appended claims. It is a further object of the invention to produce a fluid flow energy converter, which can be installed below the surface and upon the ocean or river floor, thus providing a vast number of possible site-locations for installation of such a device. Another object of the invention is the increase in the entire system efficiency through the increase of turbine efficiency.

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Pat. Dolor de cabeza cuello y espalda . No. 6,293,835, issued to Alexander Gorlov, the Darrieus turbine rotates with a strong pulsation due to accelerations of its blades passing through the higher-pressure zones in the fluid that lowers the efficiency of the turbine. Its efficiency increases with the degree of differential between a drag force and a frictional force. The first set 25 of paddles with floatable blades is located above the working wheel 27, as the second set 26 of paddles with sinkable blades is located below the working wheel 27. A plurality of radial spokes 28 connects the working wheel’s rim 29 to the hub 30. Such radial spokes increase the integrity and structural strength of the turbine. These support members are fixedly mounted to the rim 29 and, possibly, to the hub 30 of the working wheel 27 and have built in stops, which allow the free rotation of the paddles in the right angle range.

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Attached to the wheel support members hold the paddles while stops limit the rotation of paddles within the right angle range. It would be advantageous to minimize the frictional resistance of the rotating blades during the portion of rotation when the fluid is moving in a direction that generally opposes such rotation. The presented turbine provides unidirectional rotation for any wind direction and it does not have to be directed into the wind. The greater the surface area of the shutters on the drag side of the wind or water turbine that transfers kinetic energy to the shutters and the lower the surface area of the disk with the shutters folded down into the disk on the frictional side, the greater the efficiency of the wind turbine. Dolor de rodilla causas emocionales . The high efficiency of the new turbine comes from creating a high drag force on the power generating side of the turbine with open shutters that the wind or water does work on and that move backward with the motion of the wind.