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ABEJAS PARA EL DOLOR - APITERAPIA Y ACUPUNTURA EN MADRID.. The stimulation unit 10 has a wellhead 12 which supports a subterranean casing 16. A plug 18, either a permanent or temporary type, is installed downhole within the casing 16. The wellhead 12, casing 16, and plug 18 form a sealed vessel which is substantially filled with a working fluid 56, such as water.

While the floats typically remain on the water surface, for maximum energy capture from the passing waves, it is known (as discussed in U.S. A well known problem associated with oil and gas production is the general reduction over time in the amount that can be extracted from a field. Finally, FIG. 6 provides an elevational, cross-sectional view of a conventional roller assembly 70 which is part of the sucker rod assembly 44. The roller assembly 70 is disposed above the plunger 42 a sufficient distance so as to not interfere with the vertical cycling of the plunger 42 relative the bore 38, but sufficiently close to the plunger 42 so as to substantially maintain the plunger 42 in a central disposition coextensively aligned with the bore 38. The number of rollers 72 in the roller assembly 70 will be determined by the wellsite conditions, as is common to one skilled in the art.

The energy capturing element comprises a float so positioned, relative to waves of a preselected maximum amplitude, to be always fully submerged beneath the waves, but within the energy zone of the waves for causing movements of the float. The present invention relates generally to subterranean drilling for fluid production, and more particularly but not by way of limitation, to an apparatus and method for increasing production through the use of elastic wave stimulation.

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Particularly, it has been found that factors such as the size of the pumping unit, the depth of the well and the length of the stroke of the pumping unit can affect the actual pressure imparted to the working fluid 56′. Accordingly, once a length Lt for the tubing string 28 has been selected, the pressure can be subsequently increased by increasing the stroke length of the plunger 42 and conversely decreased by decreasing the stroke length of the plunger 42, as desired. Accordingly, recovery of these residual amounts is of great concern to the oil and gas industry. The reciprocal motion of the stimulation unit 10 thus delivers a cyclic pattern of energy waves, the magnitude and frequency of which may be determined by the stimulation needs of the oil fields of concern. Alternatively, the pumping unit 50 may comprise other power sources, such as a hydraulic power unit coupled with a cylinder having an extensible shaft.

An advantage of the inventive systems is that by deliberately deploying the float relatively deeply submerged with respect to those waves with which the system is intended to interact, damage to the system can be avoided even with violent storm driven waves. Although the displaced water volume of the float thus does not change, the system is so designed that the float, while fully submerged, remains within the “energy zone” of the waves.

1 for use in deep water. However, there is a need for an improved approach to generating elastic wave energy, preferably one that employs well known drilling methodologies to provide an inexpensive yet effective and reliable approach. Yet another object is to provide the capability of utilizing existing, conventional equipment such as an existing well and pumpjack assembly in conjunction with the practice of the present invention. As the plunger moves upwardly through the power cylinder with its central passage sealed closed, it pressurizes the working fluid contained in the tubing string above the power cylinder. 1, showing the orientation of the traveling ball valve when the plunger is in a downstroke portion of the working fluid pressurization cycle. Unwanted gases in the casing can be vented by throttling open the valve 62, preferably during a plunger 42 downstroke.

1 shows one stabilizer 36 installed on the pump barrel 30. Additionally, one or more common tube string anchors 37 are employed to support the tubing assembly 26 to prevent unwanted movement and vibration of the tubing assembly 26 during operation. FIG. Dolor de rodilla menisco sintomas . 8 shows a cross-sectional view of the guide 43 across opposing grooves 45 while FIG. FIG. 7 shows the guide 43 has a series of grooves 45 to channel the rushing pressurized working fluid 56′ about the periphery of the bore 38 so as to prevent working fluid pounding. At an upper limit of travel of the plunger, the bottom end is withdrawn from the power cylinder allowing the pressurized working fluid to rush downward to equalize against the unpressurized working fluid in the pump barrel.

The working fluid 56 pressure will substantially equalize as the wave energy is dispersed to the subterranean strata, and thus the working fluid 56 will be amenable to another pressurization stroke to once again be pressurized and then relieved to create another sequence of energy waves. The float thus experiences an upward force with a rising wave, and the weight of the float can exert a downward force with a falling wave. Historically, the prior art is replete with methodologies designed to augment oil and gas production, including water, steam and gas injection, chemical surfactants, hydraulic and explosive fracturing, and layer burning.

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Operating the stimulation unit 10 within an oil field substantially improves oil and gas production as energy waves emanate from the stimulation unit 10 as the result of the cyclic pressurization and release of working fluid 56 in the tubing assembly 26. Dolor de cabeza nauseas mareos dolor de espalda . These waves result in gravity segregation of oil and water, altering the phase permeability and causing otherwise immovable/unswept oil to migrate towards nearby producing wells in the area surrounding the point of stimulation. These and other objects and features as well as advantages which characterize the present invention will be apparent from a reading of the following detailed description and a review of the associated drawings. In known fashion, the energy associated with the moving float is used by the transducer for generating useful power. For example, at a 50 foot depth, waves with a wave length of 500 feet have an effective amplitude of approximately 53% of the wave amplitude at the water surface.

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The return spring 19 is selected to approximately balance the constant upward force from the float 22 at the midpoint of allowable spring compression. A tubing assembly 26 is supported by the wellhead 12 and disposed within the casing 16. The tubing assembly 26 has a tubing string 28 and a lower tube section which is preferably made from a common pump barrel 30. A power cylinder 32 is disposed between the tubing string 28 and the pump barrel 30 and has a central opening contiguous therewith. The casing 16 is secured to the subterranean strata by a concrete column 20. FIG.

This rushing of working fluid through the power cylinder creates elastic energy waves which propagate downwardly through the working fluid and into the casing which conducts the waves into the subterranean strata. The packed sand 24 and concrete column 20 beneath the plug 18 facilitate wave energy conduction into the subterranean strata.

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In considering the working fluid 56 pressurization cycle, FIG. 2 illustrates another portion of the working fluid pressurization cycle wherein the plunger 42 has reached an upward limit of travel, wherein the plunger 42 is removed above the bore 38. FIG. FIG. 4 illustrates the downward limit of plunger 42 travel, after which the plunger 42 then begins an upward stroke. 1 is a partial cross-sectional schematic representation of a stimulation unit made in accordance with the present invention. Even with the presence of passing surface waves 26, as shown in FIG. Beginning with FIG. 1, shown therein is a schematic, cross-sectional representation of a stimulation unit 10 made in accordance with the present invention. For added convenience, the float can be made of a flexible material or can be folded at hinge points for small size for storage and shipping.

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