Colchon especial para dolor de espalda

Cuerpo sano; recibo Osteopatía Profesional (C.S.R.O.P.. More particularly, this invention relates to wave energy converters wherein either all or a substantial portion of the energy captured or produced is from one or more substantially submerged devices relying on overhead wave induced subsurface differences in hydrostatic pressure and surge or pitch which expand and contract or otherwise deform or deflect one or more air or gas filled variable volume containers, thereby producing useful work with a pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or linear electric power take off means resisting such compression or expansion. Referring to FIG. 11, each buoyant planar member 148 has a width WB that extends between its ends 162 and 164 and a length LB that extends between its sides 162 and 164. The lengths of the buoyant planar members are selected to be small, with the lengths being at least four or five times less than the wavelength of the smallest wave from which the assembly 20.1 is being designed to extract power.