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Electroestimulador, Electroestimulación y Tens, tienda en.. The drag forces acting on the underwater device (such as the tidal turbine) attached to the apparatus 1 will naturally tend to apply an overturning moment to the space frame 10 about its rearmost feet 14B, with respect to the direction of flow (arrow F). 1) thus resisting the drag forces acting on the space frame 10 tangentially to the sea or river bed. If required, this action could be augmented by forming air tanks within the space frame 10 that can be ‘blown’ with compressed air to improve the buoyancy of the apparatus 1. If the hydraulic motors 30 use the worm and wheel mechanism 32 form of drive, the hydrofoil 12 positions can be altered over a range of positions, thus permitting the apparatus 1 to be ‘flown’ in the water.

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Thus, by rotating the drive shaft 32, the hydraulic motor 30 actuates or rotates the position gear 42 which in turn rotates the central shaft 48. The positioning lugs 46 will contact the locating lobes 44 and carry them 44 (and the hydrofoil 12) about the rotational axis of the central shaft 48 until the hydrofoil 12 is in the desired configuration, this being through an angle of approximately 160° until the hydrofoil 12 is in the configuration shown in FIG. The hydrofoils 12 are free to rotate about a central shaft 48, through an included angle of say 160° which will maintain an angle of 10° to the horizontal.

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The rotation of 160° enables the hydrofoil 12 to maintain an angle of 10° to the horizontal in order to provide an angle of attack when the tidal stream F reverses. In a preferred embodiment, the at least one members are rotatable to any position and even more preferably in the region of 160° to 200° about a longitudinal axis of the respective member. Existing monopile support mechanisms for presenting a tidal turbine to the tidal currents are expensive, thus making only a few sites economically viable for power generation and requiring considerable sub sea engineering expertise. BACKGROUND ART Tidal currents offer a considerable source of sustainable energy at various sites throughout the world, usually within easy reach of land and in relatively shallow waters. Preferably, the at least one member is adapted to create a negative lift due to fluid flow in a first direction and is adapted to create a negative lift due to fluid flow in a second, different, direction.

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Preferably, the disc shaped member produces negative lift. 1 upwards against the current and thus ensuring the stability of the space frame 10. The negative lift (arrow A) will tend to force these spikes into the sea or river bed (not shown in FIG. Thus when a flow of water passes over each face 113, 115 of the hydrofoil 112, the reaction force of the water on the raised lip 117 pushes the hydrofoil 112 along with the other components of the apparatus 100 and ADCP canister 124 in a downwards direction-that is “negative lift” results. Said at least one members preferably comprise at least one hydrofoils which are more preferably self-rectifying static hydrofoils, which may be capable of passive rotation about an axis such that each hydrofoil maintains alignment with a periodically reciprocating rectilinear flow. Preferably, said apparatus is a multi-legged, self-levelling space frame equipped with a plurality of hydrofoils, typically at different heights.

Preferably, said actuating means comprises a motor which may be a hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuated motor. Dolor de espalda ardor . These hydrofoils are used to pump high-pressure oil, which drives an electrical generator via a hydraulic motor. 2 h. At this point, the motor 30 is de-actuated and the positioning lugs 46 will hold the hydrofoil 12 locked in this configuration. Thus in use, the hydrofoil helps to direct the apparatus 100 and attached equipment towards the seabed and once in position, the hydrofoil maintains the apparatus and equipment on the seabed.

The apparatus 100 may be attached to a line (not shown) and the line attached at its other end to a buoy. 2 a to 2 d, hydraulic motors 30, via a suitable gearing mechanism such as a worm and wheel arrangement 32 (as shown in FIG. A first embodiment of the invention is shown in FIG.

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The number of feet 14A, 14B required will depend on the weight of the apparatus 1; however, the location and the shape of these supporting feet 14A, 14B aim at holding the apparatus 1 in the orientation shown in FIG. The apparatus 1 as shown has multiple hydrofoils 12 but any number of hydrofoils 12 will suffice.

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The space frame 10 is shown as arched tubing but is not restricted to shape since any frame configuration offering different levels of mounting point for the hydrofoils 12 will suffice. As the sea levels vary, so the waters attempt to maintain equilibrium subject to gravitational forces, thus inducing flow from one area of sea to another. At the end of each stroke, the hydrofoils are tilted to give the required angle of attack to produce the return stroke, thus creating an oscillating motion. This floating tether device is anchored to the seabed with a mooring cable and suspended clear of the seabed using a flotation buoy. With these existing systems and designs, it is a problem that their instabilities during operations as well as during launch and recovery, if possible, might cause damage. The embodiments described herein may also be provided with an integral turbine or other underwater equipment rather than attaching such equipment to the apparatus before use.

Preferably, the underwater equipment is a turbine. The axial flow tidal current turbine is free to position itself into the direction of the tidal flow, which obviates the need for a yaw mechanism. The current monopile systems permit raising the turbines above water level for maintenance and repair, which is beneficial, but the long-term (i.e. A first type of tidal current energy extraction system encountered on the market is the Monopile system. For the same reasons, this type of arrangement would present a hazard to all forms of shipping, large and small. It would, however present a possible solution to a one-off, small scale installation in areas such as the mouth of a sea loch. Improvements and modifications in terms of dimensions and locations of the different parts described above may be incorporated to the hereinbefore described apparatus for controlling the launch and recovery of a tidal turbine without departing from the scope of the present invention.

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To minimise the danger to shipping and fishing, decommissioning would require complete removal of the piles, which would disturb the benthic population once again. The planning of such a tidal ‘farm’ would need to be accurately modelled for wake effects, as once installed, the monopile is expensive to re-site. There exists some potential for hydraulic oil leakage, but the system contents are minimal so, even in the event of complete system evacuation, any oil contamination would be minor. Preferably, the method according to the second aspect of the invention is performed using the apparatus according to the first aspect of the invention.

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