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Los 3 mejores bálsamos de tigre para aliviar dolores.. Fig. 53 is a cross sectional view of the device of Fig. Fig. 54 is a cross sectional view of the device of Fig. Fig. 18 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. Mixed with a water-soluble glue or binder this could become rigid. Members 245 are roughly wedge- shaped and are kept apart by a spider 255 having innate elastic or springy character and secured on an interior surface of members 245 and on an exterior surface of an incompressible central hub 260. Alternatively, or in addition, member 245 are held apart by a central tube of compressible foam, shown in phantom at 265, then this spider, foam, or spring system holds the members slightly out of contact with one another, or in a state of gentle contact until an outer pressure that is inward-directed compresses the members together.

Pressure, for example can be sealed inside the central tube of the variation shown above in Fig. The specific case of such agents as are mentioned above is worthy of further mention. Finally, it should be mentioned that variations exist with spine-like ‘inflatable’ discs that also allow lateral movement of the stiffening elements within the cluster-device. 47, with the temporary effect that the repulsion between knobs would aid in their appropriate alignment and guidance into the voids between posts. Such a method would only work in fairly long rods due to the vagaries of alignment due to bending. The choice of material will affect the mutually frictional or adhesive properties of the rods. Referring to Fig. 56 there is shown in cross-section a variation in which the individual rods may be locked to a specific length. In Fig. Tratamiento para el dolor de rodilla . 52, element 700, having a hollow cylindrical end 705, a generally spherical opposite end 710, joined by a rod 715. Cylindrical end 705 is open at one end and closed at the end interfacing with rod 715. Elements 700 are shown in Fig.

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This causes expansion of the material to occur, thus expanding the diameter of the threadlike element. CONTROL WIRES AND LOCAL CONTROL DEVICES In addition to the heating/cooling wires for the controlled rigidity elements, the external diameter controls, and the current-carrying conductors, one or more control wires or optical fibers might be employed for the purpose of communicating the state or desired state of regions of the threads or fabrics. Thus, for example, a fabric employed as a sail might be made globally more or less porous to wind, or globally more or less rigid, while localized sensors might cause the weave to open or shut locally in response to sensed eddies and reverse air-flow in isolated regions of the sail. A thin film that is slightly porous to the solvent employed in the exploding of the ‘grain’ can be applied to the outer surface of the then-folded/compressed mass.

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Microfilaments necklace « La B Design It should be clear that many of these methods are usable as integral surfaces divorced from the concept of ‘tapes’. Tensegrity principles can be profitably applied to this concept. This attraction might be, for example, an electrical charge, or a chemical bond, or a physical geometry resembling a knob-like, mushroom-like, hook-and-loop-like, or similar, shape that would easily interlock or entangle. In the case of the ferrofluid-filled device the repulsion would then constructively change the contours of the posts: the knobs would shrink, and the stems would engorge. The next layer is a heat activated layer 1080. This may be a viscous slurry containing micro-encapsulated hardeners and expansion/blowing agents or micro-devices, and is in contact with a heat source. It is called to your attention that there may be other refinements or descriptions of this method elsewhere in the drafting documents. 44. This method can be used for other applications. One method worthy of note is the encapsulation of the device in photo-sensitive resist and to remove the resist selectively in the form of long parallel lines down the length of the device.