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Causas de dolor ocular y cómo tratarlo Due to the flow shape of each air jet tunnel 106 and the optimal ratio of the air intake opening 122 to the air outlet windows 112, the airflow pressure on the side walls is uniformly dispersed on the cantilevers 102 resulting in cantilever vibration. Due to the cone-like structure of the air jet tunnels, the cantilevers at different levels create different 2D phononic crystal effects due to the different periodic lengths as illustrated in the four layers of the right side of FIG. However, this approach also exhibits low efficiency and high cost because it requires an additional energy-absorbing process to drive the liquid flow in the microchannels where only a weak electric current is induced due to the presence of an electrical double layer in the interface between the liquid and microchannel walls. Alternate embodiments can also include electrical circuits with capacitors, charge pumps, rechargeable batteries, regulators and other electrical components depending on the application.

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Día 1º del postoperatorio - Injerto Capilar - TenerPelo. This provisional patent application is incorporated herein in its entirety by reference. This application claims the benefit of the U.S. In 2008, Europe accounted for 32.8% of the worlds wind market, North America for 32.6%, and Asia for 31.5%. Latin America’s share was 0.6% and Africa’s share 0.5%.9 Since the WEP technology is expected to have the advantage of low-cost, high efficiency, and modularity compared to competitor wind turbine systems, it can potentially make strong inroads into this wind energy market. The technology associated with the WEP has significant military and commercial applications. Low Cost: Unlike the current wind turbine generators or electro-kinetics based approaches, WEP technology will not require expensive equipments and micro structure fabrication processes. In a phononic crystal lattice, the density and/or elastic constants of the structure change periodically. The bandgap in a phononic lattice crystal is created by a periodic variation in the refractive index of an artificially structured material.

Young basketball player of team wearing sportwear training, practicing in action, motion in run isolated on white background. The existence of a phononic bandgap in the band structure implies the availability of flat regions in the propagation modes immediately below and above the gap itself, in which the wave group velocity goes to zero. The directions with the highest symmetry in this structure are Γ-X and Γ-M (see insert)6. This efficiency is called the Coefficient of Performance and denoted as Cp,max. Efficiency Evaluation of the WEP System: Betz’ law and coefficient of performance: Wind energy comes from mass flow that obeys conservation of mass and the laws of aerodynamics. The ratio of the air outtake end 124 to the air outlet windows 112 is larger than two to maintain the effects of lateral forces generated by the air flow and exert required pressures on the cantilevers 102. The aspect ratio (the average cross section to the length of air jet tunnel 106) also may be optimized in terms of maximum sandwich cantilever area, maximum conversion efficiency, and maximum coefficient of performance.

Necessary Electronic Circuits: The plurality of layers within the cantilever 102 can be interconnected to one another via a combination of series and parallel circuitry to effectively capture the piezoelectric output voltage and current generated by each layer. The cantilevers 102 can be connected to one another via a combination of series and parallel wiring into tunnel circuitry 136, module circuitry 140 and panel circuitry 142 (circuitry not shown in the figures) to effectively tune the output voltage and current exiting the panel. The cantilevers 102 comprising the cantilever array 117 are interconnected via additional series and parallel circuitry. The area ratio of side window cantilevers 102 to the inside surface walls of the tunnel is larger than 90% to ensure high conversion efficiency of the overall device. A first embodiment of this invention incorporates piezoelectric materials as components inserted into the side walls of a uniquely designed air jet tunnel to form a bladeless Wind Energy to Power (WEP) system.

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  4. A WEC as claimed in claim 12 wherein said rack and pinion system

6, is constructed with an array of air jet tunnels 106, a circuit board and an electric coupler to smooth or regulate output power, a power panel generator receiving quantities of power from the modular power units 110, front and back grids and protection case that will also absorb acoustic waves to further eliminate system sounds.