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A float mounting arm 95 is pivoted at the distal end of lever 92 by pivot 96. As a shore wave or breaker 102 approaches the shore in the direction as shown by the open faced arrow, such wave is normally preceded by a trough 101. The wave strikes float 93 tending to lift float 93 as shown by arrow E which then pivots about pivot 96 causing float 94 to be engaged in the trough 101 as shown by arrow E. As wave 102 continues inward, it lifts both floats 93 and 94 upward causing the opposite distal end of lever 92 to move inward as shown by arrow G moving cable 8 seaward as shown by arrow H. The articulated double float assembly of floats 93 and 94 provides a more efficient action due to the capability of the floats to move as shown by arrows E and F in response to the changing profile of the surf or breakers approaching the shore.

Next, in FIG. 3, the energy storage assembly 20 is mounted by means of support post 32 on base 30, one end of gear box 42, and shaft 26. Transfer pinion gear 22 may be noted engaged with transfer hear 18 in FIG. Post 91 supports lever arm 92 which may have an L-shape and rotate about pivot 98. At the seaward end of arm 92, a double float assembly is mounted. A pulley 7 is mounted at the upper end of post 3 via a universal or ball joint 33 and accepts cable 8 which is attached to a float 6. The size of float 6 is selected on the basis of the maximum power desired from the invention and the expected wave amplitudes. Sufficient turns of the cable are provided on the drum to accommodate the expected wave height and variations in the mean water depth due to tides.

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FIGS. Dolor de rodilla artritis . 10 and 11 are simplified drawings showing two alternative float assemblies suitable for use with shore type waves. 2, may be used with the invention to utilize shore breaking waves, especially in regions where large tidal variations are not present. When an alternator is used to provide electrical power, well-known circuits may monitor the alternator frequency as an indication of flywheel speed, or may monitor the unregulated voltage output as a measure of load conditions. It is another object of the invention to provide apparatus for producing useful work from wave motion in a body of water which is not primarily dependent upon the wave head for its operation.

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It is still a further object of the invention to provide apparatus for producing useful work from wave motion in a body of water in which such production is relatively independent of the period of the waves. The present invention relates to apparatus for producing useful work from wave motion in a body of water, and more specifically, for converting wave motions of varying periods to continuous kinetic rotational energy. It is another object of the invention to provide means for periodically transferring the energy from such wave motion to continuous kinetic rotational energy available for producing useful work. As may now be understood, as energy is drawn from flywheel 50 to perform the desired useful work, the energy extracted therefrom during one wave cycle is restored to the flywheel 50 during the cable drum unwind portion of the next cycle.

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In locations having widely varying wave conditions, a DC generating system may be used to advantage, having a bank of storage batteries which can store excess energy during periods of high wave amplitudes and release such long term stored energy during periods of low amplitudes. Energy storage spring 24 may have its inner anchor attached to transfer pinion gear 22 and its outer anchor attached to spring anchor plate 25. When the float system is engaged causing rotation of transfer gear 18, transfer pinion gear 22 winds energy storage spring 24. The ratchet pawl 23 associated with transfer pinion gear 22 prevents unwinding of spring 24 during the cable rewind portion of the wave cycle.

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  6. ξdrive the known damping ratio of the drive train motion

However, where intermittent or low loads are present, the spring may completely wound and additional wave energy would then be added to the flywheel, causing its rotational speed to become excessive. In the alternative embodiment of the invention, a governor 80 is coupled to flywheel 50. If flywheel 50 tends to overspeed, as may occur if little or no power is being drawn from the apparatus, governor 80 will cause clutch control 82 to release clutch 70, disconnecting transfer gear 18 from ratchet drive 16. As the stored energy in spring 24 and flywheel 50 is then used and flywheel 50 speed drops to normal, the clutch 70 will re-engage. For installations in which this problem can occur, a novel governor and clutch arrangement may be used. Where a more or less constant and minimum load is maintained on the output of the apparatus, there is no problem with overwinding of the energy storage spring.

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FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of the energy storage spring section of the embodiment of FIG. 6, which is a partial cross-sectional view of energy storage assembly 20 and output section 40, pinion gear 22 is free to rotate on shaft 26. Dolor de espalda embarazo remedios . A ratchet pawl 23, biased by spring 29, engages the teeth of pinion gear 22 to prevent rotation of gear 22 except in a clockwise direction as viewed from the right hand end of the assembly of FIG. The output shaft from spring anchor plate 25 is operatively connected to output section 40 of the invention which comprises a step-up gear system 42, flywheel 50 and output coupling 52. Flywheel 50 is selected to store the maximum energy capability of energy storage spring 24 as rotational kinetic energy at a desired rpm.

The output drive shaft is coupled to a step-up gear assembly which forms part of the third element of the invention, the output drive assembly. In an experimental model of the invention, a step-up ratio of 1 to 40 was found to be effective. FIG. 9 is a functional block diagram of the control system for the clutch assembly of FIG. 8 in which a conventional clutch assembly 70 is installed between ratchet housing 15 and transfer gear 18 and utilizing the clutch control system shown in functional blade diagram form in FIG. Shaft 53 is supported in bearings 44 in gear housing 42 and support post 55 as shown in FIG. 4 and 5. Transfer gear 18 also rotates freely on fixed shaft 13. Gear 18 includes a pair of spring loaded pawls 19 attached thereto which engage ratchet teeth 17 in ratchet housing 15. thus, as ratchet housing 15 is rotated counterclockwise in response to an outward movement of cable 8, transfer gear 18 is rotated.

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The ratchet drive is arranged such that the transfer gear is caused to rotate when the cable motion is seaward and the cable drum rotates in the forward direction and to not rotate when the cable motion is shoreward as the cable is being rewound on the drum in the reverse direction. Dolor de espalda en adolescentes de 15 años . It will be noted that no energy is being transferred to the energy storage spring during the falling portion of the wave period. It has been calculated that waves in an average sea having an approximate 1.5 meter wave height occurring with a period of eight seconds will produce a mean flux of wave power across a section of the ocean of about ten kilowatts per meter. Waves 5 will cause float 6 to rise and fall, moving the vertical portion of cable 8 up and down as shown by arrows C. This motion is then translated by pulley 7 to reciprocating motion, indicated by arrows D, of cable 8 which communicates with the shore.

10 Tipos de dolores de cabeza y lo que dicen de tu salud The function of the float assembly 2 is to translate the up and down motion of the waves into a reciprocating motion of a cable 8 communicating from the float assembly to the shore. FIG. 11 is a view of a float assembly suitable for permanent shore line installation. A second alternative shore wave float system, particularly suited for a permanent shore line installation, is illustrated in the side view of FIG. The invention consists of three major elements. The transfer gear is utilized to periodically transfer wave energy from the cable assembly to an energy storage assembly which represents the second element of the invention. The float assembly can take many physical forms; however, a simple, effective type in accordance with the invention uses a base anchored to the ocean floor and having a pulley attached thereto. An open steel frame work, shown generally at 112, may be anchored in a concrete foundation 110 and has slanted member 114 sloping shoreward with respect to the incoming wave.