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Each subsystem includes two mechanical drive sources 48.1482Are operated with phases that are 180 degrees different from each other. In the previous embodiment, the OCPS included two foil subsystems that moved in phases that were substantially 180 degrees different from each other. The airfoils in each subsystem are connected to each other and vibrate in the same phase. Means, and means for passing a fluid flow through the foil for fluttering the foil, and providing inertia to the foil connected to the foil rows for stabilizing and maintaining the flutter vibration. FIG. 6 is a partial schematic perspective view of a system module with a horizontal foil showing the placement of the foil according to the first embodiment, with staggered interlocking mechanisms connected to both the leading and trailing edges of the foil. Therefore, the critical fluid velocity is the lowest possible for a particular set of parameters.

This is clear from the following description.

Presencia de náusea y vómito postoperatorio entre grupos A.. The various parameters are then adjusted based on the fluid velocity so that the fluid velocity is the critical velocity of the system. In the above, the parameters related to the energy conversion device are controlled, but it is also within the scope of the present invention to control the variation of fluid velocity so that a constant velocity is continuously applied to the foil. The signal from the detector provides feedback to the system and changes at least one parameter of the system. The foils may be vertically stacked as a cascade or horizontally stacked as a cascade, and may be stacked in any direction as long as the angle of attack is normally 0 degrees when not subject to disturbance. This is clear from the following description. In order to facilitate the understanding of the invention, this figure shows two of the aerofoils of the invention provided in the support structure schematically indicated by reference numeral 1 for convenience.Three, 2Four, 2Five, 26Only four sheets numbered are shown, but in the following description, all foils are shown.

FIG. 2 is a graph showing that, for a given set of parameters, the critical speed required to induce flutter vibration is lower in a foil cascade than in a single foil. Que es bueno para el dolor muscular de espalda . For example, a flap can be provided in combination with a foil that can move freely in the swinging and translational directions around the horizontal axis to provide an OCPS with 3 degrees of freedom.

The subsystem includes two mechanical drive sources 48.1482Thus, they are vibrated at phases different from each other by 180 degrees with pure translation. 0.9. Thus, when the cascade is vibrated by a moving fluid flow, the resulting propulsive energy efficiency is about 1.7 times that of a single foil. 2, and the rod or cable is passed through an opening 44 in the plate so as not to be tied. According to yet another aspect of the present invention, an apparatus is provided for converting the kinetic energy of a fluid stream into useful work, the apparatus being open at opposite ends so that the fluid stream can pass through. To emphasize the use of such foils for energy generation rather than aircraft lift, we use the term “aerofoil” rather than the more commonly used term “airfoil” To do. In such a structure, the first blade row is provided in a first fluid stream maintained at a critical speed, and this is used to vibrate the second blade row, thereby generating a second flow thrust.

The apparatus further includes means for performing useful work utilizing the vibrating motion of the aerofoil. It has long been known that a large amount of energy can be obtained when an aerofoil is subjected to an aeroelastic flutter phenomenon. Research has been conducted in search of alternative sources of energy, but as a result, the fundamentally inexhaustible use of kinetic energy obtained from moving fluids such as wind, current, rivers, and ocean currents has attracted attention again. In the case of water flow, the speed at which flutter occurs is generally not found naturally. Accordingly, it is also within the scope of the present invention to generate a mechanical movement to vibrate the foil using a cascade of fluid driven by a flutter. FIG. 3 is a graph showing how energy is recovered by introducing a practical device into a system exposed to flutter vibration. FIG. 3 is a graph showing the advantages of incorporating a practical device such as an electrical network into a vibrating blade row.

This patent discloses a device that includes a wire that vibrates upon vortex shedding and converts this vibration into useful work. The vibration of the foil is maintained by the vibrator. The flap is securely arranged at the position shown in the drawing when it is stationary by being biased by a spring.

As best shown in FIG.1, 102Etc. to attach to the front and back of the foil. Como aliviar el dolor muscular de la espalda . Avoid shortcomings. Unless specifically mentioned for a particular fluid, the term “aerofoil” as used below also includes the concept of hydrofoil, with appropriate changes in terms such as, for example, replacing the air system with a water system. FIG.1 (b) shows the system attached to the side of the existing structures, such as a silo and the water tower 5. FIG. FIG. 2 is a graph showing the advantages of the cascade.

4 and 5 are cross-sectional views of FIG. FIG. 13 is a graph showing this phenomenon. Therefore, energy can be generated under control using this phenomenon. Since the available energy is proportional to the cube of the fluid velocity, using a barrier is very efficient. In this embodiment, each subsystem vibrates with both rocking and translational motion about the horizontal axis. See I.E. Garrick’s “Propulsion of a Flapping and Oscillating Airfoil”, May 1, 1936, NACA Rep. I.E. Garrickの1936年の論文によれば、単一のエアロフォイルを動いている空気の流れの中で振動させると、負の抗力が得られる。所定のパラメーター群において、翼列を振動させるのに必要な臨界速度は、単一のエアロフォイルを振動させるのに必要な臨界速度よりも遅いことがわかる。従って、流体流からフラッタ加振によるエネルギーを取り出すために翼列を使用することによって、単一フォイルの場合よりもずっと低い流体速度でフラッタを起こすことができる。図3は、電気ネットワーク等の実用装置を振動翼列に組込むことによる利点を示すグラフである。

先の実施態様では、フォイルは横軸周りの揺動方向及び並進動方向に自由に動くことができたが、この実施態様ではフォイルは横軸周りの揺動方向にのみ自由に動くことができ、別個のフラップ391、392、393等を各フォイル21、22、23等に枢動的に連結して、自由度を2とする。図15は、動いている流れの推進力を高めるための装置の別の実施態様を示す。本発明の別の特徴によれば、薄いエアロフォイルの翼列を動いている流れの中に配置して、空気力学的システムを設定することによって、空気流の運動エネルギーを有用な仕事に転換するための新規な方法が提供される。 さらに、隣接するエアロフォイルが互いに180度異なる位相で振動するようにエアロフォイルを配列すると、特定のパラメーター群についての臨界速度は可能な限り最低となる。

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臨界速度はフォイルの剛性及び重心の位置に依存するので、これらのパラメーターは、例えばばねの有効剛性や錘の有効重心を変更することによって、若しくは各サブシステムの前縁及び後縁に別個に取りつけた発電機のインピーダンスを変更することによって、つまり偶数及び奇数のエアロフォイルの各サブシステム自体を、前縁ロッド又はケーブルと後縁ロッド又はケーブルと、これらを接続したエネルギー転換装置全体の残りの部分とを含む、それぞれ二つの「サブ」サブシステムから構成することによって、変更することができる。 (これらの図面では下方ロッド又はケーブルは上方ロッド又はケーブルに隠れている。 )図6に最もわかりやすく示されるように、これらのロッドまたはケーブル8,9は、ピン101,102等によってフォイルの前面及び背面に取り付けられている。

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BEURER - Electroestimulador para pies y piernas fm 250 この組合せを、前縁奇数フォイル「サブ」サブシステム、後縁偶数「サブ」サブシステム、及び後縁奇数「サブ」サブシステムについて繰り返す。前縁及び後縁、偶数及び奇数フォイルそれぞれに取りつけた一組のロッド8e及び8o、9e及び9oは、サブシステムを相互に連結する。 この実施態様において、各サブシステムは横軸周りの揺動と並進動の両方で振動する。 この実用装置は、二つの発電機システムを含んでいてもよく、一方は前縁に、他方は後縁に接続して、発電機システムの各インピーダンスを変更することによって動作を制御する方法を提供する。 「エアロフォイル」という術語は航空機に使用する代表的な断面について使用する。 これら大型はずみ車は次に、歯車によって一組の小型はずみ車19e、19o、20e、20oに連結され、これらの小型はずみ車は半径が異なるため、サブシステムの振動数の倍数で回転する。 エアロフォイルが横軸周りの揺動(角度的回転)及び並進(並進的動作)方向に振動すると、後縁から互い違いの渦が複雑に発生することとなり、この渦によって伴流が生じる。