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Roughly, the more concave the surface, the more energy that is not lost to lateral flow and instead gets transferred into the vanes as rotational energy. 1, there is shown a front view, ground level schematic with three of four wind catchment vanes 2. The fourth vane would be obscured in this view and would be otherwise located behind the vane depicted in the middle of FIG. 13A-E and/or what box vane depth, as illustrated in FIG. FIG. 7 is a top view schematic from above the device in FIG. FIG. 3A is a schematic view from above a device having four vanes 2 disposed symmetrically about central rotating, vertical axis 10. FIG. For the other three vanes which are not presenting their open sides upwind, however, there will be an air resistance (or “drag”) of wind forces from the wind acting on the closed rear surfaces of each vane.

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MULETAS ANFIBIAS (TALLAS XL, L, M, S) - Galquiler However, for the other three vanes which are not presenting their open sides upwind, there will be air resistance (drag) or wind forces from the wind acting on the rear closed surfaces of each. When vanes are moving upwind and presenting their rear convex surface to the wind, the effect of drag is amplified by the added applied force of the wind. When a vane has rotated so that it is no longer open to the wind, it will begin to experience both drag resistance from ambient air and wind forces on the rear of the box vane when moving upwind. Conditions were carefully controlled to ensure that the only variables were the number of vanes, the depth of the boxes (from 0 for a flat vane to ½ the vane side), and open or closed centers.

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The main problem with their design is that their gravity-flap vanes are exposed, flat planes. Dolor de espalda y manos dormidas . 1. At the rear of each box-shaped vane is a gravity-flap 3. The middle vane exhibits its gravity-flap as a dotted line, partially open 4. Each vane is connected at the bottom to a cross-shaped support base 5. That, in turn, connects to an electrical generator 6 set in a steady immovable base 7. A cap 8 covers the cubical space in the center of the four vanes of this embodiment attached to the upper inside corner of each vane. This vane is made of lightweight material, however. This decreases drag or air/wind resistance on the rear surfaces of the vanes, thus increasing efficiency. Pat. No. 6,126,385. However, these designs do nothing to eliminate or diminish the basic form of drag.

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Only a small portion of the wind energy available in striking the vanes would be captured by such designs in contrast with a standard “cup” design which limits lateral wind flow. Besides supplying lighting and communications power, there may even be enough electrical power from one unit to allow cooking and using small electric heating devices, thus eliminating lugging along heavy cooking or heating fuel and the inconvenience of using human power to turn a generator crank. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The parent invention relates to the field of wind turbine devices, particularly those having a vertical axis of rotation about a vertical shaft. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The parent invention combines a Savonius-type design with a gravity-flap design for harnessing wind energy effectively and efficiently. What is lacking beyond one brief reference to how much horsepower an ERDA-NASA generator requires to produce a certain amount of electricity, however, is a detailed comparison to see how that prior art gravity-flap Savonius design stacks up against a comparable ERDA-NASA turbine.

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All such innovations share one common essential with the original Savonius patent: they all depend on the fact that wind force applied to a rigid concave surface is greater than the same or lower wind force (or static wind resistance) applied to a physically connected, yet opposed rigid convex surface.

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Ideally, the same generator 329 can be used for a plurality of tracks, in parallel or in series, to reduce the number of generators required for a multiple car, energy storage system. Fibromialgia dolor de espalda . FIG. 11B is a top view schematic from over a collapsed, folded vane showing it as suitable for compact storage when not in use. The top of support rod 125 contains an electric generator (not seen) which can turn when the vane support wheel 112 rotates.

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The vertical shaft is partially enclosed at its base in a housing 55 which it rotates freely. Each vane is preferably connected by suitable supporting material, the ultimate strength and attachment design of which will support the vanes adequately even under extreme wind conditions and long-term exposure to differing weather. FIG. 4 is a front view, ground level schematic showing a first alternative embodiment in which the vanes 12 (only three shown) are connected to a cross-shaped support 25 above, the central hub H of which securely fastens to an elongated vertical shaft 30. Additional attachments with supporting struts 40 are shown at the top of assembly A and at the bottom of cubicle space 21 inside the four vanes. These devices may incorporate “stators” (stationary vanes arranged symmetrically around the rotor) to: (a) funnel wind flow into the vanes moving downwind; and (b) deflect wind flow from vanes moving upwind.

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Rotating housings that orient to the direction of the wind accomplish the same thing permitting wind flow only to the vanes moving downwind. First, let us ask the more specific question: “How large a propeller would we need in an ERDA-NASA turbine to capture the same amount of wind force, 357 pounds? The resultant fresh water could have wind turbine pumping stations along a pipeline to carry it to areas of greater need. For another, more realistic comparison, let us suppose that a Savonius-type wind turbine actually presents 40% of its surfaces as wind energy capturing surfaces, a percentage that seems easily achievable. Neglecting the need for a supporting tower or any other structures or components (such as the central hub), a 10,000 sq.

It will accommodate winds omni-directionally from a full 360 degrees without the need for stator blades, stationary or rotating housings to funnel wind, or any other mechanism for favorably orienting the turbine toward the wind. If there is no pressing need for imminent energy production, the fully raised railcar or railcars may be held, in storage, on a plateau, for subsequent lowering.

Yet another object is to develop an energy storage system and method that can be modified for the wind generation needs of a given region so as to adjust or compensate for low wind movement seasons or calm weather spells. FIG. 18 shows a relatively larger system for energy storage according to another embodiment of this invention. While first car 327 is lowered to produce electricity in that system, available wind energy may be used to begin hoisting another railcar on an adjacent, second inclined track. Stacking units in this way permits taking advantage of greater wind velocities at greater heights and also multiplies by many times the total amount of wind energy extracted. Units must be spaced apart roughly 10 times the rotor diameter to avoid turbulent interference with each other.

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Darrieus turbines have an outside rotor speed of 4 to 6 times the wind speed. In addition, tests were run with the center of the rotor either open or closed to either permit or prevent, respectively, crossing fluid flow through the center of the rotor. That flap will be forced closed over the rear opening preventing wind from flowing through. Fiebre mareos dolor muscular . The box-like shape of each vane will then funnel wind forces towards the gravity-flap preventing the wind from laterally escaping. FIGS. 13A, B, C, D and E are side cutaway views schematically depicting alternative box vane shapes and the potentially different wind flow patterns through each.

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¿Cuáles son las causas del dolor de cuello en la base del.. That disclosure includes a detailed assessment of the amount of wind force that may be captured and converted to torque at the axis-hub. The newer category makes use of large “flaps” held in a downward position by gravity to capture wind force. The vertical shafts of the units interlock at top and bottom 203 to form in effect one continuous rotating shaft. Thus, for any proposed wind farm site, it remains a serious question whether ERDA-NASA units are economically feasible. Thus, it may not be possible at this time to adequately predict, in theory, the most efficient design for a variety of conditions. In addition, the desire to develop “green” buildings gives ample motivation for incorporating rooftop wind generators into future architectural plans. Individual dwellings, recreational vehicles, or marine uses may not readily accommodate smaller scale ERDA-NASA generators in terms of available physical space, safety and/or aesthetics. Savonius-type wind turbines present a far greater surface area-a differential of several magnitudes-for wind energy capture than ERDA-NASA wind turbines of any reasonably comparable size.