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Also included are equivalents of the inventions which can be made without departing from the scope of concepts properly protected hereby. Widely known and used in the preparation hereof are Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (© 1993), The Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition, © 1989), and The New Century Dictionary (© 2001-2005), all of which are hereby incorporated by reference for interpretation of terms used herein and for application and use of words defined in such references to more adequately or aptly describe various features, aspects and concepts shown or otherwise described herein using more appropriate words having meanings applicable to such features, aspects and concepts.

The main parts of system 100 advantageously include a main support 110 which is used to support a beam assembly 120. The beam assembly moves, such as in an oscillatory action, when in operation. The beam support 110 can be made of a variety of suitably strong and preferably substantially rigid materials, such as concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass or various other materials suitable for the installation involved. 1 the beam assembly is preferably a support advantageously in the form of a pair of beams in a parallel or substantially parallel relationship extending from the support in parallel or other suitable configuration depending on the geometry of the support and applied loads. 10 and 11 the distal ends of the beams are connected by transverse beam end pieces 724 and 725. Thus the beam assemblies 726 and 727 preferably operate in unison. As shown, the beams 121 are arranged along opposing sides of support 110. They may be joined by cross members arranged and connected to tie the parallel beams 121 in a configuration which can be visualized as a ladder-shaped assembly.

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REVISTA CHILENA NEUROCIRUGIA - Ed 37, 2011 by felipe gaete.. FIG. 7 shows that system 400 uses two outputs 490 as the outputs and supports from the deflecting beam assembly 420. This configuration may be possible in some instances and be suitable or more suitable than other configurations taught herein. 7. The fourth embodiment has features which are numbered as in the first embodiment except the features of the fourth embodiment are in the 400 numerical range instead of in the 100 numerical range.

  • Lubricating equipment (tanks, pumps, filters, etc.) at ground level
  • Agua mineral o zumos de fruta sin pulpa
  • Inhibidor del ligando RANK
  • Luego, cuando repose y alcance una temperatura soportable, sumerge los pies durante 20 minutos
  • Falta de concentración

FIG. 1 is a front view of one preferred embodiment according to the inventions hereof. First Embodiment FIG. 1 shows a diagrammatic view of important parts of a first preferred system 100 according to a preferred embodiment of the inventions shown or described herein. Third Embodiment A third embodiment is depicted in FIG. Fifth Embodiment A fifth embodiment system according to certain aspects of the inventions hereof is depicted in FIG. FIG. 7 is a partial side view of a forth alternative embodiment. FIG. Dolor lumbar diarrea . 1 also shows a battery 150 which acts as a store of energy, in the form of electro-chemical energy for controlled use by the pulse motor using controller 185 and electrical control 180 which controls the draw from the battery and charging thereof using a power source, such as electrical power source 160. As shown, the electrical power source may be photo-voltaic or other solar cells, or alternative sources of energy, such as from electrical mains, generators, wind electricity generators, or other suitable energy source which supplies usable power.

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The deflecting members can also be connected in any other alternative way such as described above and other suitable alternatives now known or discovered of developed hereafter. The oscillating action can be from a spinning weight or other suitable apparatuses. The framework is preferably made so as to mount the beam support 110 in a relatively rigid condition as compared to the deflecting members described in greater detail below. FIG. 3 shows that the rotating body preferably has at least one magnet or more preferably multiple magnets 137, 138 and 139. Que hacer para aliviar el dolor lumbar . In the preferred construction shown the magnets are permanent magnets and do not require any transmission of electrical current thereto. As indicated above the rotating body 131 is preferably driven by a driver which keeps the rotating body in orbit despite mechanical losses and the resistance provided by the rotational mounting and the output resistance. 9. The sixth embodiment has features which are numbered as in the first embodiment except the features of the sixth embodiment are in the 600 numerical range instead of in the 100 numerical range.

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6. The third embodiment has features which are numbered as in the first embodiment except the features of the third embodiment are in the 300 numerical range instead of in the 100 numerical range. The upper drivers 641 and lower drivers 642 have control systems and position sensors (not shown) analogous to those shown for system 100 but adjusted or added to in order to provide pulsed driving of the rotating body 630 at more than one position about the angular displacement range of the rotating body. It may also be configured to have a second section 185 used to control delivery of electrical power to the oscillation driver 140 as will be more fully described below. Terminology used with one, some or all embodiments may be used for describing and defining the technology and exclusive rights associated herewith. System 200 also differs in that the power source 260 may be of various types of electrical power storage, such as provided by battery 250, or using other electrical energy storage subsystems, for instance capacitive or other suitable devices.

Each rotor may have one or more diametric members 731 which allow them to be supported upon first and second shafts 728 and 729 at the first and second beam ends 726 and 727. Due to the connected nature of the beam assembly ends using the end pieces 724 and 725, the rotors turn in unison at each end. As illustrated, the connections 112 have a bearing support piece or block 114 fixed to the beam. This may involve pendulum action until the rotors have achieved positions where the upper drivers can apply torque and using controllers and position sensors to determine the direction of rotation implemented by the control system. This arrangement may allow air jetting at startup coupled with operation of upper and lower electromagnetic drives during further speed increase and then return to simply electromagnetic drive by the top drivers as in other embodiments described above. This document is premised upon using one or more terms or features shown in one embodiment that may also apply to or be combined with other embodiments for similar structures, functions, features and aspects of the inventions and provide additional embodiments of the inventions.

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FIG. 2 is a top view of the rotating body mounted to the deflecting member forming part of the embodiment of FIG. In FIG. Dolor lumbar caminar . 8 the deflecting members 521 and 522 are advantageously mounted upon the sides of the support 520. The positioning of the right and left portions 521 and 522 of the deflecting members may be adjusted by an adjustment such as in the form of a tuning piece. One possible advantage may be that the system 600 can be started after the imbalanced rotors are de-energized and left to swing into a downward position. Shut down may also provide an opportunity to back-feed electrical charge through the controller to the battery for storage. What will be optimal may vary from construction to construction and may benefit by using some of these techniques during a part of the cycle, such as at startup, during sustained periods, or upon shut down.

These oscillation forces and associated displacement are configured to apply output force on the output 190. Depending on the magnitude or resistance of the output the bending moments produced in the beam assembly will vary and may be of either positive or negative sense at the reaction point of the output connection and other positions along the beam assembly.

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Although the dynamics of the precise force applied is more complex due to any Coriolis acceleration or other dynamics caused by the deflection of the beam assembly in response to this oscillatory force which is relatively smaller when the rotating body is at top dead center as compared to when the rotating body is a bottom dead center. This oscillatory movement is best timed to be at a frequency which is tuned to the natural frequency at which the beam assembly resonates. For example air jets 749 could be used if the outputs 790 are connected to compressors 791 and a tank (not illustrated) to store energy in the form of compressed air which maintains energy capacity without losses better than batteries in many instances, particularly over long periods of inactivity. As shown, the driver is in the form of an electromagnetic pulse motor having electromagnets 141, 142 and 143. Electromagnets 141-143 are pulsed with electrical current in a suitable pattern found most advantageous to the particular dynamics of the system for which they are being used and economy of energy.

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DSC_3018.jpg The produced mechanical, electrical or other form of power can be used to power the pump or compressor for real time use, or be used to store energy in various forms for use at a later time to maintain a consistent or adequate power to be supplied. Otherwise the construction is adequately described by the above except the following differences. The scope of protection accorded the inventions as defined by the claims is not intended to be necessarily limited to the specific sizes, shapes, features or other aspects of the currently preferred embodiments shown and described. 8, there may be more than one matching eccentrically loaded rotating body or rotor 530. In the case that there are more than one, the eccentrically loaded rotating bodies may be advantageously built substantially similar in structure.

Controller 180 is advantageously designed to control distribution of power to the battery. As shown, this is advantageously done with the oscillatory force centered therebetween. The stored electrical energy of battery 150 for example can then be used to power the pulse apparatus or other device driving the rotating body. In some systems, a battery may be used as an energy storage device or devices for driving the oscillating mechanical force. This may be more simply termed as being imbalanced relative to the axis of rotation. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Preferred forms, configurations, embodiments and/or diagrams relating to and helping to describe preferred aspects and versions of the inventions are explained and characterized herein, often with reference to the accompanying drawings. As the driver magnet or magnets are pulsed with controlled magnetic fields the resulting torque applied to the rotor maintains rotation or other oscillation of the rotors.