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In FIG. 8, the same swept area is accommodated with an array implementation 802 of the same lower height and wind speed, but this time with a narrowing 44 m width and higher upper row, now with an elevated wind speed f 8.1 m/s. The system may enable attaching the array to a pre-existing structure such as but not limited to a roof, wall, tower, and the like. In embodiments, the mobile wind power platform may include a storage system based on vacuum-pressurized gradients such that energy from the prime mover is used to totally or partially evacuate at least one of a plurality of “blow-down” chambers. In this respect, a self-orienting structure may be desired as it may mitigate both the need to consider non-oriented extreme wind conditions and concurrently reduce the cost of the yaw system. A wind power support structure 7202 may comprise a fixed position superstructure 7204 and a plurality of rotating wind power structures 7208, where the plurality of rotating wind power structures are positioned in the structure of the fixed position superstructure through a bearing facility.

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Dolor En El Brazo Izquierdo : Dolor En El Pecho Al Lado.. Moving along the blade where the axial velocity is increasing the blade angle may vary to present a less acute angle to the flow, approaching a presented angle of 0 near the tip where the axial velocity is at its greatest value. For example, a “wide” vortex generation mechanism may be used to reduce flow opposition on the underside of the blade toward the root of the blade where in a twisted embodiment the angle of the blade may be the most acute and the axial velocity of the blade may be lower or near to the inflow velocity causing minimal axial disturbance or flow separation on the upper portion of the blade to act against the inflow such that the inflow itself may serve as a boundary control mechanism. In such large systems installation costs also typically represent a substantial portion of the final cost of energy.

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It may therefore be beneficial to design profiles that manipulate the local flow properties such that inflow interaction with the blade is maximized and the axial interaction of the inflow and the crossflow is minimized so that the effect of each blade’s passage on the rotor as a whole may also be minimized.

Each interrelated and independent optimization may require an individual matrix of design options that may supply a specific optimal value to a higher tier matrix variable set. The resultant negative boundary of the delta matrix derived from recursive testing and design may indicate the optimum balance of load and inflow velocity and thereby the optimized output torque to rpm for a nozzle-rotor pair. For these purposes the applied load on the nozzle-rotor pair may be characterized as the internal resistance of the module generator and the external resistance (load) applied to the generator. Additionally it may be desirable to optimize the power transfer and/or power control networks by use of algorithms that minimize connections or resistance through connection types within the network topography or maximize local intra-machine conditions for power production. Optimal rotor conversion may be derived from convergence of empirically derived rpm and torque characteristics of the rotor at the nth and mth conditions at a maximum value within the matrix.

All such permutations and combinations are intended to fall within the scope of the present disclosure. Such matrices may include the basis and derivative costs as well as any formulas and equations that are contributory to calculating the basis and derivative costs. First it may allow the modules to cover any given area without being subject to the inefficiency introduced by the length of an efficient divergent component. These additional parameters may be included in a cost optimization derived from a particular site’s characteristics or from a given basis cost variability measured over a given timeframe. At least one of the plurality of wind energy conversion modules may include a nozzle intake that captures and accelerates a flow of air incident on an entrance of the nozzle intake to a nozzle throat, a rotor positioned in the nozzle throat to receive the flow of air from the nozzle intake to convert the flow of air into a rotational energy, a generator coupled to the rotor that converts the rotational energy of the rotor into an electrical energy, and a diffuser to receive and direct the flow of air from the throat and to an exit of the diffuser, wherein the diameter of the nozzle entrance and the diffuser exit are greater than the diameter of the throat.

A non-flexible material, such as a thin wall molded co-polymer, may be secured to the throat and the polygonal vertices of the exit and/or entrance and/or a frame that may define the truncating polygon at least one of the exit and entrance. An alternative implementation may be one wherein the rotor is attached to a magnetic bearing of the same diameter as the throat to generate power. Referring to FIG. 49, one embodiment may be a single “mast” frame with a main space frame 4902, suspension wires or cables 4904, structural boom 4908, and the like, where a flexible nozzle material such as latex, coated fabric, and other like flexible materials.

The fractal space frame may be a 3-dimensional fractal. A different or the same method of manufacture or assembly may be used for the various iterative combinations of the space frame. Dolor de metatarsos del pie . SUMMARY In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a mobile wind power support structure, comprising a superstructure with mobile platform support structures, and a plurality of deployable rotating wind power structures, wherein the plurality of deployable rotating wind power structures are positioned in the superstructure through a wind orientation facility. In embodiments, storage of energy may be taken from after the generator in the form of electrical energy, or before the generator in the form of mechanical energy such as described herein. In embodiments, the weighted material may be maintained at an extended position during certain conditions, such as when fluid forces are falling off, when fluid forces are leveled off, when fluid forces are at a maximum, and the like, where the extended position may be a maximal rotation position.

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In certain embodiments, the distance needed to reestablish flow after the outlet of the turbine is approximately the depth of about one array, and one may thus stack arrays behind each other, such as in the checkerboard of FIG. The depth of the array may be less than or equal to the width of the array, such as greater than or equal to the width of the array, more than about 1.25 times the width of the array, more than about 2 times the width of the array, and the like.

Other less optimal forms may also be used and combined into an array such as super-venturi’s, wide-angle diffusers, two dimensional nozzles, flat wall nozzles, and the like. As detailed below said material can also include magnetic properties of use in both mass distribution control and field generation. Referring to FIG. 45, to form and stabilize a member structure some vertices may be shared and additional members may be added to connect some vertices (side elevation image below). 40 depicts a weighted structure initial position 4000, FIG. FIG. 17 depicts a side elevation of a hexagonal nozzle.

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FIG. 73. depicts a wind power nozzle embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 66 depicts an embodiment of a rotor efficiency matrix. Dolor en las articulaciones delos dedos delas manos . 14 depicts a module in a triangular superstructure 104. FIG. Structural members of the superstructure may have a variable profile, such as with linear scalloping, radial curvature variability, elliptical curvature variability, square variability, and the like. The members of the superstructure may be an isotruss type variable solidity structure.