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Cómo aliviar el dolor de una muela picada con remedios caseros As an alternative or a complement to the helicoidal grooves on the winding drums 9, 15 guide rollers 171 can be used to guide both the counterweight lines 17 and the anchor line 7 around the respective winding drum, see FIGS. The link shaft couples the movements of the two counterweight drums together, so that the motive force from the right counterweight drum 15 h is transferred to the left counterweight drum 15 v. The air pump can be driven by the link shaft 58, e.g. 21″ in this case does not have to rotate, which can be of some importance.

5 a. The torque transferred by the sliding clutch between the anchor drum and the drive shaft 11 can be controllable in accordance with some suitable electrical signal and in that way the maximum energy absorption level in the system can be set. The vertical movement of the wave is converted to a rotational movement, the speed of which can then be geared up to be suited for driving the generator 21. The speed of the vertical movement of the wave determines the amount of energy that can be produced. When the rotational speed is stepped up, the torque is at the same time stepped down with the same ratio, this bringing about very high input torques for the gear 23. Also, a high gear ratio can cause high transmission losses.

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Thereby, electric current can be generated having the same polarity, when the rotation speed and/or the torque of the driveshaft is/are insufficient to drive the parts of the generator to rotate at a maintained rotational speed. When the transmission unit space 20 is drained, it also contributes with its buoyancy to the buoyancy of the buoy 3. The power train room can for this purpose, at its top portion, be sealed by a cover or a service hatch 121, so that the power train room forms an air pocket.

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Then, the buoy or the other device is constructed and placed so that it itself, because of movements in the water, obtains movements alternating between a movement in one direction and a movement in another direction, that is different from the first direction. 8. An electronically adjustable sliding clutch may be used, which is arranged to affect the winding of a line between a bottom foundation and the buoy and which also makes it possible to adjust the force needed to maintain the horizontal position of the wave power plant. In the case where the sliding clutch 55, 55′ is used as an anti-reverse mechanism, it can be controlled as illustrated in FIG. No sliding clutches are required in the anchor drum 9 or in the mechanism for reverse feeding. An anchor drum can be mounted for unidirectional rotation around the driveshaft and further be coupled to the first elongated means to make the anchor drum rotate for the first ones of the movements of the buoy or the other device, thereby also making the driveshaft rotate.

If the counterweight span is drifting upwards, the counterweight 19 can be lowered more rapidly, this resulting in a higher power output generated by the generator 21, and vice versa. When the counterweight 19 reaches a certain velocity, the pulling force from the counterweight becomes equal to the counteracting force in the generator, this resulting in the fact that the rotation speed of the generator and the power output from the generator are stabilized in an equilibrium state. Dolor intenso de espalda alta . The buoy follows the surface of the water in a harmonic way for all wave sizes without reaching any end position, this contributing to the fact that the wave power plant can very efficiently absorb wave energy, in spite of varying wave heights, and at the same time the strain on the construction during storm conditions is minimized. As seen from the side, in parallel with the driveshaft 11, the buoy can in this case have the shape of an ellipse, i.e.

Fisio Saúde e Qualidade de Vida: Símbolo da Fisioterapia e.. For the mounting of the transmission unit 2 inside the buoy 3, as shown in FIGS. However, hydraulic devices results in complex systems having large transmission losses. 19 cannot be hoisted up any higher without risking to damage the anchor drum 15 and the buoy 9. This disengagement of the driving of the driveshaft is then stopped, when the buoy 3 again starts to sink, so that the anchor drum 9 anew rotates the driveshaft 11. Hereby, the energy absorption of the wave power plant is limited and overloading the transmission and the generator 21 can be prevented, when the average wave height exceeds the level, at which the wave power plant reaches its maximum capacity. In the case including a buoy, the buoy can comprise a space which functions as an air pocket and in which at least the main part of the driveshaft is mounted as well as other rotating parts, such as winding drums, in the case where such are provided, and couplings between them.

FIG. 3 a is a front view of a power train including winding drums, a driveshaft and a generator in the wave power plant of FIG. FIG. 8 c is a detail view of a power train comprised in the combined wind and wave power plant of FIG. Then, the generator stator 21″ is instead rigidly attached to the buoy 3 such as to the frame 141, see FIG.

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The counterweight drum can, for said second movements of the buoy or the other device, provide a motive force, through its coupling to the second output side of the gearbox, in order to rotate the first part of the electric generator. When the wave changes its directions and rises again, the g-force will further increase by the anchor drum 9 starting to be rotated forwards and lifting the counterweight in relation to the buoy at the same time as the buoy is lifted by the wave. Therefore, the invention in its broader aspects is not limited to the specific details, representative devices and illustrated examples shown and described herein. Instead of a drive using cooperating gearwheels as shown in the figures, a belt-drive or chain-drive can for example be used. Dolor en la mano y brazo derecho . The system function remains the same but such a design can simplify the electrical connection and encapsulation of the generator 21 and also simplify the access for service and maintenance.

Técnicas de relajación en el aula The number of shaft support bars is dependent on different design alternatives. FIG. 11 e is a view from a different side of the device of FIG. FIG. 11 c is a view from a different side of the device of FIG. An alternative embodiment of a wave power plant 1 having a power train 215 according to FIG. For second movements of the body, which are substantially different from the first movements, the energy accumulation device can drive the two parts of the electric generator to rotate in the same first direction in relation to each other and thereby generate electric current having the same polarity as during the first movements of the body. For an appropriate dimensioning and for periodical waves the counterweight can in principle be held still. 1 a wave power installation for producing energy from the movements of waves at a water surface 6 of a pool of water, e.g.

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It may allow the wave power plant to turn in the horizontal plane, such as when the direction of the water waves changes, without causing the electric cable to be entangled with the second elongated means. An electric generator connected to the driveshaft and comprising two parts that are rotatable in relation to each other, a first part and a second part, often called rotor and stator, respectively. The inner end of such a coil spring is then attached to the support bar 13, whereas the outer end thereof is attached to the casing of the gear 23 and thereby is coupled with the generator 21, to the second part thereof.

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This gives a better space for drifting away from the bottom foundation 5. The drifting results in the fact that the anchor line 7 that is not allowed to come in contact with the driveshaft frame 141 extends in an oblique direction in relation to the vertical. The connection of the energy accumulation device to the driveshaft via the second part of the electric generator and the first part of the electric generator and the electromagnetic coupling over the air gap therebetween gives a counteracting motive force that counteracts the rotation of the driveshaft when the driveshaft is rotating due to the connection between the first elongated means and the driveshaft, and then is driving the first part of the electric generator. Furthermore, an electric generator coupled to the driveshaft is provided, the generator comprising two parts that can rotate in relation to each other, and an energy accumulation device.