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Dolor de espalda al levantarse: causas y tratamiento.. DETAILED DESCRIPTION Referring now to the figures, wherein like reference numerals represent like parts throughout the several views, exemplary embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail. As will be described in more detail below, these various possible locations on or within the flooring units can be engineered to have specific profiles that provide a number of design choices for integrating various types of mechanical-energy-harvesting devices, the optional electrical circuitry, and/or the optional energy storage devices needed to convert mechanical energy into electricity and then either store or use the electricity. Magneto-inductive structures can convert motion or vibration into electricity using the principle of Faraday’s Law of Induction. Electrostatic structures can convert vibration into electricity in a similar fashion as a microphone.

The mechanical-energy-harvesting-device can be a piezoelectric material-containing device, a magneto-inductive device, or an electrostatic structure-containing device. According to some embodiments of the present invention, a method of generating electrical energy includes exerting a force on a floating floor system, transferring the force to the mechanical-energy-harvesting-device, and producing electricity from the mechanical-energy-harvesting-device. The substrate 804 includes the flange portions 806, which are disposed along the side edges or walls of the substrate 804 and are used to form the mechanical joints to couple adjacent groutless tiles.

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businessman standing next to an electric scooter 1. The groutless tile 800 includes the substrate 804 and the decorative component 802 (of which the back side is shown in the cut-away circle). 2009/066153, which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety as if fully set forth below. In fact, installation of the flooring systems can be simplified relative to other designs in that the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices, electrical circuitry, and/or energy storage devices can already be incorporated into the floating floor system and would not need to be installed separately under the floor unit components. The mechanical-energy-harvesting device can be incorporated into this third component 500, which could then be fitted into one of the mechanical joint areas that is reliably subjected to forces/strain when the floor is loaded. The groutless tile flooring unit can further include an energy storage device, an electronic component configured to be actuated by any electricity generated by the mechanical-energy-harvesting-device, a conductive circuit component disposed on or within the mechanical joint profile of the substrate, and/or circuitry for electrically interconnecting the groutless tile flooring unit with an adjacent groutless tile flooring unit.

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FIG. 8 is a schematic plan-view illustration of the underside of a groutless ceramic tile flooring unit wherein electronic components are disposed within the cavities within the underside of the substrate according to some embodiments of the present invention. The mechanical joint profiles in the flooring unit components comprising the joints can be made via a milling or machining operation. In addition to the interlocking capability, these mechanical joint profiles can be designed to possess multiple locations where either horizontal and/or vertical forces will be directed when the floor system is stepped on or dynamically loaded. In addition to functioning to send and receive wireless data transmissions, the large antenna or antenna arrays can also serve as a means for harvesting stray RF energy and converting it into some other beneficial use.