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“Farms” consisting of thousands of generator arrays 76 each can be politically positioned anywhere along the coasts, especially around off-shore islands, that are not utilized by the tourist industry for seashore recreation. The outer surface of midsection 16A has six equiangularly spaced longitudinal grooves 22 that extend partially into frustoconcial ends 16B. The depth of each groove 22 is substantially consistent along the length of midsection 16A. Grooves 22 become increasingly shallow as they extend along the tapered surfaces of ends 16B before terminating approximately half way. Transverse members 32A-32F and 33A-33F are also made of similar stock approximately 12 feet (3.7 m) in length. Longitudinal members 41A-41H and 34A-34H are made of square or round non-magnetic stock approximately 15 feet (4.6 m) in length. Magnetic elements 12 are in the illustrated embodiment approximately 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter and 3.5 feet (1 m) in length.

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This usable region typically begins one to two feet above sea floor 72 and extends to the surface and even slightly beyond. It has no moving mechanical parts beyond the primary electrical generating mechanism of the shuttles 10 floating back and forth, thereby optimizing mechanical efficiency. This submerged location of array 76 is out of the view of all observers, including those concerned about the despoiling of natural beauty and scenic views of the seashore. The depth and distance where beam 70 is located should be such that its top is submerged most of time, only occasionally breaking the surface to become visible. A valve 20 is located in one of frustoconcial ends 16B. Valve 20 may be used to evacuate the inside of shuttle 10 or introduce a gas, such as helium or nitrogen to render shuttle 10 substantially buoyant-neutral when submerged.

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Some energy conversion devices have relied on positioning at flood plains, such as those at the Bay of Fundy on the eastern coast of Canada or St. Some energy conversion devices have relied on positioning at the mouth of rivers or in the path of well-known ocean currents (really “current” generators erroneously called “tidal” generators) to supply a steady one-way directional source of moving water to turn turbines and other devices that then generate electricity. To generate electricity, array 76 only requires waves to produce a subsurface back and forth current of ocean water. Dolor de gluteos y espalda baja . The frames 37, 237, 337 are mounted on beam 70 at an elevation where the back and forth subsurface currents are strong. This frame with its multiple generators is rotatably mounted on a vertical beam together with, for example, two more identical frames each having multiple generators. To facilitate an understanding of the principles associated with the foregoing apparatus, its operation will be briefly described in connection with FIGS.

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The subsurface current causes each of the six shuttles 10 located in each of frames 37, 237, 337 to reciprocate within their linear generators (e.g. Each of frames 37, 237, 337 is adjusted azimuthally so that the longitudinal axes of their linear generators 45A-45F are aligned with the back and forth subsurface current of ocean water. “whip” the device as it floats on the ocean’s surface.

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Current designs of this device ride on the surface of the ocean where they are visible; not below the surface. These are also wave machines that are positioned out to sea and do not take advantage of the subsurface back and forth motion of water. Rods 24 can be further secured with mounting brackets (not shown) or by being welded or glued in place. Located in each of the four mounting flanges 28 and 29 are a pair of fastener holes 30 for mounting collar 26 in a manner to be described presently. Two substantially rectangular mounting flanges 29 protrude in opposite directions horizontally. One of four tabs 42 protrude inwardly to cover the ends of four of the six guide rods 24. A cross bar 43 covers the other two guide rods 24 and keeps shuttle 10 from leaving frame 37. End plate 49 is made of a composite material but may be made of other materials such as plastic or steel.

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In some embodiments, magnetic elements 12 may have a different size and shape, such as triangular or rectangular prisms with a different overall size. It is the experience of many who have gone to the seashore and stood in the water perhaps 10-50 yards from the water’s edge that there is an extremely powerful alternating inflow and outflow of water 1-5 feet beneath the surface. The distance of beam 70 from the mean high water mark of the shoreline is typically in the range of 50 to 300 feet (15 to 91 m). Guide rods 24 are in this embodiment 2 inches (5.1 cm) in diameter and 15 feet (4.6 m) long. In one embodiment this series of electrical coils forms an electrical generator located in one column of a rectangular support frame that also supports a number of identical parallel generators located in adjacent columns. The generator also includes a magnetic shuttle mounted to longitudinally reciprocate in the coil, driven by water flowing through the coil.

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This beam is mounted on a sea floor at a distance from the shoreline where subsurface currents are fairly strong. The outer race 46A of mechanism 46 may rotate relative to the inner race 46B before being locked in a desired position. Frame 37 is covered on all sides with a wire screen 48 (partially shown) except for gaps for detent mechanism 46. The mesh of screen 48 is sized to allow ocean water to flow freely in and out of frame 37 while avoiding the entry of small ocean life. Remedios caseros para el dolor de rodilla por artrosis . While five are shown, the number of coil segments forming each of the linear generators 45A-45F may be a different number, typically in the range of two to ten segments. The coil segments of the other linear generators 45B-45D are similarly connected but only generator 44F is specifically illustrated.

Referring to FIG. 6, the previously mentioned coil segments 36A-36E of linear generator 45A are schematically shown connected in series to form an electrical coil. The output of each frame of array 76 is electrically connected through cables 64/66 to onshore rectifier bridge 68 (see rectifier bridge 68 of FIG. These first two types of devices generally employ underwater propeller-like turbine wheels of various kinds to either generate electricity directly, or to mechanically transfer the turbine motion to a surface generator, or to run a pump to elevate water and thereby allow it to be used at some future time in a way similar to the generation of electricity at a hydroelectric dam. The varying flow could also be used to power units that generate hydrogen for future cars and even power the new machines that clean the atmosphere of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide per day.

The apparatus generates no carbon dioxide byproducts, nor any other form of hydrocarbon pollution. The machine generates electricity 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 or 366 days per year. The more violent the reciprocating flows of water around craggy rocky coasts, the more electricity is generated. V and GND may be connected to a variety of electrical devices to store or condition the voltage generated by array 76. Electrical “gas stations” near the coast can then use this energy directly to charge the plug-in electric cars of the future. Dolor muscular paracetamol . This method relies upon the “choppiness” of the surface water to operate efficiently; if the ocean is “calm”, only small amounts of electricity are generated. Malo on the Brittany Coast in France (across the La Rance Estuary). Linear generators 45A-45E are connected in parallel across cables 64 and 66. In some embodiments, the linear generators 44A-44F may be connected in series.

FIG. 2 is an end view of the apparatus of FIG. V. Similar current flow occurs as shuttle 10 travels through coils 36A-36D before shuttle 10 is stopped by end plate 49 (FIG. V. Similar current flow occurs as shuttle 10 travels through coils 36B-36E in succession before shuffle 10 is stopped by end plate 49 (FIG. Each frustoconical end 16B has an interior cavity that communicates with central cavity 18A. Case 16 is integrally molded of transparent hard plastic but may be made of other materials as well. Rods 23 are made of stainless steel but may be made of other low reluctance materials possibly having a protective coating to withstand prolonged submersion in ocean water. Geothermal devices are used to harness the energy of underwater volcanoes and pipes driven deep into the ocean floor. It is therefore to be understood that within the scope of the appended claims, the invention may be practiced otherwise than as specifically described.

Each of frames 37, 237 and 337 is adjusted azimuthally so that the longitudinal axes of the linear generators (generators 45A-45F of FIG. 4) of linear generator 45A (it will be appreciated that similar remarks apply to generators 45B-45F). The impinging ocean current builds hydraulic pressure which urges shuttle 10 toward adjacent coil segment 36B. The neutral buoyancy of shuttle 10 allows it to travel with its grooves 22 sliding along guide rods 24 from coil segment 36A toward coil segment 36B with a minimal amount of friction. A linear electric generator is effectively created generating electricity by the action of fluctuating magnetic fields within the coil of copper wire.

FLEKOSTEEL Hendels Original WARMING BODY BALM for muscle.. The method includes the step of submerging the electrical coil above a sea floor to allow horizontal components of subsurface currents to produce an axial flow through the coil. FIG. 6 is a schematic diagram showing the interconnection of coils of FIG. FIG. 7 is a perspective view of a number of frames in accordance with FIG.