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El dolor de cabeza: tipos, causas, síntomas y tratamientos.. This may allow the elasticity of the conduit to be relatively low whilst being capable of 5 withstanding high pressure. This pressure results in localised stretching of the walls of the tube at the trough, which thereby reduces the volume of the flotation chambers located at the trough. The deformable body may be distensible. The energy medium may be within walls of the deformable body.

Manejo del dolor crónico (por Cristina Duart) The bulge wave has a natural propagation speed within the tube dictated by the 25 tube’s distensibility. If the propagation speed of the bulge and ocean waves match, resonant energy transfer takes place as the bulge wave “surfs” the exciting ocean wave. However, in such known distensible tube arrangements, the distensibility of the tube and hence the speed of the bulge wave are fixed. Such electroactive polymer materials are known in the art. 25 The dynamic response of the deformable body may be altered to permit said body to oscillate in accordance with ambient fluid motion, such as wave motion. Additionally, features of the device, such as the power take off apparatus, 20 may not be matched to the dynamic response of the tube, and as such reflections may occur. The dynamic response of the deformable body may be arranged to apply a force to the bulge wave in phase or in quadrature, in order to provide augment reactive power or damping of the wave respectively.

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Furthermore, in addition to controlling the deformation or distensibility of the tube 24, the control system 32 may also control the motion of the tube 24. For 20 example, as shown in Figure 4 the control system 32 may electrically actuate the electroactive polymer material of the panels 26 to enable the tube 24 to oscillate or swim with a harmonic which is out of phase with the passing waves, or which is in phase with the passing waves, as shown in Figure 5. Control of the motion of the tube 24 in this manner may provide corresponding control over pressure differentials 25 between external wave pressure and fluid pressure within the cavity 28 of the tube 24. This effect may be utilised in addition to or instead of the bulge wave action, with consequent increase in wave power absorption. In use, the generator may effectively convert energy contained within or resulting from a moving fluid without relying on conventional power take-off systems and 16 generators, such as turbines, hydraulic accumulators and the like.

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Since the system indirectly drives the fluid used fed to the power take off apparatus via deformation of the force transducer, such as the conduit and/or electroactive polymer, rather than directly using the bulge wave formed in the tube to 5 intermittently drive the power take-off device, the system is operable to provide a more continuous power take-off.

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The stability device may comprise a hydrodynamic surface, such as a fin or aileron, 5 and/or at least one inelastic member and/or at least one buoyant member and/or a restraint or tether and/or a keel and/or ballast and/or drag device. Aliviar dolor muscular piernas . The hydrodynamic surface may be arranged to orient the apparatus in a preferred direction, such as in a direction of flow of a fluid current. BACKGROUND TO THE INVENTION Many systems exist for extracting useful forms of energy from renewable 10 sources, such as waves, tides, wind and the like.

In this arrangement the fluid cavity may be adapted to contain any suitable fluid, such as a liquid or a gas. In this way, the reactive power delivered by the force transducers may be minimised. The power take-off apparatus is adapted to work in a reversible 30 fashion, i.e. This may enable greater redundancy, thereby increasing the resilience of the device. In this arrangement the electroactive material may be adapted to receive an electrical current to deliver static and dynamic forces to the deformable body to effect positive displacement and/or vary the effective dynamic properties of the body.

Although not shown in the drawings, one or more of the force transducer panels 26 may be orientated relative to an oblique or diagonal axis of the tube 24. This arrangement may permit torsional control to be achieved. This deformation may be achieved by bending, extending, distending, stretching, compressing, articulating or the like, or any combination thereof.

For example, the deformable body may be tuned to permit deformation at a frequency that corresponds to a forcing frequency from the effect of fluid motion. The force transducer may be arranged such that deformation of the force transducer drives the energy medium. 10 The fluid motion may induce cyclical motion of the deformable body and thus the driving of the energy medium may be repeatable and sustainable. 5 Where ever it is used, the word “comprising” is to be understood in its “open” sense, that is, in the sense of “including”, and thus not limited to its “closed” sense, that is the sense of “consisting only of”.

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It should be understood that deformation of at least part of the deformable body applies to any deformation which stresses the deformable body, and as such includes, but is not limited to, any deformation which provides a change in the shape, 10 position, configuration, orientation, size or the like of the deformable body. For example, the electrical conductor may communicate electrical power to a power grid 10 system, local electrical system, such as, for example, on an offshore vessel, oil rig or the like.

In this way, the lifetime of the relatively expensive power take-off apparatus may be increased and maintenance reduced. Sintomas cancer de pulmon dolor espalda . For example, the power take-off apparatus may be sited on a surface installation for easy access and maintenance whilst the body is submerged or semi-submerged. Accordingly, when the tube 24 distends the flexible wall will deform to maintain a substantially constant volume to assist to maintain a constant buoyancy. As shown in Figure 2b, the outer wall portion of the floatation chamber is flexible but relatively inelastic. The deformable body may comprise relatively moveable portions, wherein relative motion 9 of said portions effects deformation of the force transducer. Reflections can also be controlled to produce favourable effects. As an 25 alternative option, each of the conduits 50 or sections of conduit 50 can be arranged in series to operate as a multi-stage pump.

A corresponding meaning is to be attributed to the corresponding words “comprise”, “comprised” and “comprises” where they appear. The panel 26 may take the form of a “patch” subject to axial strain and occupying a rectangular volume. 25 Reference is now made to Figure 6 of the drawings in which there is shown an enlarged view of the leading end 18 of the generator 10. The panels 26 are arranged in overlapping fashion and are orientated relative to the longitudinal and lateral axes of the tube 24. Arranging the panels 26 in this manner may effectively 5 permit control over the motion of the tube 24, and may assist to maximise the electrical energy generated within the electroactive polymer material.

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In this arrangement, the pressure within the conduit may be controllable via operation of pressure control 13 means coupled with at least one conduit. The deformable body may be arranged to drive at least one energy medium 20 within the apparatus. The deformable body may comprise a controller for controlling the force transducer via an energy medium. The energy medium may comprise electrical charge. The apparatus may comprise at least one energy take-off device. The method may further comprise coupling an energy take-off device to the conduit, the energy take-off device being adapted to be driven by the conduit fluid. The energy take-off apparatus 15 may comprise a generator and/or a pump and/or an energy storage device and/or the like. The device may be arranged to receive fluid from the conduit. The at least one conduit may be arranged to receive the second fluid.