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For example, the polymer and electrodes may be formed into any geometry or shape including tubes and multi-layer rolls, rolled polymers attached between multiple rigid structures, rolled polymers attached across a frame of any geometry-including curved or complex geometries, across a frame having one or more joints, etc. Bow device 200 is a planar mechanism comprising a flexible frame 202 attached to a polymer 206. The frame 202 includes six rigid members 204 pivotally connected at joints 205. The members 204 and joints 205 couple polymer deflection in a planar direction 208 into mechanical output in a perpendicular planar direction 210. Bow device 200 is in a resting position as shown in FIG. 316 are attached to the inner chamber of the tube.

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Flekosteel Malaysia harga, kesan, beli: apakah masalah di.. FIG. 3F illustrate an embodiment of a diaphragm array pump 365. The movement of the diaphragms in the transducers 367 may be used to alternately draw a fluid into a chamber and then expel it through an exit tube via one-way valves 316. The diaphragm-type EPAM transducers 367 have been described in detail in co-pending U.S. FIG. 7C is a block diagram of an EPAM device for performing thermodynamic work on a fluid in an inkjet printer head 520. The inkjet printer head may include a plurality capillary tube nozzles 523, which may be constructed from the EPAM material. For instance, the wave like motion on each transducer may be generally the same or may be different. The center of each active area is disposed at a 90 degree increment relative to its neighbor. Suitable electronics for each of these functions are described in further detail below. These motors usually operate in the audible range and need to be geared down (with the associated cost, weight, inefficiency, and complexity) to the proper pump or compressor frequency.

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These relationships are not meant in any manner to limit the manner in which the described devices are operated and are provided for illustrative purposes only. Dolor muscular cintura . Thus, the flatness parameter for this embodiment is proximately 0.035. Device for performing thermodynamic work of the present invention with a flatness parameter much less than this value are also feasible, such as less than 0.01. For devices where space is at a premium, like electronic devices such as laptop computers, the ability to produce a device for performing thermodynamic work with a small flatness parameter may be advantageous. Generally, electrodes suitable for use with the present invention may be of any shape and material provided that they are able to supply a suitable voltage to, or receive a suitable voltage from, an electroactive polymer. Thus, the EPAM pumping devices of the present invention have a capability to be much lighter than traditional pumping systems via the elimination of a separate motor and its associated mechanical linkages.

5, 2003, by Heim, et al., and entitled, “Electroactive Polymer Devices for Controlling Fluid Flow,” which is incorporated herein in its entirety and for all purposes. 5, 2003, by Heim, et al., and entitled, “Electroactive Polymer Devices for Controlling Fluid Flow,” previously incorporated herein. In a particular embodiment, the EPAM devices may be used as part of the tire system 510 to add compressed air to the tire. Further, the fluid may be homogenous or non-homogeneous. FIG. 2H illustrates an Electroactive Polymer (EPAM) device for performing thermodynamic work on a fluid with a fan driven by an EPAM transducer and an EPAM transducer for controlling a shape and attitude of the fan blades. In one embodiment, open loop techniques are used to control stiffness and/or damping of a device employing an electroactive polymer transducer; thereby providing simple designs that deliver a desired stiffness and/or damping performance without sensor feedback.

Systems employing an electroactive polymer transducer offer several techniques for providing stiffness and/or damping control. Dolor de espalda ala altura de los omoplatos . The pump can be made using one or more rolls of electroactive polymer (EPAM) film arranged in a roll transducer 352. The EPAM film may or may not be pre-strained. Other exemplary materials suitable for use as a pre-strained polymer include silicone elastomers, acrylic elastomers such as VHB 4910 acrylic elastomer as produced by 3M Corporation of St.

4I, the stiffness in direction 208 is based on the compliance of polymer 202 and any rotational elastic resistance provided by joints 205. Thus, control electronics in electrical communication with electrodes 207 may be used to apply an electrical state that produces deflection for polymer 206 as shown in FIG.

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A pump or compressor based on the roll transducer 328 has a hole through its entire axis with appropriate hose connections on both ends (FIG. The fan 325 includes two EPAM roll-type transducers 328 mounted to a circular plate 329 and a base 327. Other types of EPAM transducers may be used with the fan 325 and it is not limited to the use of a roll-type transducer 328 (see section 3 for further discussion of EPAM transducers). Further, motors usually are typically only efficient at a limited number of operating conditions, such as a rotational speed. Conditioning electronics in electrical communication with one or more active areas may include functions such as stiffness control, energy dissipation, electrical energy generation, polymer actuation, polymer deflection sensing, control logic, etc. In yet another embodiment, the chamber may be formed from a cylinder and a piston wherein the one surface is a portion of a piston head.

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The use of the EPAM transducers to drive the piston 322 has many advantages over the use of conventional motors, such as electrical motors. In another embodiment, the four transducers may be used for thermal control and the location between the four transducers may be a cool spot where a warmer fluid is being directed. In one embodiment, the transducers 302 may be used to conduct heat away from the fluid or add heat to the fluid as part of a thermal control system. The fluid may include one or constituents in a state selected from the group consisting of a liquid, a gas, a plasma, a solid, a phase change and combinations thereof. In one embodiment, the outermost layer of a rolled electroactive polymer does not comprise an electrode disposed thereon.

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In some cases, an electroactive polymer may change electrical properties (for example, capacitance and resistance) with changing mechanical strain. Thus, the material properties of the EPAM polymer in the transducer may be designed to increase or decrease the thermal conductivity of the material as required by a particular system. In the thermal control system for the heat source 331, the fluid 336 is designed to flow past the heat source where heat energy is transferred from the heat source 331 to the fluid 336 to cool the heat source 331. The heated fluid flows from the heat source 331 to a heat exchanging area 332 where heat energy is transferred from the fluid 336. The cooled fluid may then be circulated by the spherical cooling pump 330 to pass by the heat source 331 and to pick up heat energy from the heat source. Calambres en el estomago y dolor de espalda . A transducer may also be used as an electroactive polymer sensor to measure a change in a parameter of an object being sensed.

The electrodes may be only applied to a portion of an electroactive polymer and define an active area according to their geometry. The force mechanism 358 may also provide a force that moves the output shaft 356 upwards. The tire pump may be connected to a sensor control system in the automobile. In any particular embodiment, choice of the voltage, VI may depend on a number of factors such as the polymer dielectric constant, the size of the polymer, the polymer thickness, environmental noise and electromagnetic interference, compatibility with electronic circuits that might use or process the sensor information, etc. Pat. No. 6,343,129, “ELASTOMETRIC DIELECTRIC POLYMER FILM SONIC ACTUATOR,” U.S. In one embodiment, the polymer is selected such that is has an elastic modulus at most about 100 MPa. In this case, rolled electroactive polymer device 20 has a height 36 from about 5 to about 7 cm, a diameter 37 of about 0.8 to about 1.2 cm, and an active region between end pieces of about 4 to about 5 cm.

In another embodiment, a rolled electroactive polymer employs a multilayer structure. The change in electric field, along with changes in the polymer dimension in the direction of the field, produces a change in voltage, and hence a change in electrical energy. Spring 24 also maintains circumferential prestrain on polymer 22. The prestrain may be established in polymer 22 longitudinally in direction 33 (FIG. Pre-strain of a polymer may be described, in one or more directions, as the change in dimension in a direction after pre-straining relative to the dimension in that direction before pre-straining. The fluid may be used for conducting heat energy from a first location to a second location in the second device. When active area 152 a is used as a generator to convert from electrical energy to mechanical energy, deflection of the portion 151 a causes a change in electric field in the portion 151 a that is received as a change in voltage difference by the electrodes 154 a and 154 b.

In one embodiment, all active areas 176 are all configured for actuation.

Cinco consejos para corregir la espalda encorvada Many methods for applying mechanical or electrical energy to deflect the polymer are possible. Other multilayer constructions are possible. No. 10/007,705, which is incorporated herein by reference for all purposes. “Field Actuated Elastomeric Polymers”, which is incorporated by reference herein for all purposes and which claims priority under 35 U.S.C. In one embodiment, all active areas 176 are all configured for actuation. Energy generated by one active area may be provided to another active area, if desired by an application. The one or more valves may be a check valve. The voltage may be either constant or varying over time. The device is one of a pump or a compressor for a refrigeration system. FIG. 3F illustrates an embodiment of a EPAM diaphragm array pump. However, for the position of bow device 200 as shown in FIG.