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Fisioterapia Geriátrica - Ceretir - Centro de Reabilitação.. Finally, the device again uses cantilever or flag-like elements with a single long axis and a short base axis. A series of these rows may be assembled into a planar device as in Figs 3 to 5. In Figs 3 and 8a the entire plane is connected in parallel and rectified as a whole, while in Fig.

In Figs 5a to 5f an alternative embodiment is shown wherein electrically inert fibers 901 are attached to piezoelectric elements 902, which are vibrated and deformed by movement of the fibers. Reference is now made to Figs 6c and 6f presenting a preferred embodiment of the current invention. Reference is now made to Fig. The piezoelectric elements 902 are attached or embedded in the substrate 903. The individual piezoelectric elements may be rectified as in Fig. Fig. 11 shows another possible connection scheme for use with these extruded elements, with positive and negative rails 1401, 1402 connected to thread-like piezoelectric elements. Instead of single ‘hairlike’ elements, these elements span a distance and may be rectified (for example) at their bases as in the case of the hairlike elements.

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Elements 1120 can be disposed either in parallel or normally to the fluidflow in order to optimize the vibration according to the tunnel design and achieved turbulence. It is thus within provision of the invention to use cantilever geometry for the energy harvesting elements, rod-like geometry, extruded polygons, and the like. Formation of solitons and other flow structures may be found to have beneficial effects for purposes of energy extraction from the wind and are included within provision of the invention. Dolor zona interna de la rodilla . However it will be appreciated by one skilled in the art that other embodiments may be beneficial as well.

This may be accomplished by a number of means as well known in the art, such as full-bridge rectification, half-bridge rectification, and non-linear switching techniques such as quasi-resonant rectification. This extends reliability and prolongs the life cycle of the system. The patent describes a member which is limited by wind direction and intensity, installation options, cost (implanted piezoelectric layer) and reliability (exposure to foreign objects and environmental harm). Various modifications, however, will remain apparent to those skilled in the art, since the generic principles of the present invention have been defined specifically to provide a means and method for fluid energy harvesting. The capacitor mentioned may be any suitable capacitor such as a supercapacitor, ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, or the like as will be obvious to one skilled in the art. For example, it may be found that placing wall-like elements perpendicular to the expected wind flow direction(s) may encourage wave-like motion of a certain wavelength.

Moreover, the geometry of the flaglike members dictates the geometry of the “bluff-bodies”, thus limiting the range of effective conditions. Thus, a wind-energy harvesting panel of the current invention can be expected to generate approximately four times the power of a photovoltaic panel of the same size Moreover, usually climates which lack sunny environment, are characterized by a colder, windy climate and thus the technology can be even more effective to those areas than photo-voltaic panels. A series of such hair-like elements may be arranged in rows as in Figs 2a and 2b. In Fig. It is within provision of the invention to use the aforementioned hair-like elements as the energy- harvesting geometry.

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It is further within provision of the invention to encourage the formation of solitons in the flow, by means of placing the energy harvesting elements within channels of appropriate depth and width. A streamer member attached in a tip of the wind receiving plate is made to blow and flow by receiving wind to assist bending vibration of the wind receiving plate. Thus, the element can bend in any direction, and produces voltage from any such bending moment. The term ‘fluid’ hereinafter refers to any fluid flow, including but not limited to air flow, water flow, and gas flow. A further object of the invention is to disclose the passage which is frustum-like shaped. A further object of the invention is to disclose the passage provided with a plurality of intake ports at a side surface thereof. In Fig. 7 presents a preferred embodiment where a plurality of intake ports 1130 is cut into a planar tunnel-like structure, encouraging fluid flow in the direction shown in Fig.

When the fiber length L is significantly larger than the base distance d (L»d), then the stiffness in various bending directions (namely parallel to the base d or perpendicular thereto) is nearly the same. Dolor de lumbar sintomas . This device vibrates in a bending mode when exposed to wind, having a fulcrum at the fixed end. This output is fed into an electrical energy storage device 1330 such as a capacitor or battery, then inverted to AC and used for electrical power, fed into the grid, etc. Mechanical energy-harvesting technologies based on this effect have been disclosed in several forms, such as placing piezoelectric transducers under roads for using the vibrations created by cars, components to collect motion of ocean waves, piezoelectric tiles under sidewalks in crowded areas, and piezoelectric fibers to be incorporated into fabrics for converting human motion into a personal electric source.

In Fig. 8 a simplified system diagram is shown wherein the wind 1300 imparts mechanical energy to the energy-harvesting system 1310 of the invention, which is then rectified by a rectifier 1320 to give a DC output. The research refers to a flat “flag-like” shape, which tend to fluctuate in the direction normal to the wind.

The flag-like devices disclosed comprise relatively large surfaces e.g. Since the panel can harvest energy all day long, such a panel may be expected to produce 2.2 Kwh/m2/day. Due to the fixed nature of the attachments of these flag shapes to their bases, wind coming from any direction off-normal to the base will produce a correspondingly reduced effect, and the device therefore cannot harvest wind energy from all directions. These devices are therefore limited by their size and weight to a minimum wind speed threshold, necessary for the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability to begin vibrating the elements. 6a the fibers 1002 are attached to a substrate 1001. An airfoil 1003 is placed above the fibers to encourage faster airflow over the fibers, in effect creating a sort of fluidtunnel.

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4b the fibers are rectified individually. These hairs or fibers are used in the current invention to generate electrical voltages, either due to being composed of piezoelectric material themselves, or due to being attached to piezoelectric devices, for instance at their bases. Such a panel, exposed to wind conditions suitable to generate the same 25Hz vibration referred to above, would generate 52 watts electrical energy. The stresses induced in the piezoelectric material by this flapping generate a voltage (due to the piezoelectric material properties) between the electrodes positioned on the surfaces of the piezoelement, thereby generating electrical power if connected to an electrical load. Fig la shows the hair or wire like piezoelectric element 501 connected to two current collectors 502, 503. Figs, lb told show the voltages generated by movement of the hair in different directions. Air tunnel geometries may take the form of: single entry tunnels, multiple entry tunnels, tunnels changing the flow direction, tunnels with inputs from a single flow direction, tunnels with inputs from multiple flow directions, tunnels with outputs for a single flow direction, tunnels with output in multiple directions, combinations of these, and other such embodiments as will be obvious to one skilled in the art.

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It is therefore a long felt need to provide a wind-energy harvesting device extracting a useful fraction of the available wind energy and operable for feeble winds. These piezoelectric flexible elements can also be connected to a structural member to obtain a certain natural frequency of the whole structure. The piezoelectric effect occurs in certain materials where mechanical stress causes an internal electric field that can be sensed at the edges of the material as a stress-generated voltage. The piezoelectric elements 1125 are configured into a stiletto-like form.

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