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Dolor toracico curso heg A plurality of first stiffener members 232 is fixed to pivot rod containment member 226 and shaft containment member 230. To provide additional rigidity proximate the leading edge 1 18, a leading edge member 234 is positioned parallel to both pivot rod containment member 226 and shaft containment member 230. A plurality of second stiffener members 236 is fixedly attached to each of leading edge member 234 and pivot rod containment member 226. According to several embodiments, each individual second stiffener member 236 co-axially aligns with one of the first stiffener members 232. Between the first and second wing surfaces 122, 124 and, therefore, substantially enclosing all of the interior members of the wing is injected a polymeric foam 238. According to several embodiments, polymeric foam 238 can be an expanded polypropylene (EPP) material.

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Dolor According to other embodiments, a hydrokinetic electrical generating device includes first and second wing assemblies each having axis vertical wings. Referring to Figure 16, in addition to inlet debris screen 212, a substantially identical outlet debris screen 214 can be connected to the outlet side of hydrokinetic electrical generating device 1 0. Each of the inlet and outlet debris screens 212, 214 include a plurality of horizontal first rod members 216, 216′ and a plurality of second rod members 218, 218′, respectively, oriented substantially perpendicular to horizontal first rod members 216, 216′. First and second rod members 216, 218 and 216′, 218′ can be welded to each other as well as to the first and second ballast tanks 100, 102. A spacing between first and second rod members 216, 218 and 216′, 218′ can be selected based on the spacing between any two of the wings of first or second wing assemblies 12, 14 such that debris entering between the first and second rod members 216, 218 and 216′, 218′ should be able to freely pass between adjacent wings.

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The quantity of wings of each wing assembly 348, 350 can be reduced compared to previous embodiments to suit movement clearance within spacing dimension “X”. First wing set control arm 52 is rotatably connected to first wing set connecting arm 54 using a rotational fastener 1 50. First flywheel 60 is rotatably supported using a rotational shaft 152 which is also received through a first elliptical member 154. Dolor de espalda a la altura del pecho . First elliptical member 154 co-rotates with first flywheel 60. A second elliptical member 155 is spatially separated from first elliptical member 154 and is rotatably mounted using a rotational fastener 158. A first elliptical member drive belt 159 is coupled to first and second elliptical members 154, 155. Rotation of first flywheel 60 causes co-rotation of first elliptical member 154 and further via first elliptical member drive belt 159 causes simultaneous rotation of second elliptical member 155. Co-rotation is herein defined as a rotation of connected items about a common axis of rotation such that each degree of incremental rotation of a first one of the items such as first flywheel 60 results in an equal degree of incremental rotation of a second one of the items, such as first elliptical member 154 about the common axis of rotation.

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L-shaped arm 162 further includes an arm connecting end 188 which is fixedly connected to first upper sliding member 26. A rotational pin 190 is slidable with respect to second elliptical member 155 and is used to rotatably connect first wing set connecting arm 54 to a sliding structure 192 which is slidably connected to second elliptical member 155. Displacement of first wing set connecting arm 54 which collectively rotates all of the first axis-vertical wings 18 is caused by rotation of second elliptical member 155, which in turn is rotated by its connection via elliptical member drive belt 159 as first flywheel 60 rotates. As the first wing assembly 12 moves in either the first or second wing movement direction “B”, “C”, the simultaneous sliding motion of first slide connector 56, via its connection using first flywheel connecting rod 58, causes axial rotation of first flywheel 60. First flywheel 60 is connected using a first flywheel drive belt 62 to an AC generator 64. Electrical power created by the continuous rotation of first flywheel 60, and thereby internal windings (not shown) of AC generator 64, generate electrical power which is transferred using a power cable 66 to an off site location.

A flywheel connecting rod is rotatably connected to both the slide connector and the flywheel such that sliding motion of the at least one sliding member due to a water flow force acting on the at least one wing is transferred through the pivot rod to displace the at least one sliding member and acts through the flywheel connecting rod to rotate the flywheel and via the drive belt acts to rotate the generator. This 90 degree difference between the rotational pins 146, 147 connecting positions of first and second flywheels 60, 94 maintains the second axis-vertical wings 68 out of rotational phase with respect to first axis-vertical wings 18. With rotational pin 147 positioned at a twelve o’clock position and rotational pin 146 positioned at a 3 o’clock position as shown in Figure 6, an L- shaped arm 163 of second wing orientation control device 160′ is positioned in its furthest translated position with respect to the second wing movement direction “C”.

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We have implemented SRC in VIVACE converter models and enhanced its VIFM and improved its efficiency in extracting energy from fluid flows drastically. A force dampening assembly 169, which is identical to force dampening assembly 168, is connected to L-shaped arm 163 and elliptical member connecting mount 165, and is shown in its rotated and spring-compressed condition. Referring to Figure 27, aileron drive rod 390 can be rotatably connected using a connecting link 404 to a shaft 406 upon which first aileron elliptical member 392 is rotatably connected. AC generator 64 can be connected to structure of first ballast tank 100 using a first stanchion 194 and a second stanchion 196. First and second brackets 198, 200 connected to first and second stanchions 194, 196 are used to mount AC generator 64. First and second brackets 198, 200 maintain parallel alignment between a generator longitudinal axis 197 and a shaft longitudinal axis 201 of rotational shaft 152 and a similar rotational shaft 152′ of second flywheel 94 (not shown in this view).

A slide connector is slidably connected to the at least one sliding member. BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY The statements in this section merely provide background information related to the present disclosure and may not constitute prior art. DRAWINGS The drawings described herein are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to limit the scope of the present disclosure in any way. The terms “comprises,” “comprising,” “including,” and “having,” are inclusive and therefore specify the presence of stated features, integers, steps, operations, elements, and/or components, but do not preclude the presence or addition of one or more other features, integers, steps, operations, elements, components, and/or groups thereof. Referring to Figure 18, each of the pier segments is identical; therefore, the following discussion of first pier segment 38 applies equally to all of the other pier segments. Ejercicios para dolor de espalda alta . Engagement of the first and second male alignment members 220, 222 between adjacent pier segments, therefore, horizontally locks the pier segments together, preventing horizontal displacement between individual pier segments.