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Quisieron imitar a Spiderman y se dejaron picar por la.. 8. In a wave-driven power generation system as defined in claim 2; wherein said pump comprises a cylinder secured to said platform member and a piston secured to said float member, whereby reciprocation of said cylinder along said piston pumps water to said reservoir; and regulator means responsive to the speed of said bydraulic motor for controlling flow of water from said reservoir to said motor. 10. In a wave-driven power generating system as defined in claim 5; wherein suction line branches lead to opposite ends of said cylinder, discharge line branches leading from opposite ends of said cylinder and communicating with said reservoir, inlet check valves at said suction line branches, and discharge check valves at said discharge line branches, whereby said cylinder and piston are operative to pump water to said reservoir during both directions of relative reciprocation between said cylinder and piston.

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  • La realización de ejercicios ayuda también a combatir estos dolores
  • Urgencia o miedo a la micción o la defecación
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1. In a wave-driven power generating system: a platform member; a float member; means connecting said platform member and float member for limited relative vertical movement therebetween; means for securing one of said members to the floor of a body of water in substantially stationary position, whereby surface waves cause said other of said members to rise and fall in a generally vertical reciprocating motion relative to said one of said members; a reservoir carried by one of said members; a pump operated -by said other of said members and responsive to the rise and fall of said other of said members for pumping water to said reservoir; a hydraulic motor; and means for directing water from said reservoir to said motor to operate the same.

The present invention relates to power generating systems, and more particularly to the generation of power through utilization of the energy in ocean waves. This is an enormous power output of one tower using this radical new improvement in power generation. The basic idea of this hybrid system consists in utilizing the solar energy of a very large solar collector and discharging the hot air into the atmosphere using the drop in pressure generated by the wind by the bleeder vents for producing a lower pressure in the tower than ambient air. Now the wasted hot air can also power the wind driven turbines. Some new wind farms now require 21,000 acres near population centers that can use the power they produce. Statistics for turbines in Denmark is that they produce at 50% and as a rule of thumb 1000 kWh/m2 per year.

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The power of the turbines is greatly increased because power is proportional to the effective wind velocity cubed. Denmark which can generate 20% of its power from wind often sells the access power at very low prices because the increase capacity on a windy day is not needed. Hydrogen generating electrolyzers can produce hydrogen fuel (high purity and pressure) anywhere electricity and water are available, they utilize electrolysis with a simple fluid electrolyte.