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LOS PROBLEMAS MÉDICO LEGALES- 2019: LA FORMA Y EL FONDO.. A connecting rod extends between each expansion chamber and a flxed crank or the like mounted eccentrically with respect to the axis of rotation of the frame; and the rods are adapted to cause rotation of-the frame upon expansion of the chambers in succession as a result of vaporization of the liquid therein. I have here shown the frame as carrying four expansion chambers l6 spaced apart around the frame; but it will be understood that my invention is not limited to any particular number of expansion chambers, and as will be pointed out later, a larger number may likewise be used.

1, so that the cooler chamber of the pair receives vapor from a heated 8 chamber which is located around the circular frame. The two members its and ilb are fastened together around their margins, which are here shown as being circular, although I am not limited to any particular shape, to form between them the expansion chamber. With this larger number, the expansion chambers can be arranged in pairs with the two members of each pair diametrically opposite each other as in Fig.

These and other objects of my invention have been attained in a vapor engine constructed according to my invention by providing a rotatably mounted frame with a plurality of expansion chambers which are adapted, by rotation of the Y frame, to be alternately immersed in and withdrawn from a fluid medium which is a source of heat. The other end of valve stem 33 is held in a guide 31 which is also provided with other holes 33 for the passage of vapor. The sprocket and chain drive is a simple means of 3 transmitting power from the rotating frame II; but it will be realized that any other suitable means may be used.

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At one side of frame i5 is fastened sprocket 20 which rotates with the frame and drives pinion 2| by means of chain 2 2. Pinion 2| is mounted upon a shaft 23 which is connected to any suitable device to be driven by the vapor engine. 4 and 5. The inlet valve may be a springloaded ‘valve the same as valve 34 but without any valve-opening mechanism, such as arm 43 and cam 45. The inlet valve opens in response to the greater vapor pressure in the passage. A stream of water is maintained through tank ill from inlet II to outlet I! Provision is made for this in the drawings by extending the walls of tank Ill over the frame l5 and providing an air inlet 49 and outlet 50 at opposite sides of the tank.

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Extending between each expansion chamber and crank 24 is a connecting rod 33. This connecting rod is preferably hollowin order to provide a vapor passage from the expansion chamber, as will be further explained At its outer end, the connecting rod 33 is attached to the flexible member lib of the expansion chamber in the manner shown in Fig. Although other constructions may be used, I prefer to provide a master connecting rod extending between one expansion chamber and crank 34, and secondary connecting rods extending between each of the other expansion chambers and their pivotal connection to the master rod.

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1. Ejercicios para el dolor de espalda media . As the chamber approaches this position, cam ’45 and arm 43 engage to open valve 34. When the valve opens, the pressure in the expansion chamher is rapidly reduced since the vapor under pressure then escapes past valve 34 and through the passage means formed by the connecting rod, the associated tubing 48, and the diametrically opposed connecting rod. It is also possible to so connect the chambers that the cooler chamber, receiving vapor from a heated chamber, follows the heated chamber by less than 180; Fig.

A compensating feature is the cheapness of sucnwater since the heat energy is originally derived from a natural source. 2. A vapor engine as in claim 1 in which the passage means comprises a hollow section in each of two connecting rods attached one to each of the two expansion chambers and a flexible tubing interconnecting the two connecting rod sections.

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This arrangement permits the necessary angular change in position of connecting rod 30 without putting any undue load upon metallic bellows 56. The other portions of the vapor engine are constructed in the manner previously described. 6 in which the expansion chamber is formed within a metallic bellows which is attached at either end to rigid plates 58a and 56b. The head plate 56a is attached to frame l5 by means of pivot pins 25 in the manner already described. Jill/4 A IlIIlIlIIIIIlIII/IIIA ‘IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 3nnentor v MOZZW Gttor neg mama July 4, 1950 I VAPOR ENGINE DRIVEN BY EXPANSION AND CONTRACTION OF VAPOR Charles L. ‘lubbs, Los Angeles, Calif. The major portion of each.connecting rod 33 is hollow, in order that the interior may be used as a vapor passage and thus eliminate the need for a separate conduit. The exhaust valve may be constructed and operated in the same manner as valve 34 shown in Figs.

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It is believed to be clear without further illustration that these valves may be essentially the same as the single valve described. Compression spring 40, held between plate 3i and guide 31, biases or loads valve 34 so that it is normally in the closed position shown in Fig. Both valves are urged toward closed position by the increase in vapor pressure within the chamber during the transfer of heat thereto. Each two diametrically opposed connecting rods are connected by a flexible tubing 43 so that a vapor passage extends entirely between each pair of diametrically opposed expansion chambers l6. But there is another force which also aids in causing rotation of frame l5 and that is the increase in buoyancy of each expansion chamber as it is heated and increases in volume. Within each expansion chamber is a quantity of a relatively volatile liquid which vaporizes at a temperature below that of the surrounding fluid medium.

VAPOR ENGINE DRIVEN BY EXPANSION AND common OF VAPOR Filed July 7, 1947 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Zmnentor Mzw attorney July 4, 1950 Filed July 7, 1947 C. L. TUBBS VAPOR ENGINE DRIVEN BY EXPANSION AND CONTRACTION 0F VAPOR 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Fg fig g. 33. The inside plate 32 has an opening, registering with an opening in member IBb, the rim of which provides a seat for poppet valve 34. The outside plate 3| has an opening which is a guide for valve stem 33 and other openings at 36 for the passage of vapor. Dolor lumbar fuerte causas . The increase in volume of the expansion chamber is accomplished by movement of flexible member lib of the chamber. The opening of valve 84 marks the end of the expansion period of the heated chamber and cam 45 is so positioned that this occurs as the chamber emerges from the heated water.

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As each expansion chamber emerges from the water in tank 10, the cooling part of its cycle commences, and occupies approximately one-half of each revolution of frame l5. The quantity of liquid in each expansion chamber need be only a small fraction of the minimum volume of the chamber since the vapor will expand to many times the volume it occupies as a liquid. The increase in vapor pressure causes the expansion chamber to expand, forcing connecting rod 30 inwardly with respect to the chamber.

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It is not necessary that a temperature below the boiling point of the liquid be reached in the expansion chamber during the cooling cycle, since an adequate expansion and contraction of the chamber can be obtained by a change in vapor pressure without condensation. It is also an object of my invention to devise a vapor engine which is relatively simple and easy to construct, operate and maintain. Typically this fluid is water which has been either heated naturally or by some suitable means, so that the temperature of the heating medium in this case is below the boiling point of water. Examples of this are water from subterranean hot springs or water heated by solar heating devices.