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Dolor lumbar. Fig. 32 is partial cross section of the article of Fig. Fig. 28 is a partial cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. Fig. 27 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. Fig. 94 is a side schematic view of a device of the invention.

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Fig. 68 is a front view of the device of Fig. A thin profile controlled-diameter device device, for example, could be made in the form of an inverted ‘U’ in such a way that the more sunlight or heat, for example, impinges upon the U, the flatter and more planar the U becomes. Spring 1010 has dissimilar layers 1015, 1020, which may be a bimetallic structure with different thermal expansion properties, a hydrophobic layer and a hydrophilic layer, or any other combination of layers that will result in curving of the surfaces upon application of a suitable input. These uses also might allow the device to be used for its motion- imparting, motor-like ability, where the desired result of such a (memorized) state-change would be to perform physical work or motion, rather than simply to assume shape. The immediate envisioned use for such a localized addressing system is to communicate state-change information down the length of a straw-like or thread like device, where the device is capable of becoming enlarged or smaller, or more or less rigid at any point along its length.

One way to accomplish this is to put the activated line of each ‘thread’ on the inside of said ‘thread’ in such a way that it makes contact with one side of the series of, say, state-change elements that are spread evenly along the length of the thread. The heater elements are fabricated to essentially surround this central conductor in such a way as to communicate thermal energy effectively to the state-change elements of that member. Heater wire 1140 includes in its path each section 1135, and its path is directed so as to be within a selected distance of all of each section 1135, in order to maximize the likelihood that each section will actuate simultaneously. The lines attached to the tabs may be employed more generally to cause some deployment to occur within the tabbed device.

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If, say, a regular matrix of carbon-fiber, glass, or similar threads were placed, as suggested, within a clear substrate of, for example, plastic sheeting, the pits could be engineered to gain strength from the regularly-spaced matrix of stiffening fibers. All the threads traveling in parallel in a given direction through the ‘cloth’ might be given a unique ‘x’ address, while all of the ‘threads’ traveling at, say, ninety degrees to the ‘x’ threads would receive a unique ‘y’ output and so on. 61 and 62 in particular, there is shown a variable diameter or size torus 830 or washer fitted in the weave of a fabric having threads 835. Dolor muscular crema . It will be understood that this fabric may be conventional or may have addressing technology. The two or more layers of the duct’s surface-assembly are filled with the controlled rigidity and/or size change material outlined herein. Thus, each sheet would be coated with bristles with a mutual attraction.

This attraction might be, for example, an electrical charge, or a chemical bond, or a physical geometry resembling a knob-like, mushroom-like, hook-and-loop-like, or similar, shape that would easily interlock or entangle. The substances known to give rise to such a reaction might be doubly sequestered, or singly sequestered as described above. These fibers, if conductive, could serve the purpose of carrying control signals and/or dimensional-shift energy such as electrical, thermal, chemical, or mechanical energy globally, or locally down the device’s length. The controlled-diameter device device is best engineered to have little or no dimensional freedom through its longitudinal dimension, or length. This could be done through a variety of methods.

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Flexible cables, tubes, and sheeting and other generally elongated objects are used for a wide variety of purposes. In a purely heat-driven scenario, a high temperature might be used to store a configuration and a lower temperature might recall it. Multiple devices might be employed simultaneously. In the case of, for instance, medical uses of this strategy, there are numerous refinements that present themselves for use with this scheme, especially when used internally to the cluster and implemented in micro-scale or transitional nano-technology. The sequestering devices such as capsules could be ruptured simultaneously with the rupture of the hardening or expanding/pressurizing materials, if present. It should also be said that conductors residing in areas of the devices removed from their centers might be subjected to length variations, as are the rods. Rods 730, having two spherical ends 735 are shown in cross-section in Fig. Fig. 83 is a cross-section of a device of the invention.

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