The Bearing May Additionally Be Modular

The vortex or swirl created rearward of the mechanism may additionally impart some added degree of momentum to the blade in the axial direction as it would be optimal for the rotation of the vorticity or swirl to be tripped in the direction of the axial motion of the blade. This structure would have the advantage in asymmetric nozzles, e.g. The nozzle may be formed with a constriction ratio between the intake diameter of the nozzle and the throat diameter of the nozzle, such as about 2.75, between 2 and 4, between 2.5 and 3.5, and the like. The nozzle may be formed of any material which will maintain the density balance between the interior and exterior fluids such as all classes of treated woven materials, all classes of flexible rubbers and polyurethanes and the like, all classes of rigid materials such as polymers or copolymers or syntactic foams or plastic foams, and the like.

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  7. Do not need extraneous fuel source, such as

That said, in the 1 m/s to 6 m/s range the 6-bladed rotor captures more of the KE available in the raw flow. Furthermore, the elements depicted in the flow chart and block diagrams or any other logical component may be implemented on a machine capable of executing program instructions. In embodiments, the power conversion and power management elements may operate the array for fixed speed generation, operate the array for variable speed generation, performed by electrical facilities, performed by mechanical facilities, and the like.

Fisioterapia Respiratoria

An array of modules within an exterior superstructure may be mounted on the superstructure either as single or multiple row arrays. An exterior superstructure may additionally be uniform or non-uniform in its geometric properties with regard to its dimensions in the vertical plane. In embodiments there may be structure interior or exterior to the array such as lift systems, drag systems, and the like, to redirect the dynamic wind pressure force to either reduce overall or partial loading or apply loading in a specifically beneficial location which may be but is not limited to a shield that translates force from wind’s dynamic pressure into a lower center of gravity reducing the systems sensitivity to weather extremes.

It may also be desirable to decompose the structure of an integrated array and superstructure to a non- or partially integrated array and superstructure wherein the superstructure may be exterior to the array and fixed on the exterior perimeter and the array may be supported by rotating internal structures that attach to the exterior structure through a bearing or bearing-like facility.

The elements effecting annual yield 5302 are detailed in FIG. The processes, methods, program codes, instructions described herein and elsewhere may be executed by one or more of the network infrastructural elements. In embodiments, more power may be derived, because there is more area at the higher wind speed. In embodiments, the conversion may be devices adapted specifically to the optimized and variable properties of the nozzle configuration and module design, wherein the KE conversion and energy producing devices may be integrated to the particular parameters of an embodiment to optimize use of the flow. In embodiments, the intake length may be less than the diameter of the throat, between one-half and about equal to the diameter of the throat, and the like. This may provide a complex wall for the nozzle, structural member, and the like. The nozzle may include complex wall topography, where the complex wall topography may maximize structural properties, minimize material use, minimize material weight, and the like.

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The processor may access a storage medium through an interface that may store methods, codes, and instructions as described herein and elsewhere. The computer software, program codes, and/or instructions may be stored and/or accessed on machine readable media that may include: computer components, devices, and recording media that retain digital data used for computing for some interval of time; semiconductor storage known as random access memory (RAM); mass storage typically for more permanent storage, such as optical discs, forms of magnetic storage like hard disks, tapes, drums, cards and other types; processor registers, cache memory, volatile memory, non-volatile memory; optical storage such as CD, DVD; removable media such as flash memory (e.g.

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Enduro Ragusa 4 In another instance, noise cancellation devices may be utilized, such in the case where the mobile wind power platform is operating in close proximity (e.g. A ratio of the diffuser length to the nozzle intake length may be greater than 5 to 1. Soluciones para el dolor de espalda . The ratio of an area of the entrance of the nozzle intake to an area of the throat may be greater than 2 to 1. Each of the plurality of interconnected collapsible wind energy conversion modules may include an aerodynamic feature that enhances the throughput of the flow of air, where the aerodynamic feature may be a vortex-forming aerodynamic shape, such as on the nozzle intake, the throat, the diffuser, and the like to impart a swirling motion on the flow of air. The system may be comprised of a collapsible system; hyperboloid or tensegrity structures; a partially or completely separate assembled system, a lighter than air system, and the like.