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Fisioterapia a Domicilio en Madrid The present invention also provides a kind of from the method for obtaining power, comprising the following steps: utilizes the device for following wave mobile It is spare that energy storage is obtained from seawater fluctuation, and/or absorbs Underwater Pressure using dive and stores for future use, and the energy of storage passes through Nozzle injection water drives naval vessel. Circulation is until interior media (compressible gas/liquid) full recovery original state, 10 inland sea of seawater energy-storage box in this way The volume ratio of water volume and interior media returns to originally, this submarine no longer rises.Seawater bulk in design for seawater energy-storage box 10 Maximum lifting position (this Submarine Depth H rising) can be determined with the volume ratio of interior media.See Figure 24, passes through the every of submarine A cell absorbs high pressure sea water energy, expands the seawater energy-storage box of submarine, makes have more seawater jet drives latent when floating Ship is mobile.

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Potencial para invadir el sistema nervioso central del.. In particular, the invention relates to a device for recovering energy from a flow of fluid including: – a support; – a flexible membrane; – a system for attaching at least a first area of the membrane, connecting this first area of the membrane to the support; – force transmission means connected to a second area of the membrane remote from the first area of the membrane, this second area of the membrane being movable with respect to the support. A, it, is converted into electric energy storage in the battery by the mechanical energy for absorbing wave, pushes motor with the electric energy of battery, The dynamic power machine that electric energy is converted into ship can (due to converting back and forth from mechanical energy to electric energy, overall efficiency be low, and the present invention does not adopt With this scheme). 12, the submarine uses the unmanned technology of AI chip artificial intelligence, and design AI chip has data acquisition, data product Tired and Data Summary function, can self-teaching, self-perfection from the data of long-term accumulated, self finds the ring for being suitble to existence Border, adaptability are high;The skill for learning scouting, attack enemy simultaneously, there is certain wisdom just as people.

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The pressure switching pendulum pump 18 is fixed on submarine corresponding position by fixed frame, and fixing axle is equipped in fixed frame, Oscillating deck is installed in fixing axle, while the upper top of oscillating deck is equipped with rotor, and rotor is followed by oscillating deck swing, energy Enough there is rotation, the side of rotor presses peristaltic tube 119;Switch one end of pipeline 1 there are two branch, the two branches divide It is not connected to the both ends of peristaltic tube, one check valve 117 of a switching pipeline is fitted on each lateral, direction is identical, So that switching one 115 only import but no export of pipeline;Switch one end of pipeline 2 116 also there are two branch, the two branches also connect respectively The both ends of peristaltic tube are connected to, two check valve 118 of a switching pipeline is fitted on each lateral, direction is identical, so that Switch 2 116 only export but no import of pipeline;Switching pipeline 1 and the other end for switching pipeline 2 116 are connected respectively to pressure switching On two pipelines of valve;According to the swaying direction of oscillating deck, control system switches the opening direction of pressure switching valve in due course, so that Interior media flow direction in pressure switching pendulum pump is all to flow to switching pipeline 2 116 from switching pipeline 1, so that needing The pressure switched between the energy-storage box of pressure carries out intermodulation.

Head sections main body 35 is round tube axis, placed 4 flaps 44, the adjustable angle of flap 44 on round tube axis Degree, make this submarine move in any direction in can obtain and rotate backward power, for stablizing and keeping head sections not turn relatively It is dynamic.The material of flap 44 is also macromolecule transparent material scutum. Above tail section body upper and head sections main body 35, two tail section energy storage are also installed and turn pump 73, two 75, the two tail section pressure switchings of a water kinetic energy generator turn 76, two water kinetic energy generators 75 of pump and extend vertically axis interposition The clutch, transmission set takes in unwrapping wire assembly 81 concurrently.

No matter oscillating deck rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, and the interior media in pressure switching pendulum pump is all from switching pipeline one 115 flow to switching pipeline 2 116.Cooperating pressure switching valve, pressure switching pendulum pump is able to achieve the variation of interior media flow direction, So that the pressure for needing to switch between the energy-storage box or storage bin of pressure carries out intermodulation. Liquid collapses and can disconnect 78 one end of part and be fixed on 77 shell of tail section high density liquid storage bin, by pressure Control valve controls it and collapses, and liquid, which collapses, can disconnect the built-in seawater of part 78, is inputted by pump and pressure-control valve or discharged sea Water.And tail section main body is covered and is collapsed on the axis that can disconnect part 78 in liquid.When needing to disconnect, tail section AI plate 71 Instruction is assigned, pressure-control valve releases stress, and liquid, which collapses, can disconnect 78 volume-diminished of part, and tail section takes off from its axis From that is, tail section is detached from from this submarine body section.Tail section can voluntarily go to hold under the control of tail section AI plate 71 after disengaging Row detection mission.

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It retreats: opening high pressure nozzle 34, other high pressure nozzles are closed, then this submarine inverts, whole screw backward.Into The principle moved back is identical, is not different on motion essence, only contrary, so this submarine is free to advance or retreat. Periostracum 2 is covered with outside main body 1, the material of periostracum 2 is thicker high molecular material transparent membrane, it is difficult to be punctured Or broken by the teeth, it can prevent marine organisms from tearing and this submarine of breaking by the teeth. Originally in carrying out an invention, main body is that the transparent membrane made of elastic polymer material is constituted, and transparent membrane is made into bee Room structure.Honeycomb like structure has cell wall, cell liquid, nucleus wall and nuclear material, and cell liquid and cell like biological cell Nuclear matter has certain pipe-line to guarantee that its pressure can change with the variation of subsea pressure.See Figure 24, passes through AI adjusts seawater one-way water inlet valve and/or control valve to realize the internal and external pressure balance of cell and/or nucleus.