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(PDF) ASPECTOS CLAVE PARA LA ORGANIZACIÓN DE LA ATENCIÓN.. It is doubtful that such complex drag-compensating innovations produce an overall increase in efficiency. It is another object of the parent invention to provide a wind turbine which is “stackable.” Multiple units may be placed vertically above one another in a suitable framework to increase the amount, and effectiveness, of wind energy capture by harnessing more wind flow at higher elevations. 19, with multiple railcars 322 a, b and c thereon, each railcar being filled with sand or rubble 323. For this multi-railcar arrangement, all are capable of “sharing” the same hoist system of wind turbine vanes 326 on a central shaft 324 connected to a common generator 329. Thereby, energy storage capacities can be increased while minimizing the number of expensive power generating components needed. One embodiment enables energy storage and/or direct electricity production on an as needed basis.

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  • Optimizations to riverbeds/streambeds to enhance performance
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Rehabilitacion Postoperatorio Artoscopia Rodilla - Rodilla.. This embodiment may be more suitable for large units in commercial wind farm installations. One embodiment comprises an energy storage system, and related method for using such a system, to store energy. The present invention relates to an energy storage system that employs a plurality of wind turbine devices to move, more particularly lift, heavily weighted devices.

At the top two uppermost sections of support rod 125 include a plurality of eyelets 130. These eyelets would secure guy ropes to hold the assembled system down and in place. There is thus a need for a wind turbine able to capture wind energy as effectively as a Savonius-type wind turbine, with concave surfaces restricting lateral flow, which can achieve greater efficiency by use of a gravity-flap system for overcoming drag resistance. In practice, given the need for vane clearances and other structures, this capture area will be much less than 50%. So, let us suppose we construct a hypothetical Savonius-type turbine for the 100 ft.×100 ft. The blade is approximately the radius of a circular area swept by the propeller.

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Thus, the force of the wind will move the vane, producing torque in the vertical axis. Dolor muscular en el ojo . Regardless, using a light but strong, wind resistant fabric and light skeletal framework for all components is essential, especially as pertaining to a vane device whose box components are intentionally designed to collapse into flat, easily packed and storable forms when not in use. Containers, such as railcars filled with sand, could be hoisted up such tracks by wind power and the cables used to run generators when those same containers are lowered down those same tracks.

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The flap is preferably hinged at the top so as to quickly and easily swivel up and down inside the box. 16 and 17, a chain drive or cable 320 down the center of a steeply inclined track 321 hoists a railroad car 322 or its equivalent, filled with sand or heavy rubble 323. That chain drive/cable 320 operates down the middle of track 321 and is driven by shafts 324 translated through gearboxes 325. As seen in FIG. It would be made mostly from lightweight (but heavy gauge) “windbreaker” material or fabric about a U-shaped rod 102, preferably made from fiberglass or aluminum.

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Today’s ERDA-NASA devices gradually reposition to take account of directional fluctuations, but by no means exhibit quick responsiveness to such directional changes. The assumption made by inventors of those devices is that wind forces impacting their respective vanes will strike them with full force and be fully captured. Further ingenuity has produced devices with complex mechanisms that decrease the surface area of vanes not moving downwind.

The amount of wind force varies according to altitude, drag coefficient, wind velocity squared, and surface area impacted. 10,000 sq. ft. transverse area of the turbine is committed to area occupied by the support tower and/or other auxiliary structures. At best, any real Savonius-type vertical-axis turbine can present no more than 50% of its transverse plane surface to the wind as a “working” surface-i.e., a surface capable of extracting wind energy. Downwind moving, Savonius-type vanes do provide means for trapping fluid flow energy and more effectively capturing the wind energy impinging on their concave working surfaces. What the above comparison illustrates is that the current designs of ERDA-NASA wind turbines, with their relatively narrow, tapered, and often feathered blades, cannot hope to present sufficient energy-capturing surfaces to the wind to compete with Savonius-type turbines. While the parent invention has a more compact design than ERDA-NASA turbines, its vanes are relatively larger and thus more visible.

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estiramiento para dolor de espalda - Salud Eficaz In addition, the efficient utilization of wind power by an ERDA-NASA unit requires supplementary control mechanisms for: turning (or orienting) the unit; feathering its blades; and overspeed braking in high winds. Because of these disadvantages, alternatives to today’s ERDA-NASA type generators should be sought for addressing the aforementioned problems. In FIG. 16, for example, wind turbine 300 has a heavy cylinder 301 surrounding the turbine shaft 302 nearest its base 303. As wind rotates the vanes (not shown) of this turbine 300, gears inside a gearbox 304 drive a gear 305 that moves a chain 306 attached to the top of heavy cylinder 301 causing it to be raised. When the demand for electricity arises, the heavy weights in these carts may be slowly lowered to power an electric generator. When there is a demand for stored energy, a remote signal is sent to control device 307 so that the gearbox 304 starts a controlled descent of the heavy cylinder 301. Dolor en la muñeca al apoyar la mano . As that weighted cylinder descends, the chain gear 305 drives the generator 308 through the gearbox 304 and produces electricity.

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When it rotates further so that its front face is no longer affected by the wind force, the vane is not blocked in that range of pivoting and can swivel up on its hinge to permit air to flow through. When the vane encounters air resistance on its rear surface, it pivots up and allows air or wind to pass by unimpeded.

Air and wind resistance on the rear surfaces of the other three vanes raise gravity-flaps 9 and permit air flow through the rear openings in the vanes. The rectangular rear surface of the box-like vane is almost completely open except for a narrow flap support rim. The parent invention is a safe, compact design that makes it highly suitable for transportation to and installation on many building rooftops. The cross-shaped support base 5 is constructed of suitable material, strength and attachment design to support the vanes adequately even in extreme winds.