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The actuators are adapted to change shape upon the application of energy thereto such that sequential activation of the plurality of actuators is adapted to create pumping action to move fluid through the first member. The internal tubular member can define a passageway for receiving tools and devices. A person skilled in the art will appreciate that the pumps disclosed herein can have a variety of configurations, and that they can be adapted for use in a variety of medical procedures. Positive displacement pumps generally fall into two categories, single rotor and multiple rotors. In the illustrated embodiment, the actuators 22 a-22 e are formed from an EAP laminate or composite that is rolled around an outer surface 20 of the elongate member 12. An adhesive or other mating technique can be used to attach the actuators 22 a-22 e to the elongate member 12. The actuators 22 a-22 e are preferably spaced a distance apart from one another to allow the actuators 22 a-22 e to radially contract and axially expand when energy is delivered thereto, however they can be positioned in contact with one another.

Dolor Espalda Baja

El deseo de Graciani: \ The second actuator 22 b radially contracts, i.e., decreases in diameter, to further compress the elongate member 12, as illustrated in FIG. The actuators (only one actuators 22′ is shown) are positioned between an internal member 26′ and the flexible inner elongate member 12′. The internal member 26′ defines a pathway for providing access to a surgical site for the delivery of instruments, fluid, or other materials, and/or for visual inspection. The electrodes can extend through the inner lumen 18 of the elongate member 12, be embedded in the sidewalls of the elongate member 12, or they can extend along an external surface of the elongate member 12. The electrodes can couple to a battery source, or they can extend through an electrical cord that is adapted to couple to an electrical outlet. As a result, the actuators 22 a-j″ collectively form a wave configuration along the length of the pump.

In other words, the outer-most flexible sheath 32″ can have a diameter that is greater than a diameter of the inner flexible sheath 30″. The actuators 22″ can be formed into ring shaped members that are aligned axially along a length of the pump 10″. In use, fluid can flow between the inner flexible sheath 30″ and the elongate member 26″. When energy is delivered to an actuator 22″, the actuator 22″ contracts radially, i.e., decreases in diameter, thereby moving the portion of the inner and outer flexible sheaths 30″, 32″ that are positioned adjacent to the activated actuator 22″ toward the elongate member 26″. As previously explained, energy can be sequentially delivered to the actuators 22″ to create a pulse-type pumping action. 3C. As a result, fluid within the inner lumen 18 will be forced in the distal direction toward the distal end 16 of the elongate member 12. As shown in FIG.

In certain exemplary embodiments, the elongate member 12 can be formed from a biocompatible polymer, such as silicone or latex. Hígado y dolor de espalda cervical y dorsal . As shown, the pump 10 generally includes an elongate member 12 having a proximal end 14, a distal end 16, and an inner passageway or lumen 18 extending therethrough between the proximal and distal ends 14, 16. The inner lumen 18 defines a fluid pathway. For example, lobe pumps include two or more rotors having a series of lobes positioned thereon. For example, pumps have been used to deliver fluids (saline, etc.) to treatment areas during laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures, to transport blood to and from dialysis and heart-lung machines, and to sample bodily fluids for analysis. EAPs provide an advantage over pumps driven by traditional motors, such as electric motors, because they can be sized for placement in an implantable or surgical device.

EAPs can also facilitate remote control of a pump, which is particularly useful for implanted medical devices. Accordingly, the invention is not to be limited by what has been particularly shown and described, except as indicated by the appended claims. Those of ordinary skill in the art will understand that the devices and methods specifically described herein and illustrated in the accompanying drawings are non-limiting exemplary embodiments and that the scope of the present invention is defined solely by the claims. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Certain exemplary embodiments will now be described to provide an overall understanding of the principles of the structure, function, manufacture, and use of the devices and methods disclosed herein. All publications and references cited herein are expressly incorporated herein by reference in their entirety. Pat. No. 6,667,825, which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety.

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