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Therefore at the end of the 60-second downstroke period, sixty A.F.V. As related above, the upstroke for all units 50 can be initiated simultaneously, which would yield 7.536×109 foot-pounds of work in a ten second time period, producing a power “pulse” of 1.370×106 horsepower. Therefore, the work performed is eighty feet times the net force of approximately 140,000 pounds. The work that is accomplished by the linear actuators is 140,000 pounds times ten (due to the configuration of the lever 9) or 1,400,000 pounds acting over an eight foot distance, or 11.2×106 lb.-ft of work. The maximum energy contained in each magnetic pump 30 operating under the conditions related above is 6.8×104 foot-pounds per minute times 8.833 minutes per duty cycle, equalling 606,827 foot-pounds times 241 pump units per A.F.V. 10 at the eighty-foot depth is 34.72 psi, plus the pressure of the atmosphere above the surface of the liquid 16 in which it is immersed.

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Cómo quitar el dolor de muelas con patata · Cuida tu vida As the liquid is displaced out of the vessel, air at atmospheric pressure is introduced into the top of the vessel via an air line that is mounted to the vessel, and which runs along the crane-like lever back to an intake that protrudes above the level of the liquid medium (i.e., is located within normal atmospheric air). In this circumstance, one inherent feature of the design of the power plant of the present invention is observed–the power plant has two mechanisms for storing energy: (1) the entire force capacity of each vessel can be stored indefinitely at its peak level of potential energy (by being halted at its lower-most position while its interior is full of gas, not liquid), and (2) it can release a portion or all of this potential energy at any point in its upward power stroke.

2) An electric pulse is provided to the shutoff valves 11 and 36, which are of a special design that operate on a single pulse of current, and which are located at the top surface and base of A.F.V. This is achieved by locking the position of the linear actuator, preferably by use of closed valves within the hydraulic system, thereby not allowing the linear actuator to move until the desired time. 10 preferably are remotely controlled and of submersible linear displacement magnetically powered water piston construction. It is a further object of the present invention to provide a hydro-buoyant electrical power generating plant in which the primary energy source is the buoyancy of the liquid acting upon a power piston which generally comprises a crane-like class II lever with an applied force vessel attached to the movable end of the lever. This relatively large diameter rod 8 is used to provide the stability that is necessary over the eight-foot distance that the actuator’s piston must travel, and also to absorb the thrust loads that are generated.

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The time period for the displacement stroke is ten seconds which yields 221.833 gallons per second. Seventeen units×130.49 gallons yield 2218.33 gallons per stroke. The power stroke timing and the amount of steam charge required will be a function of the A.F.V. At the end of the evacuation phase for the sixty A.F.V.’s 10, the upward power stroke is selected based on the need (i.e., the system demand for electrical energy output). Depending on the instantaneous electrical demand, the invention can supply energy for storage, or a portion of this stored energy can be used to drive one or more output motor generators, or the input energy can be reduced or increased automatically in order to satisfy the overall energy requirements of the plant.

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Simultaneously the A.F.V.’s internal volume is opened to the atmosphere (air). Dolor detras de la rodilla circulacion . This allows the pressurized air (or, for example, steam or other gas) to flow from the source 72, through valve 74 and air/gas line 5, and into the interior of A.F.V. 10 to allow either air or water to flow through the interior spaces of the A.F.V. Each A.F.V. 10 preferably contains multiple remote controlled shut-off valves 11 and 36 that allow water to flow into and through the A.F.V. 10. The application of a current pulse causes the numerous valves 11 and 36 to now close and to essentially seal the interior of A.F.V.

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In the illustrated embodiment, twenty-five motor-generator sets 2, 3 have been provided which could all operate simultaneously or individually to yield a power plant 100 that can generate 17 megawatts of continuous electrical power. 10. A small motor-generator set 28 provides pulse-type electrical power at start-up for the magnetically actuated valves 11 and 36 and for the magnetically powered pumps 30. In the illustrated embodiment, motor-generator set has a 34 HP capacity, using a standard hydraulic motor driving a standard electric generator having a 22 kW output rating.

Electrical input power lines 6 are required to transmit electric power to valves 11 and 36, and pumps 30. Power lines 6 preferably are copper conductors that have the capacity to handle 25 kW of power per A.F.V. The power plant 100 provides electrical power to a series of “on-the-fly” recharging conductors 150 that are embedded in roadways 152. These recharging roadways 152 are essentially access roads that can connect to a major road 154. Electric vehicles, as depicted by the index numerals 160, can move over the conductors 150 and acquire electrical charge while moving, without contact, via a magneto principle of operation. In addition, each unit 50 will preferably also include a smaller 22 kW electric generator 28 to provide power for plant operations.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Reference will now be made in detail to the present preferred embodiment of the invention, an example of which is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein like numerals indicate the same elements throughout the views. In the illustrated embodiment, the A.F.V. Dolor de estomago irradiado a la espalda . 5) Power output from a downstroke for one A.F.V.: the A.F.V. It is preferred that the vessel be allowed to float on the surface of the infinite liquid medium, and therefore, the upper surface valves will be exposed to atmospheric pressure. Therefore, these upper surface valves will be working an equilibrium condition, since they will be exposed to atmospheric pressure both on their exterior and interior portions.

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These values yield 350 pounds divided by 9.42 inches2 of net area, or 37.2 psi. 7. For example, numerous hydraulic accumulators used for pressurized fluid storage are located at each station 110 at the index numerals 168. These accumulators 168 are hydraulically connected to other accumulator storage along a common hydraulic supply line that runs between stations, as indicated at index numeral 174. The supply line also runs into the plant’s building to further hydraulic accumulators, at index numeral 162, which are in hydraulic communication with hydraulic motors 178 (which are equivalent to motor 2 on FIG. Accordingly, the drawings and descriptions will be regarded as illustrative in nature and not as restrictive.

It will be understood that, using this mode of operation, as the first A.F.V. It will be understood that the A.F.V. Another use for decentralized electrical power plants will be as installations placed along highways as recharging stations for battery powered vehicles, which have a limited range as compared to gasoline powered vehicles and which require special electrical recharging stations that are not available at typical gasoline stations.

10 consists of a 1/4 inch thick steel dome 66 that is welded directly to the bottom surface of the sides of applied load force vessel 10. Groups of specially designed magnetically operated shutoff valves 36 are positioned on the outside surface of a special manifold 68 that is attached directly to the A.F.V. This line 5 preferably comprises a sixteen inch diameter pipe. A high pressure hydraulic line or high pressure rotary union 24 is provided which must accommodate the pivoting action of the hydraulic actuators 7. In the illustrated embodiment, thirty-four such lines are required per A.F.V. A steel support structure 23 is provided to mount one end of the linear actuators 7 to a fixed location. At that point, the A.F.V.

It is preferred that A.F.V. 1-5 shows that many of the components are presently available, off-the-shelf items. Sintomas dolor de espalda . As the liquid is pumped out of the vessel, the vessel becomes buoyant. 10 becomes equal to the atmosphere. From a cost standpoint, it typically has been much more efficient to build very large power plants, especially when the power source is nuclear.