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It’s worthy of mention that the likelihood is high that when one-dimensional addressing is to be employed, that the controlled-rigidity/Controlled-diarneter device is capable of standalone rigidity, and thus is more likely to be of larger diameter or shorter length. The presence of, therefor, identical charges on the tips of a surface’s coating ‘threads’ could be accurately balanced against the physical resistance of the ‘stem’ portion of the threads to cause the matrix of threads to experience mild mutual repulsion, and thus to stand erect and naturally spaced from one another. Compressed foam (locked in a semi-permanent compressed state), for example, or an anhydrous assembly or material, might be enlarged by the addition of water.

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15 and 16. In this implementation, the resting- state of bundle 190 is a flexible one. In lower-force conditions the same effect achieved above could be created electrically. Compressible sheath 160 may be as above. For example the device could be held tightly compressed by evacuating the interior of all air, leaving only such a potentially foaming/hardening mixture impregnated with compressible beads filled with, for example, a hardener mixed with a compressible gas. 5, on alternative rod 35. For example, the surface may have numerous projections 36 with relatively thin supporting rods and wide heads, made of a flexible material, which will tend to interlock.

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27. In Fig. 28, there is depicted the position of rod 340 when tube 335 is deflated. Fig. Sintomas dolor muscular y cansancio . 21 is a cross section of the bundle of Fig. 38 is a partial cross section of a device according to the invention. Fig. 27 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. Consider also that the outer sheath could be made variable in the pressure it exerts on the clustered rods, hence the resistance to movement in the loose state is controllable as is the rigidity when gripped. The other end of the line 605 passes through a (perforated) outer sheath 610 and is bonded to a pull- tab or tape or backing 615. This tape 615 is applied to the outside surface of the device 620 and, for example, marked “pull to solidify”. The tips of the shafts and the rims or bases of the pits could be coated with substances having strong mutual affinity.

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The present invention relates to articles having adjustable rigidity and/or cross-sectional area and articles and devices constructed from such articles. 26, having a plurality of radial projections 300 about a central tube 305. Members 310 are in the form of wedges in cross-section. 98. Fig. 100 is a cross-section of a device of the invention. 14, there is shown in cross-section alternative bundle 170. Como quitar el dolor muscular de los gemelos . Rods 180 are generally wedge-shaped, as shown better in Fig. Fig. 78 is a partial cross-section of the device of Fig. This solution is only workable if the act of re-clamping the individual rods causes the elasticity or stretchability of the rods to be lost upon application of pressure to the bundled rods. It should also be said that conductors residing in areas of the devices removed from their centers might be subjected to length variations, as are the rods.

Wliile this is not an exclusive description, it is possible to affix polymer strings by, for example, employing a string having, say, an affinity at one end for a binding site on the ‘adhesive’ surface of a sheet. We propose that such a controller receives the conductors from opposite ends of the control circuit of the sheet assembly in such as way as to allow the sensing of the impedance of the final thread-like element(s) to be controlled. Heater layers or other activation layers might also be added to the ‘sandwich’ of materials.

Biasing layers can be added, if desired, and posts added for lockng upon deployment. Several bellows layers 785 follow, which preferably have jigsaw/dovetail interlocks. Significantly, and this is true of non-ribbon devices as well, if wind resistance is a concern, the ‘fabric’ assembled out of selective rigidity/controlled-diameter device devices could be in two or more layers. In the case of mechanical devices, the first type is simply a rupturable membrane or containment device.

Device 800 has at its center central conductor 805. Heating element 810 is configured in a spiral, through a sequestered gas or liquid 820, with electrical contact to central conductor 805 and, through the bladder 815, to a non-heating electrode 810 which is in turn connected to interlocking connector ring 825. The conductive panel 825 may be fused or photoeteched onto the outer surface. By varying the color or opacity of the threadlike element, or by varying the pressure, ambient temperature, degree of expansion, or temperature of state-change of the sequestered substance, the temperature of, and degree of, expansion might be regulated directly. Microscopic, or small, membrane-encapsulated bubbles of highly compressed gas or air may be sequestered within a slurry, for example, of liquid that will foam upon the rupture of these bubbles.

From this/these point(s) they could be connected to a suitable controller.

In principle, a conductor carrying the other pole of the heater’s driving current could be placed anywhere in the device, such as adjacent, and electrically insulated from, the central conductor. 40, a tuft of fibers 500 are attached to an inner inflatable tube 505 and extend through opening 515 in an outer rigid tube 510. Fibers 500 are configured so that they bend outward, umbrella-like, from a central stack. From this/these point(s) they could be connected to a suitable controller. The edging 1160 is made to fold up and over the edge of the fabric with a broad surplus 1185 of fabric in which to encase the communication lines 1190 connecting the lands 1170 to the controller electronics. A conductive and or resistive band, wire, tape, filings, and the like is bonded to the sequestering bead.

Referring to Figs. 49 – 50, threaded through the interior of the tubing 650 is a heating element 655, such as a resistive wire – NiChrome being one common type, conductive ceramic is another. Referring to Fig. 30, one end of bundle 370 is (momentarily or permanently) fitted with a motor (or some type of bolt or screw-head attached to the end), directly or through gearing, to a central flexible- but-firm (nylon-like) threaded shaft 385, then the expansion/contraction energy is provided through such a threaded core. Fig. 71 is an isometric view of a device of the invention. Dolor muscular por tos . Fig. 65 is a somewhat schematic view of a detail of the device of Fig.

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Physical trauma, for example caused by pressure, rolling, folding, peeling and the like could initiate a variety of processes causing the kinds of volume/rigidity transformations anticipated above. Devices such as those described above might, without limitation, be used for smart- or variable response screening such as for insect-control, heat-retention and wind control such as in flow-control valves and windows. It should also be mentioned that the controlled-diameter device device can be made to share control signals, internal and external structures, and/or environmental sensitivities with the variable rigidity devices.

There, is utility to be had from the creation of a fabric able to present variable resistance profiles to air. Fluid 80 therefore causes the bundle to rigidly maintain a selected configuration. The outer skin 230 of bundle 235 is substantially non- elastic. The small, internally nesting end of the device might sequester materials capable of state-change or expansion.

While configurations other than conventional woven strands might be suggested, this time- honored method of the creation of strong sheets is a good one – especially since conventional weaving machinery can be employed to create it. A thread is provided that is formed of a material capable of changing its diameter. The cycle of use would be thus: The edges of the wedges would be heated to liquefy the wax-like binding surfaces of wedges. Such a durable binding scheme has numerous uses, one of which is the engineering of a strong bond requiring the intentional release/relaxation of the pits to release the captive shafts, or to require the breaking of the captured shafts in order to effect a release of the bound sheets. In Fig. 78 in particular the connection to a control lead 990 is shown.